The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 209 regret

Chapter 209 Regret.

Victoria knows that she needs to fix her little problem and make it right before, anyone catches on to what is going on. She knew that she had to make, Matt believe this was his child to make things stay the same. She knew Matt wanted a child and it would make him happy, just it happened to be Adam’s, not Matt’s. Which now she in a way regretted it, it was just too late to fix.

Matt has been preoccupied with work and trying his best to be better than Brian. Wanting to get his father’s attention. It seemed that, was what he was always trying to do. Which made Victoria tired. She was lonely and had nothing, its why she started the affair with Adam. He gave her more then Matt did. All the attention she craved, that Matt used to give her when they first got married. Before all this took over their life.

She knew deep down, she was never getting back together with Brian, he was her main real true love and always would be. She just knew he moved on with Elizabeth, no matter how badly it hurt her to realize she did. It was time to make things right in her own life, to make it that she would be secure and so would her son.

Adam made sure Tylor had everything he needed and more. Treating the boy as his grandson, getting as close to him as he could get. Victoria never stopped that, knowing the truth, and wanting the child to have the power and money that Adam could offer and also the family. It worked out great for her. She knew the secret, the whole while never letting on to Brian, never wanting to hurt him or betray Adam. Knowing it was in her best interest not to.

It was the real reason she married Matt. It had nothing to do with getting back at Brian, it had to do with staying in the family. Letting her son, get all that was due to him. Victoria was never dumb, she always played things to her advantage. She knew her son would be raised the right way, and grow into the business as he should be. Being one of the richest men in New York. With one of the most powerful families.

Victoria goes to the law firm, going up to Matt’s office, finding him there sitting at his desk working. She knew he was a lot of things but he wasn’t like his father. He wasn’t a cheater. He would look but she knew he never really cheated on her. She was the one to do that, in a way trying to protect her heart. Not wanting to be vulnerable like she was with Brian. Victoria had her own demons. She just hid most of them under her cold bitchy exterior. Trying to make it seem like nothing bothered her, were when it came to Brian things rattled her to the core. He was always someone who could get to her, no matter what.

When they were together, they would have heated arguments over nothing. At the end, everything just seemed to bother them both, bringing out their beasts. Its when she started to go talk to Matt, telling him how everything was going wrong, and how they winded up married. She knew deep down that Brian wasn’t ever going to really marry her, they were together for way to long, and nothing ever seemed to change.

She just saw him move farther and farther away from her. After his mother’s death, it was the final straw. He wanted nothing to do with her or anything from his past. He wanted a new start, one that was just to be able to be, what he never got to be. Free. He always felt bottled up from being with Victoria, from the age of sixteen. Feeling he never got to experience things like other men. He wasn’t having that anymore and he left her, left their son, this was something she would never forgive him for.

She wanted to be with him forever, waiting for him to graduate law school and to be the family she wanted. It just never took place.

Instead, he moved on, being a bouncer and staying in New York, working at clubs and screwing all kinds of girls. Being something Victoria never saw him as. Staying away for her and even their son, doing his best to forget his past. Drinking heavy and partying. All these thoughts ran through her mind as she enters Matt's Office. They all replay as if it was yesterday, the hurt still there just covered, even after all these years.

She laughs at herself, saying, Elizabeth doesn't know the true Brian. The one she knew, the one that bolts when things get hard. She doesn't know all of his past. She wonders if Brian is really all over everything he once did? What made Elizabeth the one, to change him and why now? After she was there for the long haul, all the shit, and sweat Elizabeth just walked in and won the battle. That was another thing, that burned Victoria. There was just nothing she could do to change or fix it.

Now all of a sudden, Brian wanted to be a lawyer again and go back to the people he ran from. The bouncer turned rich lawyer, he was just lucky that Adam wanted him around. He was lucky on a lot of things he didn't know yet. She was just waiting for it all to come out. Would he bolt? Or stay. It was something she wanted to see. It would be the tale to see if he really changed or was the same old Brian.

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