The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 210

Chapter 210

Victoria just strolls in Matt’s office, he doesn't even lookup. He knows who it is.

“What can I do for you Victoria? What fancy handbag is it this week?” Matt says.

“I am not here for that. I would like to have a real conversation with you.” Victoria answers.

“Wow, since when? What happened?” Matt smirks.

“Why are you like this? I know we have been through a lot. I know you're going through a lot, but I think its time we try to make this marriage work.” Victoria replies.

“Since when? I did try to make it work. You are always running after Brian. I know how you feel about him and where I stand.” Matt responds.

“The last time, I went after him was for you. You asked me to. You wanted to cause a problem between them and it did. I know I haven't been the best wife, but there are times your not the best husband either. Maybe we can fix that?” Victoria asks.

“You are serious about this?” Matt says.

“Yes, Let’s try for a baby. I know its something you really want. ” Victoria comments.

“Ok, if you are really serious about this, I can try. I really did want us to work. It wasn’t all about revenge on Brian. Even though my father thinks it is. I really do care about you. I am just not going to run after you anymore. I can’t be him. I don’t want to be.” Matt responds.

“You don’t need to be. I want you to stop trying to outdo him and fight for your father's attention. None of it really matters.” Victoria states.

“It matters to me. I am his son, the one here the whole time and yet he pines over him. What makes him better than me?” Matt admits.

“His mother. He was deeply in love with her. Its what the difference is. You can’t change or fix it. So let it go. Either your father accepts you for who you are, or the hell with him. Half this company is yours no matter what. He already said that. You have nothing to worry about.” Victoria answers.

“Yea, that's what you think. If he feels that Brian could run it better then me, he will hand it over to him fully in a heartbeat. Do you think I trust him? He has fucked over so many people. Including my mother. Do you think she doesn’t know what he does? How many extras’s he has had? She just pretends not to know and just spend more of his money. Not like that fixes any of it.” Matt replies.

“Everyone deals in their own way Matt. She knows she can’t leave him, so she gets him back in other ways. I don't want to be like that anymore. I want to be happy. I know Brian isn’t leaving Elizabeth. He has that happiness, and I want to have it as well.” Victoria confesses.

“I never have seen you like this, so real, accept before we got married, and we use to talk about all kinds of things. You were so opened with me. We were best friends. I would like that back. I also would like a relationship like Brian has with Elizabeth. Nothing seems to tear them apart. It's like nothing I have seen before.” Matt says.

“Me too, I want what they have. Even after what we did to them, they stood together. They are on her damn book tour together. Her ex drove them crazy for months, they got through it. I want that kind of relationship.” Victoria comments.

“We can have it if we are honest with each other. No more playing games. We don’t have all the mess they have. It should be easier to achieve if we try. I just wonder when Brian finds out the truth will they get over that as well?” Matt responds.

“They should, its nothing she or he has done. He will just have to get over the truth of who he is. Of what he truly comes from. I think the both of us should remain quiet about everything, and let your father do his own thing. That way when it crumbles, he can’t blame anyone but himself. We need to make our life about us, not him or Brian anymore.” Victoria answers.

“I think your right. My father got himself into this mess, let him get himself out. I don’t see him telling the truth, without the repercussions following him. Its why he hasn't said anything all these years.” Matt admits.

“Your father needs to figure out what means more to him. Either tell or let it go. throwing you two up against each other isn’t the way to go. You use to be great friends, we all were. We had a blast hanging out together. It was better that way than this. You two will have to run this company together, you will be business partners among other things. Don’t you think its time to do a truce? That would show your father your a better man than he thinks you are.” Victoria explains.

“Since when are you thinking like this? I like this side of you, its the real you. Not the revengeful side of you trying to fight for his love. I don’t know if we can go back to the way we were. So much has happened, how can we be friends like before with how you feel about him. With him being married to her?” Matt asks.

“It would be better for us all, including Tylor. If and When the truth comes out Tylor will be confused. If we are all getting along it should go smoother for everyone concerned. I told you, I see he isn’t coming back. I need to let go fully. It would be best for you to get your friendship back together first then slowly add the rest. It's not something that is going to happen overnight. Too much has been said and done on both sides.” Victoria replies.

“I think your right, how about we go out to dinner tonight and see where it takes us?” Matt comments.

“I think that sounds great.” She answers.

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