The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 202

Chapter 202

Brian lays there, trying to get some sleep but things stay on his mind. What was Ethan after? Really wanting to be friends? Or after so much more? And why now?

"Then why stay awake and think about him? Why give him all of my energy?" Brian thought.

It was just a long day, Ethan wasn’t even really what was on his mind, he didn’t like the questions being asked. How it made him and Elizabeth look bad. And put the spotlight on them and their relationship. Then he knew this was all part of it. He would have to deal with the questions, with the rumors. He just never thought it would get this far.

He turns and looks at the clock, it's going on 1:30 in the morning and he is still wide awake. He notices that Elizabeth is tossing and turning herself. Not fully asleep, not restful at all.

“Babe are you up?” Brian asks.

“Yea, I can’t sleep, too much on my mind. The day was just long, I guess.” Elizabeth answers.

“Same here, I think I have an idea. I want you to get dressed. I am taking you out.” Brian says.

“Out? It's 1:30 in the morning.” Elizabeth replies.

“Babe, we are in New York, the city that never sleeps. We are alone just the two of us, we should have some fun.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth just laughs.” Really?” Elizabeth adds.

“Yes, I want you to wear this,” Brian says handing her a gold sparkle tight short v-neck dress.

“That’s a bit sexy don’t you think, and a bit fancy?” Elizabeth responds.

“Yes, its what I want you to wear, and don’t wear any panties. I want to see and feel all of your sexiness.” Brian comments.

Elizabeth just looks at him. “We are going to go around New York, and I am not going to wear panties? This dress is kind of short...I may be too old for this...” Elizabeth answers.

“Tonight is about fun, trust me and you're not too old. We are just stuck in rut, doing the same things over and over. Staying home, working and taking care of the baby. We need some excitement. Are you up for it?” Brian asks.

“I guess so. ” She responds going into the bathroom to put the dress on. Looking at it, like can I pull this off?

Brian goes and puts on the black dress pants, and white shirt he wore earlier. He was going to dress himself up as Zach for this. He brushes his hair and lets it fall into place. The long bangs hanging in front of his face. He just pushes it to the side, so he can see. He was going to use this to his benefit. Trying to bring out, the wild side in Elizabeth. This is what she wanted? What she created, let's see if she could handle it, if it was all she really wanted?

“Let's see how turned on you get her Zach, How crazy things can get,” Brian says to himself.

Elizabeth in the bathroom, pulls up the gold tight sparkle dress, adding some nude pumps to match. She puts some of her hair up and lets some hang in the front. Adding some sparkle makeup and perfume.

She feels a bit weird not wearing panties, and at the same time, a bit sexy. She knew she had to get her sexy back, that it was a long time since they had a special time together without any problems. The last time she wanted to get her sexy back Victoria got in the way, she wasn’t going to let anyone do that this time. She was going to have fun and let go some. Brian wanted fun? Let's do it. It would be good to let go and relieve some stress.

She walks out into the bathroom seeing Zach standing there waiting for her. She just gasps at the sight. Every fiber of her being tingles just looking at him. She just bites her lip thinking all she wants to do to this man. Not really seeing anything but her fantasy in front of her. All the times she dreamt about him, wanting him. He was standing right in front of her, for her to touch and do whatever she felt like. It made her feel incredible.

“Anything wrong?” Brian asks.

“No, you look hot..” Elizabeth answers.

“I thought you would like it, I told you I wanted to pick up where we left off earlier. I thought I would bring Zach to the game?” Brian smirks.

“That's fine, just are you sure you want to?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I think a little role play for the evening should be fun. I think we need to get away for a bit. If I can play it for a job, all evening, I am sure I can play it for my wife, who seems very flustered over there.” Brian grins.

“If you play this, I don’t know what might be let out. ” Elizabeth admits.

Brian raises an eyebrow. “I think I can handle whatever you let out. I want you to let go, trust me with it. Don't be shy or hold back, just be you.” Brian comments.

“If you say so, just you looking like that, makes me crazy. It also makes me think of all kinds of things.” Elizabeth confesses.

“I know, its why I am doing it. Hmmm, what kind of things?” Brian answers.

" I guess you will find out," Elizabeth smirks.

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