The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 207 one hot time

Chapter 207 Fantasies Come True.

They drive back to the hotel, where Brian parks the car. They get out of the car, going inside, to the elevator. Soon as the doors close, Elizabeth is in Brian’s arms, rubbing her hands over his white shirt. She kisses him deeply as she pulls him closer by the shirt, his hands holding her waist.

Before they know it, the elevator stops at their floor, and its time to get out. Elizabeth can’t take her lips off of him, or her hands. Brian just picks her up trying not to break the kiss as he leaves the elevator. They get to the hotel door, where he needs to put her down so he can open it. She just smiles at him, as he opens the door, fusing with a card key. Trying his best to open the door as fast as he can.

Once the door is open, she pushes Brian inside, not being her normal gentle self. She is a bit more rough, as she grabs on to his shirt and pulls him inside the bedroom by it. Taking Brian by surprise. Elizabeth then throws him onto the bed, just looking at him with an evil grin.

“I want you to lay down,” Elizabeth says.

“Do you want me to take my clothes off?” Brian asks.

“No, stay exactly as you are. I want you in that white shirt and those black pants.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian just lays himself down, getting comfy in bed, he knows whatever her plan is, it wouldn’t be anything too out of the ordinary and he had nothing to worry about. He was going to lay back and enjoy everything she had in mind. He trusted her to the fullest.

He watches her at the end of the bed, as she slides her heels off and then takes off the gold sparkly dress. Sliding it down her body, to the floor. Now standing in front of him completely naked. He just stares at her body, not able to wait till he could touch. He eyes her up and down, looking at her perky soft breasts, her slender waist, and her well-trimmed mound.

“Spread your legs.” Elizabeth directs him.

He does it without thinking, finding her orders quite sexy. His mind racing, with wonder, of what she has planned next.

Elizabeth slides onto the bed in between his legs, totally naked as he is fully dressed. She slides all the way up to his mouth, her hands on each side of him, as her naked chest is on his, and the rest of her is in between his legs. This excites him to the fullest just looking into her eyes.

“I am now going to do all the things, I dreamt of doing to you. You make me completely crazy inside and I am going to show you that.“Elizabeth admits.

“I am here for you to do anything you want.” Brian answers.

Which only makes her even crazier. She kisses his forehead, down his sweet slender nose, to his luscious lips. Giving him a deep tender long kiss, she nips at his bottom lip as her lips travel to the side of his neck, where she kisses and licks his ear lobe, moving down his neck which she sucks, and kisses, leaving purple little love bites.

Brian just lays there enjoying the feel of her. Before she moves down his body, she goes back to his lips as she can’t get enough of his kisses, just this time her lips just outline his, the lust building inside the both of them. Her hand moves to his neck and up to his head as her lips barely touch his. Her touch light and gentle.

Brian can see just how hot she is, how this is turning her on more and more. Her hot breath on his lips makes him just grab her and kiss her passionately. His hands roaming her naked back. Pressing her into him even more. The kiss lasts for a few minutes as they can’t let go. Just Elizabeth knows if she lets it go, he will take over the situation and she didn’t want that. This was her fantasy. She was in control and wanted it to stay that way.

She breaks away from the hot kiss and slides herself down sitting in between his legs. She takes in the sight in front of her. That damn white shirt that drives her mad for some odd reason. She goes and rips it open letting the buttons fly everywhere, now showing off Brian's sexy chest. Brian just lifts an eyebrow as he watches them fly. A slight grin graces his face, seeing she is out of her comfort zone.

Elizabeth's hands roam his chest, as she lays back down, to kiss lick and suck on his left nipple. Flicking it around with her tongue. Brian just moans from the feeling of it wanting more. She then kisses her way to the other nipple giving it the same treatment.

She then kisses down his chest, down to his hairline, where she unbuckles his pants sliding them and his underwear off at the same time. Still leaving the white shirt on and open. She throws his pants and underwear on the floor as she sits in between his legs.

Brian’s member is agonizingly hard, its flushed pink from the blood coursing through it, and his tip is leaking precum. Elizabeth knows this is turning him on just as much if not more which only makes her smile.

Elizabeth lays herself down in between his legs as she takes his hard throbbing member into her hand, holding it up against her mouth. Brian knew she didn’t do this often, they mostly had regular sex. He was excited and confused a little bit that she wanted to do this to her fantasy man. What made him so special that he got this treatment? As he was thinking this, his mind goes hazy as she licks his head and down his shaft, licking back up it. Licking all around his head getting it nice and wet before she slides it into her mouth.

Brian’s breath hitches from the feel, now not caring about anything but the feeling she is giving him. He can't help but grab her hair. Trying his best to leave her in control, he moves his hands to the sheets grabbing on and squeezing it tightly as she bobs up and down on him.

Her hand goes to rub and tug on his balls as she goes up and down on his shaft, Brian pulls her hair away from her face so he can watch every bit of this. Not wanting to miss anything. This sexy creature in front of him, sucking on him. Just that alone makes him almost blow.

She keeps going up and down, sucking on him, till he is nice and wet, then she stops looking into his eyes she moves herself on top of him. Her hands on his chest rubbing it, as she slides her very hot wet core down on his member. Brians hands go for her breasts which he rubs and lightly squeezes as she bounces on top of him, going slow and gentle at first, taking in every inch of him, he has to give.

Her mouth finding his, and her hands on him she moves harder and faster. Laying her chest on his, and wrapping their arms around each other, her bottom half keeps going faster and harder on top of him, as the kiss deepens and their hearts start to pound faster.

Brians's hands move to her ass as he helps her go harder, the feeling incredible as their bodies slap together.

“I want you, Harder, faster. God don't stop please.” Elizabeth says.

Brian bucking up into her, faster as they both let go together, not letting go of each other, as they both orgasm. Elizabeth doesn’t break contact, she just lays on top of him, holding him tight. His limp member still inside of her as they both lay there trying to catch their breath.

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