The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 215

Chapter 215

Matt drives to the club that his father and all his big wig friends are part of. He goes there often loving to be part of it. He needs a drink and to calm his nerves. He knew that Victoria was a lot of things, this just pisses him off. More so because it was Brian. He just couldn’t understand, how she could love a man that had no respect at all for her, who didn't feel the same in return. It burned him, to think that she still loved and cared for him.

Even though he always knew it, for her to sleep with Brian killed him. When he married her, he was hoping that this would end, that this would be over and she would move on from Brian. It just never seemed to happen.

Little did he know about his father, that was another story. This was bad enough, and he didn’t even know the whole truth. There was so much more that Victoria was hiding.

Matt gets to the club and walks in going up to the large bar made of oak with matching oak bar stools and takes a seat. Feeling at home, as he always came here even as a little boy. His father was proud to be part of this place and so was he.

“One scotch please,” Matt says.

“Coming right up.” says the bartender.

As he is sitting there, Adam spots him, Seeing he is indifferent spirts then this morning. Adam sees it written all over him, and wonders what took place. A little bit on edge to approach him, hoping his mood has nothing to do with him.

“Son, what are you doing here? Where is Victoria?” Adam asks.

“Please, I don't want to hear her named mentioned.” Matt answers.

“Oh come on, what did she do now. This morning you two were all lovey-dovey. ” Adam laughs.

“She cheated on me, that's what she did. The damn bitch cheated. She has always cheated on me in one way or another. I know its not the first time.” Matt snaps.

Adam just looks at him, raising an eyebrow. “With who?” he asks.

“Brian of course. Who the hell else? He has the magic stick don’t you know? All the women want him. Even though he can be a downright asshole. No one seems to care about that, or even see it. All that screwing around he did, all the partying and he gets the good wife and the normal life. ” Matt snaps.

“Oh, when did this happen? I thought he was happy with his wife? Was this the time she walked in on him with Victoria?” Adam says a little confused and relieved at the same time.

“No, that was a put-up job by me. She never got that far, or at least I don't think she did. IT was supposed to be before he left to work for Elizabeth. They got drunk and did it. You know how she throws herself at him. I guess he figured he would go for it. Why not right?” Matt replies.

“Oh that was a while ago, maybe she really regrets it? Why did she tell you?” Adam asks.

“She claims because she wants to start fresh, making this better. I think it was just to piss me off. She got what she wanted. I can’t believe she did it. God knows who else she has been screwing.” Matt says.

“Look, son, I know you're upset, but it was just a week ago you let her throw herself at him and you watched. It was fine when it suited you. IF she wants to start fresh, why don’t you give it a try? Let it go, stop letting her throw herself at him for any sake. Maybe she can really change?” Adam answers.

“Since when do you believe in being sincere? With your Spouse? Why don't you try that with mom? Instead of chasing everyone with a skirt. I swear you and Brian are the same when it comes to chasing tail. If it moves you are after it.” Matt responds.

“And you weren’t? Waiting patiently in the wings to steal your best friend's girl? You got her, now work on it. Make it will work if that is what you want. It takes both, it takes trust. You both seemed really happy this morning, into each other. Maybe she really means it. Do you love her? Don't worry about me and your mother, all these years what we have, worked. Sometimes the traditional relationship isn't for everyone.” Adam says.

Yes, unfortunately, I do love her. I always have. I just hate the fact she loves him. She will never get over him, no matter what she says. I know better. I don't want the relationship you have with mom. I want the traditional, it just seems I am with someone who may not.” Matt comments.

“I think she is, she is trying with you, she even came clean. She could lose everything by telling you that. That is different for her. I see that as a change.” Adam remarks.

“Yea, I thought that. I need time to digest this. I am staying here the night. I can’t look at her now.” Matt replies.

“Ok, do what you need to. Just don’t waste too much time, you may regret it. You also don't want this to interfere with work. What happened needs to be over Matt, don't bring this to the firm. ” Adam answers.

"But of course, we wouldn't want anyone to know just how fucked up we really are, now would we? Or what sluts you all are?" Matt states.

Matt just looks at him, taking a sip of his scotch. Adam walks away not knowing what the hell Victoria was really playing at.

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