The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Brian finds a parking space and parks the car, letting Elizabeth catch her breath.

“Where are we going?” Elizabeth asks.

“We are going to the club, where I use to be the bouncer. I am going to show you a night, that I use to have. Let you meet some of my old friends too.” Brian says.

“That sounds great, I never have been to a club. This will be my first time.” Elizabeth confides.

“I like that, I like having firsts with you. I will make sure it's a fun time you remember.” Brian smirks.

Elizabeth and Brian get out of the car and walk up to a club, the bouncer outside the New York City club, letting all the beautiful ladies in. Brian and Elizabeth walk up to this tall large black man standing at the front of the door.

“Hey, Jon How have you been?” Brian says to the man.

He takes a double-take, “Brian is that you? What the fuck happened to your hair?” Jon asks.

Brian laughs. “Remember I told you I got a job that I would need to change myself a bit for? And yes it's me.” Brian answers.

“Holy shit, man, how are you! ITs been ages. It's great to see you.” Jon replies giving him a hug and pat on the back.

“I’m great and yourself? I want you to meet my wife Elizabeth.” Brian says.

“I’m good. Your wife? You.....Got married?” Jon Says looking at Elizabeth. “It’s nice to meet you,” Jon adds.

“Yea I got married we also have a son together.” Brian answers.

“Holy shit, what happened to you man? What was in that book that got you to get married and even have another kid?” Jon laughs.

“Nothing, I just happened to fall very much in love,” Brian says.

“Congrats to both of you. I am so happy for you a little shocked but happy.” Jon says.

“Thank you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Both of you can go right in, Rick is still at the bar. I have to go let him know you're here, he will never believe it. Not to mention your wife. Damn, she is hot.” Jon says.

Brian gives him a look. “I know.” he smiles.

Jon walks them into this club with loud music and flashing lights. Everything is loud, Elizabeth isn't used to this she just looks around taking everything in. Seeing this is where Brian use to work? It was a side to him she didn’t see or know, now he was letting her into his other world. She was happy to see and know he trusted to share everything with her.

“Yo, Rick, Look who I found??” Jon shouts.

“What the hell, Long time no see man! Shit, you changed.” Rick says. A tall blonde hair blue-eyed man behind the bar.

“How have you been? This is my wife Elizabeth.” Brian answers.

“I have been good. Nice to meet you, I have to say I never thought in my wildest dreams Brian would get married. I guess the tramp in you settled down?” Rich says with a loud laugh.

“Thank you, nice to meet you too,” Elizabeth answers not saying anything about the remarks.

She knew what Brian was before her, it was exactly that, before her.

“Yea that side of me is long gone. I want to show Elizabeth a good time tonight.” Brian replies.

“We got you covered then, you can use the VIP room and I will send up a bottle of Champagne for you two. On the house to celebrate your marriage. You know you could have invited me.” Rick answers.

“We had a small thing but we are going to renew our vows. I will be sure to invite you and Jon to that.“Brian says.

“Wonderful I will be there. Take her to the VIP room. ” Rick responds.

Brian grabs Elizabeth’s hand taking her up the stairs to an open area with plush seats and privacy, yet you could still hear the music from downstairs and watch everything that was going on.

“Take a seat babe.“Brian says.

Elizabeth doing as she was asked. Just looking around.

“So this is what you did for a living? All these pretty girls throwing themselves at you?”

“Yes, this is what I did. I was outside like Jon is. I would let them in, and get something in return.” Brian admits.

“Hmmm. ” Elizabeth answers.

“Are you upset? Or mad that I took you here? I didn’t mean for that. I just wanted to show you what I did.” Brian responds.

“No, I am not mad or upset. I like that you trust me to share things with me. So is the role play still on? Are you still Zach?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I am Zach, I took you here so maybe we can unwind.” Brian answers.

“Sounds good. Then you are my Zach for the evening.” She replies putting her hand on his thigh.

The waitress bringing them a bottle of their finest champagne. Brian pours them both a glass.

“I know you normally don’t drink, but tonight I want you to enjoy yourself. Zach would really like if you did.” Brian says with a grin.

“So that is what you want Zach? ” She takes a sip of the champaine and moves closer to Brian, putting her hand on his crotch and rubbing it lightly.

“Yes, I would.” He replies as he closes his eyes at the feel of her hand massaging his member.

Elizabeth takes another sip of her champaine, then takes his hand and takes him downstairs to the dance floor. Where the loud music takes over her body. She turns around and moves her ass side to side rubbing it up agaisnt him. Brians hands touching her body as it sways back and forth in front of him.

The site of her body moving like that, gets his attention. The short Gold dress riding up on her thighs, he has to admit he likes the site in front of him. He also sees that using Zach is doing a lot for let her, to let go. He just smiles and keeps watching her body, move in front of him. The shimmer of the gold dress as her ass sways from side to side, her slender back with her golden hair flowing down, she sure did know how to turn him on.

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