The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 214

Chapter 214

Victoria sits there most of the day and thinks about everything. She knows what she is going to do. She just sits and waits for Matt to come home, knowing he said he would pick her up for dinner. She knew this was the time to say what she needed to.

“Victoria I’m home, are you ready?” Matt asks.

“Yes, but first I need to talk to you,” Victoria says in a serious tone.

“Again? This is becoming a regular thing I see?” Matt says with a chuckle.

“I am being serious,” Victoria responds.

“I see this, I have been trying the last few days Victoria. If it's not to your liking then I don't know what else to do.” Matt responds.

“It's not about that, the last few days have been wonderful. I am really enjoying getting to know you once again. I enjoyed being intimate with you.” Victoria admits.

“I am glad, it's been the same for me. I found myself thinking about you all day at work. I couldn’t wait to come to get you for dinner. I haven’t felt like that in ages. I have to say it's great to feel that again.” Matt confesses.

“Me too, I just need to come clean and I am not sure if you're going to want to still try to make this work.” Victoria answers.

“What did you do?” Matt says.

Victoria knows she can’t be completely honest with everything. If she tells about screwing Brian that will mess up any chances of them being friends ever again. IF she tells about the father, that messes it up even worse. She knows there are things she can’t admit to. Yet, she needs to tell him the truth about the affair.

“Before we were trying to make this work, I had an affair.“Victoria admits.

“What? With who? How long? What the hell VIctoira Really?” Matt says in one long breath.

It wasn't that long, I was bored and lonely and trying to work out my feelings. It stopped soon as I came to talk to you. I wanted to tell you so that we can start fresh. So there are no lies.” Victoria admits.

“Damn you. You're just as bad as my father. God knows how many you have fucked, while we have been married. I have been blind to most of what you have been doing. ” Matt comments.

“I am sorry. I want us to work. I want to be truthful. You were not here for me either Matt, you are always at work. Always away. I needed more, and you were not giving it to me. ” Victoria says.

“You needed more? You always need more! Nothing is ever good enough for you. You screwed Brian, didn’t you? If there was anyone you would screw it would be him. For some fucking reason, you can’t see him for what he is. You're in love with a dream! All he ever did to you was throw you around. He left you and your son without even blinking and you want him? Does Elizabeth know? Did he do it while he was with her? Being the asshole he normally is?” Matt shouts.

“No, please stop this. I know I had my part in this, but your no angel either. You need to see that.” Victoria answers.

“Tell me the fucking truth! ” Matt shouts louder flipping the coffee table over with rage. The glass center breaking into thousands of pieces.

“It was before he met her before he left. We drank too much and I couldn’t help myself. Yes, it is a dream, one I have had since I was sixteen, but I know it's not happening now. He didn’t cheat on Elizabeth, it was before her. ” Victoria admits.

“Does she know? I bet she would love to hear it. ” Matt snaps.

“She already knows. I used it against her when I found out she was engaged.” Victoria admits.

“You fucking people and your games. You always found it fun to hurt people. To fuck with their lives. Did it make you happy to hurt her with that? Not like Brian gave a shit, it was her that would care. Never thinking of the innocent people around you, dealing with your destruction. Did it make him come running back to you??? Is that what it was all for? Can't you see that no matter what he doesn't want you!” Matt snaps filled with anger.

“Really? What about when you sent me after him to hurt her and their relationship. You never gave a shit. IT was ok then! You sent your wife to seduce another man, as you sat there and let it happen. How do you think that made me feel?” Victoria answers.

“No, it wasn’t. I did it to win my father's attention. I did it for all the wrong reasons. I became you and my father. I don’t want to be that. I’m not that. Do you want him? Then go get him, see how freaking far you get, since you can't get it out of your damn head.” Matt comments.

“I don’t, I want our marriage to work. I am here telling you because I do.” Victoria replies.

“Yeah right, what the real reason? What do you gain? What's your new plan? Who the fuck are you playing now?” Matt screams

“I don’t have one. Please just listen to me.” Victoria says.

“I am tired of listening to you, to my father. The both of you can go rot somewhere in hell together.” Matt responds walking out of the room and out of the house.

He gets into the car and drives away, going straight to the club.

Victoria just sits there, crying. This didn’t go the way she thought it would. She knew he would be pissed, but not like this. Things were going so well, she just sees that being honest is a waste of time. She was better off being closed off and being a bitch. She could now lose everything.

She also saw that Matt didn't see all he did wrong either. Only what she did. It was funny that way, how relationships go that way. The other always seeing only what their partner did wrong, not themselves. Some not willing to see, and its why things fall apart and the relationship disappears. Yes, Victoria did a lot, but Matt did some too until he realized that, things wouldn't work. Granted it wasn't as bad as all she did, but he wasn't innocent.

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