The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 216

Chapter 216

Adam gets in his Porshe, taking out his cell phone and calling Victoria. He needs to see what the hell was really going on. He dials and it keeps ringing. No one answers it. He starts his car figuring, he would just go there in person. He warned her, she wasn’t listening.

He was getting very annoyed with her. He knows things can get very out of hand if she ever came out with the full truth. He still didn’t understand, why she said anything at all. It made no sense to him. The Victoria he knew and loved to play games with was nothing like this. He just hoped that she learned her lesson and would shut up. Otherwise, he would have to take things into his own hands, and he truly didn’t want to do that. Only if need be.

He pulls up to her house less than forty-five minutes later, going up to the door and opening it with the key. He walks into quiet going into the living room, seeing the table smashed with glass everywhere.

“Victoria where are you?” Adam says.

“What are you doing here?” She answers walking out of the kitchen.

“What are you playing at? Why did you tell him that? Was it even true?” Adam asks.

“Yes! It's true. I wanted to come clean. I couldn’t with you but I felt at least with one thing out of the way. I wanted to be real, he just can’t accept it. He just didn’t want to listen.” Victoria says.

“You slept with the person he hates most. What the hell did you expect? It would have been better to keep your mouth closed about everything. I talked to him at the club, told him to work through it. What he does is his own thing now. You should have shut up, I don’t understand what the hell came over you.” Adam comments.

Victoria starts to cry, sitting on the sofa in front of the smashed table.

“Don’t sit there, you could get hurt,” Adam says, lightly grabbing her hand and pulling her away from it.

“Why do you care? I made a big mess of everything and I regret it.” Victoria answers.

“I do care, and I know my son for some reason does also. So just take it slow, I am sure he will come back. This just made a lot more problems. When Brian comes back how the hell are they suppose to work together? He is going to make things harder for him.” Adam replies.

“I didn’t say it was Brian, he just guessed it. Maybe I should go to the club and try to make this better?” Victoria responds.

“No, he needs some time alone. Let him calm down, get time for all this to sink in. It will take a while after what you told him. I never have seen you like this. What is going on?” Adam asks.

“I just wanted to do the right thing, to make all the wrongs right. I see now that none of it will ever be right. Ever since Brian left me, I have been trying to be stronger and someone I am not. Trying to get payback on him and him back at the same time. I see everything more clear now. It just may be too late.” Victoria answers.

“I think you need some time alone as well as my son. I think a short break for you both may be good. I think all the stress has gotten to you.” Adam responds.

“Your son made me make out with Brian, to touch him again. To feel him close to only push me away, when he saw her enter the room. It hurt, not only that part but for your son using me like that to get him back. At first, All I saw was revenge on Elizabeth, to hurt her like I am hurting. I didn’t even see Matt’s willingness to let me do whatever with Brian to make it happen. I don’t know how things got this far.” Victoria says.

“I know my son isn’t innocent in this, you two play games that are not to be played. You both need to stop and forget about Elizabeth and Brian and focus on your own relationship. Maybe now that can happen. Just when Brian comes back to work after this book tour, you made it harder for everyone to forget the past. I know my son, he is going to be an ass about it. “Adam comments.

“I will do my best to fix it when he comes back. For now, I think your right. I am going to just stay alone and think. I need time for myself. Time to get myself back together again.” Victoria replies.

“Ok. Just please for everyone’s sake, Shut up. You see my point now?” Adam asks.

“Yes, I saw it before as well, I just wanted to start fresh. I see that will get me nowhere but homeless now.” Victoria remarks.

“I am glad you have come around,” Adam responds.

Adam wasn’t sure what to think? Was she going to really shut up? Or be a bigger pain in his side? At this point, he was even scared to take any chances with her. He does see she is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, and that she saw that telling the truth only made things worse. He was hoping that would stay with her. He also hopes his son, comes back and things work out. It just didn’t look good.

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