The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 21 An Aww Moment.

Chapter 21 An Awe Moment.

The next day, they finally get to their destination. Going into the New hotel. It seemed like all they ever did now was check-in and out of hotels/motels. They were getting very good at it.

They were now in New Jersey having a Promotion signing tonight. Both relaxed from the two days off they had. Both a little awkward around each other. Having feelings that were getting stronger and stronger to control. The chemistry building each day. To the point, that being around each other wasn’t always fun.

One time being, was in the car today when they both went to get their drinks at the same time. Touching the other's hand. Sparksgoing through each of their bodies. Making it hard to concentrate on anything else. It seemed the more they would try to shake it off. The more it would get intense. The more they wanted the other one It was coming to head.

Later that night, they are both getting ready to leave for the signing. Brian dressed in his black pants, blue shirt, black vest, and silver tie. His hair in his face again making him look extra hot.

Elizabeth wearing a sweater dress, black pantyhose, and her famous knee-high boots. Brian can’t help himself, He stares at her. His lust just building inside him, making him go crazy. They grab their coats and head to the elevator. Getting in and hitting the button.

When all of a sudden, they just look at each other, Eye to eye. Brian can’t help it any longer, He moves close to Elizabeth. Placing a very hot passionate kiss on her lips. Elizabeth moves close to him as well. Both embraced in each other. Not letting the hot steamy kiss stop. Both their hearts beating a mile a minute. When the elevator stops, they stop. Trying to catch their breath and their composer. Both lost in that kiss, that was hot and heavy.

Elizabeth biting her lip just thinking about what happened. If that kiss felt like that? What would him, touching me feel like? She just gasps at the thought. Neither saying a word to each other. Just heading out of the hotel, going to the promotion.

They both head in, going straight to work. Acting as nothing happened between them. Doing everything they were supposed to do. The signing is packed. A lot of people were here this time. It was taking longer than normal to get done. Which was great, It meant the book was doing well. That they were gaining more and more people’s interest. They were both happy. After three hours, they head back to the hotel. Still not saying much to each other. The go back to their room, where they order some room service. Eat and go to bed in their own beds. Never bringing up what happened in the elevator.

Brian lays in bed just thinking that he never felt this way before. That kiss stayed with him all night. He knows he wanted more, he just wasn’t able to express how he felt. Not sure if she felt the same way. He knew the kiss was hot and she looked like she enjoyed it. Yet, he still didn’t want to make assumptions.

In a few days, they would be going to his own hometown. He was wanting to stop over to see his younger brother Sean. He needed to talk to him. To tell him what was going on. He was the only one he could talk to. He needed his input. He knew he wouldn’t steer him wrong. He never has in the past. He might have been younger but in ways, he was wiser. Plus it would be good to see someone he knew.

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