The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 206

Chapter 206

Brian tries to gather himself up, fixing his pants, as Elizabeth pulls down her gold sparkly dress. He can see in her eyes, the lust is still there. In a way, he can’t believe that this imaginary person, can turn her on so badly, and in another, he couldn’t wait to see, what she had planned next. He has never been so filled with excitement before. She always turned him on but tonight was way beyond.

Elizabeth takes him by the hand, and they head back up to the VIP room, where they take their seats. Elizabeth sits close to Brian, touching his arm, or hand as she finishes her glass of Champagne. She just stares at him, so many thoughts going through her mind. Dirty, thoughts of what she is planning next. She needs some more courage and takes another glass of champagne. So use to always holding herself back, tonight she wasn't going to do that.

Even though she has made love to Brian hundreds of times, tonight it wasn't him. It was Zach she was being with, and she wanted to do everything, she ever thought of doing to and with him. Getting it all out of her system once and for all. Even though she knew it would take more than one night, to do everything. She would at least get to do what she wanted to him. If Brian was up for it again, then she could let him do everything to her. She was trying not to hurt or make Brian feel jealous, by a man that wasn't even real. This was all in fun, she just hoped he knew that as well.

“What about him, turns you on so much? I see the sparkle in your eye, the lustful way you're looking at me. I also can see the wheels turning in that pretty little head of yours.” Brian states.

“It’s not only him that turns me on, you did that quite well all by yourself,” Elizabeth states licking her lips.

“I know, but I see more tonight. Your drive is up a lot. What is it?” Brian asks.

“You said I can role play, do whatever I wanted. I have to admit is fun. Seeing you like him, being able to touch, feel, lick. Do all the things, I wished I could do and getting too is a real turn on. I just want you to enjoy it as well. I want this to be fun for both of us. “Elizabeth states.

“I am, more than you know. I never saw you like this before. I knew he was your fantasy but now I see just how much. ” Brian answers.

“You may need to role-play him again though, as for tonight I am going to do all the things I dreamt of doing to him, and then I want you to do all the things, I dreamt him doing to me.” Elizabeth Giggles, drinking her champagne.

“Oh, I think I can handle that, you really did dream a lot of this, I can tell,” Brian smirks.

“Months worth, it did stop once I met you though. I didn’t need to dream about him, I had you. I never thought about a club or any of that, I just worked it in when we got here. I have to say it added the right touch.” Elizabeth states.

“For now I am him, so what do we do next?” Brian says.

“Hmm, I want to take you back to the hotel room, I have a few things I want to do to you,” Elizabeth answers rubbing his thigh with her hand, moving in close and kissing his lips.

“Then we shall go.“Brian replies Taking her by the hand and leading her downstairs.

“Bye Rick thank you for the champagne and the VIP room. We had a wonderful time. It was great seeing you again.” Brian comments.

“Same here man, thank you for coming back to see us. Congrats again on getting married. I hope to see you again soon.” Rick answers.

“I promise, I will invite you to the second wedding. We can catch up more then.” Brian responds.

“Sounds wonderful,” Rick says.

Brian takes Elizabeth by the hand and they head back out to the car. Both getting in, Elizabeth’s hand lays on his lap, lightly. As he drives, she moves it up and down his thigh, but not touching any other parts. Just teasing him for what's to come.

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