The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 201

Chapter 201

At the end of the night, Brian and Elizabeth head back to their hotel, Monica taking the ride with them.

“Do you think things will be ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“It should be fine, as long as your Ex, shuts up. We don’t need him to add anything more to this. I told you his interview would cause people to ask questions. He made people believe that you two were happy and it's all Brian’s fault that you got divorced. Not to mention the baby. There has been a lot of rumors flying.” Monica answers.

“There was no need for him to add the baby or any of it, he was pissed and made things a mess but, I believe he is over that at the moment. People posted tonight all over, it's on youtube, Facebook, and more. I wasn’t even sure what to answer.” Elizabeth says.

“You did fine, there shouldn’t be any backlash. You made it clear your with Brian and he is your husband. A lot didn't know you two got married since it was low key. That seems to be the big thing out of everything you said.” Monica remarks.

“We didn’t know we had to tell everyone,” Brian says.

“You didn’t but people thought it was different and Ethan didn’t help with all he said. It’s just the way things go. You have to shrug it off. Book sales were great, and so was the signing otherwise. Don’t focus on the questions.” Monica replies.

“We will try not to,” Brian responds getting out of the car and taking Elizabeth with him.

“Are you ok babe?” he asks.

“Yea, I am just tired. It's been a long day, I would like a warm bath and sleep.” Elizabeth replies.

“That sounds good.” He replies.

They both go up to their hotel room, Elizabeth going straight into the bathroom to take off her clothes to get into a hot steaming bubble bath. Trying to relax and take the stress away from tonight.

While she is in the tub, she gets another text.

Ethan 11:00 PM: How was everything? I see a lot of things are floating around on social media.

Elizabeth: 11:03 PM: It went well, it was a big turn out. People wanted the books signed and pictures. Just when it came to asking questions, thanks to your interview, most questions were about our personal life.

Ethan: 11:06 PM: I saw that I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have done that, I was just at a bad place then. I think you answered them well. I am the bad guy again...

Elizabeth: 11:09 PM: Your not the bad guy, I was just trying to make it look like we are past this, I am hoping we truly are. I have enjoyed our last couple of conversations. I don't want it to go back to what it was before. I also need you to not do any more interviews, not only for me but for our family.

Ethan: 11:13 PM: I promise, I won't be doing that anymore. I know that hurt you, but it also hurt our girls. They were not sure of what to even think. I also have been enjoying our talks here and there. At least to be civil. It's new. I'm not looking for trouble. The media is trying to go into my past, and look up crap as well. I don't want my son or Jessica to suffer, because of what I have done. The boy is innocent. So is she, if you think about it.

Elizabeth: 11:18 PM: I am glad you want the same thing. I don't want them getting hurt either. I have no ill will towards the child. He has been innocent through this whole thing, it was your choices that did this, not his. Just like it was my choices that put Brian and our son into this. It's not just us anymore Ethan, we have others to really think about. People we care about and want to protect.

Ethan: 11:22 PM: I fully agree, Even though Brian knew what he was getting into. None of this should be any surprise to him, he has been there from the start of this book. He knew a lot more about it and you for that matter. I am not trying to start a fight just state the truth.

Elizabeth: 11:26 PM: Like Jessica did when she screwed you while we were married? We can keep throwing stones, it doesn't make things better or change the facts. I am sure, they both knew what they were getting into, just not how far it would go. I don't think anyone expected this to go the way it has. I know I didn't. I never thought the books would be this liked, and that we would be interviewed by anyone, or that anyone would want to know about our pasts.

Ethan: 11:30 PM: I am glad it got this far for you with the books. I know you really wanted this, I know I never said it when we were married but I am proud of you. You were always a good mother, I couldn't have asked for anyone better to help raise our children with.

Elizabeth: 11:35 PM: That was the one thing we did very well together. You are a great father Ethan. What happened between us doesn't make either of us bad people. We just were not good for each other. And thank you, that meant a lot.

Ethan: 11:39 PM: I know, I have learned a lot from what happened between us. I guess too late huh? And your welcome, I know I never said that or showed that I appreciated you, or what you did, but I honestly did.

Elizabeth: 11:44 PM: It's never too late to learn, to make a difference, to better ourselves. It's all part of life, just use it for the future. It's getting late, thank you for the text, I need to get some sleep. Its been a really long day.

Ethan: 11:48 PM: No problem, thank you for the chat. Get some rest.

Elizabeth: 11:52: Thank you, you too.

Elizabeth gets off the phone, not sure what just took place since when did Ethan and she have real conversations? Since when did he tell her, how he felt and that he appreciated her or what she did? They still told each other how things were but without fighting, just a normal real chat. In a way, it was nice, in another, why is he trying now? It was way too late, friendship was nice but nothing was going to really fix the past.

Sometimes too much history with a person isn't a good thing. You may remember the good, but the bad always seems to remain. When it's really bad, it overshadows everything else.

Brian lays on the bed watching tv, happy that tonight was over. The rest should come easy after this he thought. Not really caring, that he was getting the blame for ruining their marriage. He knew the truth, he knew it was over way before him. He was just glad, he was there to pick up the pieces. He knew this would follow them for a while even without Ethan egging it on. People love to talk, they love to judge. ITs just what they do, gossip makes the world go round. Giving people something to talk about. It wasn’t any surprise to him.

He lays there trying to fall asleep, wondering what is taking Elizabeth so long. It was almost an hour bath, he just sits there and waits wanting to make sure she is ok before going to bed.

Elizabeth drys herself off, walking into the bedroom, just looking at Brian laying there in bed. She goes over and gets into bed with him. Brian shuts the tv off soon as she gets in bed.

"That was a long bath babe, everything ok?" Brian asks.

"Yes, I was just relaxing. I did get a text from Ethan, he said he saw the video's on social media." Elizabeth answers.

"Really? I wonder why? If he would have kept his mouth closed, they wouldn't be asking those questions. Did you tell him that? And since when does he text you?"Brian asks.

"I told him he needed not to do any more interviews, and make any more trouble. He agreed, we have too many people to get hurt in the middle of this. He seemed like he was sorry and was trying. He texts every now and then. Nothing major." Elizabeth responds.

"Trying for what? That ship has sailed! He didn't think of the people involved in this before he opened his big mouth, and I really wish he would leave you the hell alone." Brian replies.

"I think its good that we remain neutral. It's better than what was. Nothing is going to change the past, Brian, but we need to make the future calm and peaceful for all of us. We are not best friends, but at least for our girls, we are civil. Isn't that what you wanted?" Elizabeth asks.

"Yes, I know your right, I just don't like him talking to you. I know how he likes to play games and is always after something. He is probably just doing this to make me jealous." Brian admits.

"You have nothing to be jealous about and god knows when I will talk to him again. Its nothing, I promise." Elizabeth says moving close to Brian.

Brian puts his arms around her, trying not to let any of this get to him. He just holds her and closes his eyes. It has been a long night, one that was finally over with.

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