The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 203

Chapter 203

Elizabeth can’t help herself, the sight of Brian looking like this sets her on fire. It brings back memories of when they first met, and how badly she wanted him in every way possible. Just now she can touch, and it makes her even crazier inside to know this.

She walks up close to him and kisses him on his lips, her hands roaming his chest as she pushes her body up against his warm, tall, lean sexy one. The kiss gets deep and passionate, taking their breath away. Her hands, on his face bringing him as close to her as she can.

Brian knows if it starts now, it will end here and there will be no going out. He isn’t after a quickie, he wants this to last and the heat to build up. Its been a while since they had it like this, without any interference. The night with Victoria was hot but mainly him trying to prove he didn't want Victoria and was all Elizabeth’s. There was stress and hurt involved and he didn't like or want that.

This time there wasn't any of that, he wanted Elizabeth to let go and have some fun. He wanted her to let herself out a bit of her freaky side. Having sex right now and here wouldn’t do that, and he knew it. It would just let it end as soon as it has begun, and he was after a lot more.

“Babe, I love that I get you so turned on you can’t wait, but I want to make it more fun tonight,” Brian says holding her close and breaking the kiss. Trying his best to compose himself before he gives in.

“If that's what you want.“She answers biting her bottom lip.

“I do, Also for the night call me Zach,” Brian says with a grin.

“Are you sure? I mean its fun but I want it to be for you as well.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know how he turns you on, I want to give you your fantasy tonight in every way. Anything you do is to me, so I don’t care. I will get to enjoy it as well. I want to see all you want to do to him anyway, I think it should be interesting.“Brian says.

“But will you be ok with that? Not Jealous or hurt?” Elizabeth replies.

“No, I can’t be jealous of a guy who doesn't exist, plus like I said you're doing it to me. I will be the one to enjoy whatever it is you let out. Its role play, it's fun. Let go... Let your fantasy out.” Brian snickers.

“You may be in for a fun night,” Elizabeth smirks.

“Good, its what I was hoping for. let's do it.” Brian says, taking her hand and going out of the hotel door.

They get to the car, where Brian opens the door for her letting her in, he knows exactly where he wants to take her and what he wants to do to her. He was going to make this one hot morning, or at least try to.

Elizabeth gets into the car, putting her seatbelt on, as Brian gets in the on the driver's side starting the car and taking off. As he does he moves his right hand over to Elizabeth’s thigh, moving it up and down feeling her soft silky skin. He moves his hand up towards Elizabeth’s crotch, where there are no panties in his way. He feels her moisture grow at each of his light touches. His finger moves up and down over her clit, giving her sensations throughout her body.

Elizabeth can’t help, but move her body into his hand wanting more of his touch and feel. Brian moves his finger over her clit and downward feeling more of her wet lips. Then moving back up to rub her, her body squirming in the seat as her eyes close tight and she bites her lip with soft moans escaping them.

The movements of her body turn Brian on, he rubs her faster and harder with his fingers bringing her to a climax. Whispering his name as she does, and grabbing onto the car seat as her body twitches and let's go. Her breathing increasing and heavy and her heart pounding fast. Which only makes him feel proud and hard himself.

He knows how hot he can get her, and that was only the beginning for this date. There was more to come. More he wanted to share with her, he was hoping to start her up, and she would finish it off. He also loved that she trusted him to do anything to her and let him be free with her. He wanted that to continue.

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