The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Heat Continues.

Brian sees that Elizabeth keeps grinding her body on his, and lets loose to the music. He enjoys seeing her this way. It was something new, and free. Finally, she was letting go.

“I never thought you would let loose,” Brian says moving his mouth to her ear.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Zach,” Elizabeth says playfully.

Then she guides Brian’s hands to her hips. They began moving with purpose, the only thoughts in Brian’s mind is want, and desire. Elizabeth turns her body around to face Brian now, her hands sliding down to grope his ass, as she grinds the rest of herself into him. Brian can’t help himself but put his own hands on her lower back. Elizabeth pulls him closer against her, leaving no space in between them. Brian’s’breath is hot on her neck, as he does it on purpose to get her going even more.

Brian feels his penis rise and starts to rub on his hard zipper, making things a little uncomfortable on purpose. Elizabeth moves her lips to Brian’s neck, where she kisses and licks it, sending shivers down Brian's spine.

She then whispers in his ear, "Put your hands on me, all over me. Make me crazy like only you know how to."

Which almost makes Brian loose control. He never saw her like this before. She was in control and not scared to show it. Not scared to say what she wanted either. Which he knew in the past, she would hold back, even though she wanted him badly. This was exciting to him, to see her let loose.

Elizabeth moves her mouth back to his ear.

” Don’t think about it, just touch me. Feel me. Feel how hot you make me.” She says seductively.

If Brian wasn’t already hard this would have done the trick. Elizabeth moves closer moving her thigh in between Brians's thighs feeling his hard member. Brian’s hands move around her waist up and down her back, down to her ass again, where he lightly squeezes it pulling her body even closer to his.

Elizabeth nuzzles her head on his shoulder taking in his cologne. Her hands in his hair, she just closes her eyes taking in his scent. The thought of him being Zach making this even hotter than normal. She was letting go, making her fantasy come true, for once in her life doing something for herself, and not caring what anyone else thought.

Brian said he would be Zach, so here they go. He needed to buckle up his seat cause he was going for a ride. She was going to make sure, she did everything to him, she ever wanted to.

Elizabeth clutches his ass again, pulling him closer and their centers now grind up against each other. The feel of his hard manhood through his pants on her. She lets out a light sigh as she throws her head back, moving the rest of her body to the music.

“Do you know how much I want you? How badly I want you inside of me? How I dreamt of it?” Elizabeth whispers in his ear.

“Yes, and now you're going to get it.“Brian answers with his own grin.

Elizabeth goes back to Brians's ear. ” I want you to fuck me.” She says. Taking Brian a little by surprise.

He knew for sure that wasn't like her, she never said things to him like that before. Her talking this dirty to him, excited him, and he wanted more.

She goes for his neck, nibbling all the way up to Brian’s ear.

“I want you to fuck me right here. Just let me know how you want me.” Elizabeth says as she swirls her tongue over the lobe of his left ear. “And I’m yours, in every way you want,” Elizabeth says.

Brian doesn’t know what to answer, but he is hotter then he has ever been in his whole life. If he knew this, he would have Role played Zach a long time ago, seeing playing him, was a good thing, it worked so in his favor. And at this moment, he didn't care, that she was thinking he was someone else, as he was raking in all the benefits from it. It also excited him to see what she really wanted, what she really dreamt of all the time before meeting him.

He pushes their mouths together then Brian licks along Elizabeth’s’ upper lip, urging them apart with his tongue and screws her mouth the way, he wants to screw her center, he can’t stop any of this now. He is in way too deep, as the kiss deepens and his body craves so much more.

Without warning, Elizabeth moves in close, without anyone seeing. The dance floor too packed for anyone to notice, the loud music and everyone drunk and dancing. She undoes Brian’s fly sliding her hand inside and starts rubbing his hard firm member with her hand. Going up and down, Brian feeling the warmth of her hand on his member, just builds more lust inside of him.

“Oh God, Elizabeth,” Brian says.

“I told you I want you.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian knows he wants her and now, they can’t do it on the dance floor, for everyone to see. He is so hot at the moment that even walking is hard, but he knows he has to take her where no one can see.

Elizabeth slides her hand out of his pants, where Brian takes her to the dark corner where no one is, and no one can see. Remembering back when he was bouncer a lot of people used this corner as their makeout corner. Including himself. Never thinking he would be here with Elizabeth.

He knows they can’t go all the way, but he knows there is a lot they can do without getting caught. He pushes her up against the wall, putting his body close against hers as he kisses her deeply. Her hand going back to his member, rubbing it and pulling it out.

“So how do you want this to go? I rub you? Or do you want more?” Elizabeth says.

“I want more, but not here. Rub me, god touch me and don’t stop. I never needed you so badly.” Brian answers.

“I have no intention of stopping. I want to feel you inside of me. When I get you back to the hotel, your mine. I am going to do all kinds of things to you.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian gasps at just the thought. Her touch of her hand rubbing up and down on his hard member was making his mind fuzzy enough. Then her talking like this was making him lose all his control. She was always sexy but this was taking on a whole new light, and he liked it. He never thought it would go this far tonight. It was the best surprise ever.

She keeps rubbing him as his hand slides up her dress squeezing her firm ass and sliding in between her thighs. He feels how wet she is and he loses all control and shoots his load into her hand that has a tissue. She was fully prepared for what was to come. Brian pants and breaths heavy, as he stops the long deep kiss to breathe.

“That was just the beginning.” Elizabeth smiles.

“God, you're going to wrea me before the night is over.” Brian laughs.

“You have no idea.” Elizabeth grins.

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