The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 213

Chapter 213

A few days later, Adam goes to see Victoria again. He wants to find out what is going on, and if she has taken care of things. He was very upset about what was taking place for many reasons. This wasn’t something he wanted or planned. He thought she would have been smarter than to get pregnant. It was just something, he couldn’t fix or change at the moment. He just wanted to make sure she would. This would make things even worse if it ever came to light.

Adam pulls up to the mansion-like home, feeling that Matt would be at the office like always. He walks to the door and opens it with the key like he normally does every week.

“Dad, What are you doing here?” Matt says.

“I could ask the same? Why are you not at work?” Adam asks.

“I was just heading there, I overslept,” Matt says with a smile.

Victoria entering the room, “Matt here is something for lunch.“She says handing him a bag and kissing him on his lips.

“Well, I see you two are doing better,” Adam replies.

“Yes, We are. I need to be going. I do have a lot of work at the office. I will see you later for dinner.” Matt responds.

“Sounds good, We will go to that fancy restaurant,” Victoria comments walking him to the door.

“I see you worked on him.” Adam states.

“Yes, What do you want?” Victoria asks.

“I wanted to know what the hell is going on. I see he fell for whatever you're throwing his way.” Adam responds.

“I am not throwing anything. I want our marriage to work. I forgot what it's like to be with someone real. Someone who loves me.” Victoria answers.

“Heh, maybe that shit worked on him, but I know better.” Adam scuffs.

“I am being real Adam. I am sorry for what I have done. In the last few days, I feel terrible. What I told Matt, was everything real. I will not be seeing you anymore.” Victoria comments.

Adam laughs” Since when do you have a conscious? When do you give a fuck who you hurt as long as you get, what you want, your happy. Now you know you have a ticket for the rest of your life. Or at least you think you do. You need to keep your pretty little face quiet about what took place with us or you won’t like what happens next. You want it to work with my son? That's great. For some reason he likes you, so maybe this will make him happy. Just make sure you shut up.” Adam barks.

“And if I want to come clean?” Victoria responds.

“And what good what that do? He would hate us both, you would lose everything you worked hard for. If you really want it to work with you too, shut up and make things right in other ways. You telling him, you slept with me and are having a baby isn’t going to make him want you or forgive you. You screwed his father. I thought you were smarter than this. Where is the bitch I know?” Adam asks.

“She is here, and always will be. I just want a real life. No more games, I only slept with you because we had nothing. It's not like that now.” Victoria admits.

“For how long Victoria? Before you get bored or he does? You just want what Brian has with Elizabeth, and your grasping at straws to get it. Your never happy with anything so I doubt this will last for either you or my son. I am glad, you were smart enough to cover the tracks. Just keep it that way.” Adam insists.

“Fine, Just leave me alone and stay away from me. Just deposit the money into my bank account, like always and we will have no problems.” Victoria answers.

“There is the woman I KNow. Money grubbing Whore....” Adam says under his breath.

“You're never satisfied either. YOur not happy! You want to talk about me and everyone else. Have you ever looked at yourself? What you are? What you do! You are not true to anyone, not even yourself. He is your son, you should have known better, but you liked the thrill. ANd you're not doing any better for your other son. ” Victoria shouts.

“You don’t mind what I am doing. Just keep yourself together and quiet. We wouldn’t want you to disappear one day. Now would we?” Adam threatens.

“That big bad bully, is that why your wife stays? Do you think she doesn’t know about all your flings? About Elene? How dumb do you think she is all these years?” Vitoria snaps.

“You keep her out of this. You better make sure, she never finds out about this. Do you understand me?” Adam says pushing her up against the wall.

“You don't have to worry about me, There are other things that she will find out,” Victoria says.

“The other thing I am not ready to tell. So you need to shut up about that as well Victoria.” Adam answers walking to the door.

Victoria just stands there, knowing she is in deep in this mess. From the fun play, it has turned into a big mess. For the first time, in a long time she wanted to do the right thing. She didn’t want to lie to Matt. She just knew Adam was right. Telling him would only hurt their relationship worse. Telling him it was his father would kill it altogether. There was no coming back from that. She just wanted to start fresh and make a clean slate, and this was eating away at her.

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