The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 200

Chapter 200

They all get out of the limo walking into the book store, the line still around the corner, people waiting to get their books signed and take pictures. If Elizabeth was, to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming, but it was better then not having anyone come and sit there all night for nothing. That's what she was scared of, that it would flop from the start. Which she nows sees isn’t the case. It's the total opposite.

When she walks into the book store, she and Brian take their seats, Brian holding her hand and being there for support as he always was. Him being with her always made things easier to handle. She just stares at him, so happy he is hers. So happy that this time around, there is no cheating or going behind anyone’s back. There was no need to, they were married and belong to each other. It made her smile, to sit and realize how far she has come, since the last time she sat here. How her life took a 180 in a good way. Now having all the things, she always wanted and more. She holds Brian's hand, as she looks at the crowd.

As they are sitting there, Adam comes up being one of the first to walk up to the table for them to sign his book.

“You bought a book?” Brian asks.

“Of course, I told you both, I would be here to support you. I also told you the turn out would be great. I can’t wait to start reading the books and see for myself what they are all about.” Adam says.

“Thank you for being here. You didn’t have to buy one, we would have given you one.” Elizabeth answers.

“That’s fine, I don’t mind being one of the fans waiting in line. It’s been a long time. I fine, this all exciting. I am glad to be apart of it.” He chuckles.

“Elizabeth just smiles as Adam moves to the side so others can come up and get their books signed. Still, wondering why he wants all this? What is the real point?

It seems like forever, with all the people coming up to them. People telling them how great it was to meet them, and how they loved seeing them with each other. People would also want pics and yes some still gave Brian their number, which he would hand over to Elizabeth with a laugh, and she just smiled at him. Not taking it to heart but more flattered.

“You sure are gathering up the numbers over there. I guess everyone else sees just how hot and sexy you are.” Elizabeth grins.

“Don’t look at me, I am handing them to you. I don’t want or need them. I have the one I need. Hot and Sexy huh? Remember that for later.” Brian says with a smile.

Elizabeth just smiles back, knowing this was part of the deal. Brian was a great looking man, she couldn’t blame others for noticing it as well, not to mention it was what she was trying to create. He brought in more women, brought their fantasies to life, just as it did hers. She just had to remember it was just work, and meant nothing at all. Which she just took in her stride, she seemed to be ok as long as it wasn’t Victoria.

After the signings, she goes to another area of the book store, where they have seats and a podium for her to read a piece from the book, and answer questions. Brian takes a seat in the back of her, just watching her. Very proud of everything she has become. He does still know deep down inside she is still the stay at home wife from Wisconsin. The one that would rather be home with their child than doing this. At the same time, trying to be something more then she was. He knew it was a conflict and hoped it would just mesh into each other sooner or later.

“I want to say thank you for all of you who showed up to offer your support to me and the book. I am so thankful to all of you.” Elizabeth says, after reading apart from her book.

“You may ask any questions you may have.” She adds.

“Is it true that Zach Kills Racheal to save her?” One reader asks.

“You will have to read the book to find that out, I don’t want to spoil anything for you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Will there be a part three to this?” Another reader asks.

“Yes, I am working on that as we speak. It will be the final installment though.” Elizabeth says.

“Is it true that your baby is your ex-husband's?” Another asks.

“Wow, ok no that's not true at all. I know a lot of you have heard things. My ex-husband was going through a lot of stuff and said things he shouldn’t. We have all been there, my child is my current husband's. We are very happy with the birth of our son.” Elizabeth comments.

“Is it true that you dumped your ex for the Zach look alike?” another reader says.

“I left my ex-husband because the relationship wasn’t working anymore. We didn’t have anything in common. It just happened, that I fell in love with Brian at the same time, but I feel I would have left my ex either way.” Elizabeth states.

“Your ex said there was something still there between you. He blamed Brian for everything that happened. He never said your marriage wasn’t working.” Another says.

“My ex didn't want to face reality, we have moved on from then. There hasn’t been anything between us in a long time.” Elizabeth answers.

“I would also like to say if you can please ask questions about the book and not my personal life. I know you all have an interest in this, all I can say is me and Brian are together and happy. He is my husband and I love him dearly. The past is just that, we are on to the future.” Elizabeth adds.

Readers now asking about regular things, even though some recorded what she said and they put it online for it to go viral.

Adam just watches and knows how it goes, seeing what they are doing to them, could happen to him. Its what he was always trying to stay away from. Not wanting people in his business. He just hopes that Victoria fixes the problem before it becomes too late.

Not wanting to deal with any of this or making it be a big scene. This would bring all kinds of bad publicity to his life and family. The kind he never wanted. He knew what he was doing was wrong, just after he lost the love of his life, he had no feeling anymore. The extras were just to make him feel good at the time, needing some excitement. Which Victoria brought a lot of that. Maybe too much.He was now in a situation, he had to be very careful with. All he worked for could be gone in an instance.

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