The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 217

Chapter 217

Brian and Elizabeth are getting ready to finish up the last book signing, Brian has to admit, he liked having this time alone with Elizabeth. He enjoyed being with her, he knew they had to keep the spice going to keep their relationship alive, he didn’t want it to fall back into the rut it was going, when they were home. He was just now waiting for Elizabeth to tell him, what she wanted him to do, and he had to be honest. He was excited about it and couldn’t wait. It would be interesting to hear what she wanted Zach to do to her.

As he is getting ready to play the part tonight, Elizabeth comes in getting ready as well. She walks up to him and lightly whispers in his ear.

“You have some mail from me, in case you didn’t know.” Elizabeth grins.

“I will check that out as soon as I can, thank you,” Brian says, watching her get dressed.

Brian knew what she sent him, he just couldn’t wait to read it. He just didn’t have the time now, he would have to wait for when he returned or if there was a slow time at the signing.

He quickly gets dressed, and while waiting for Elizabeth starts to read the mail, seeing how very detailed it is. Reading it line by line, and getting turned on. He knew he could do this without any problems. It really wasn’t anything they haven't done before. He would just have to stay in the Zach character to make it come to life. He would also want to do this when she least expected it so it would keep things fresh. It gave him something to look forward to.

They both finish getting ready and leave for the book signing, meeting up again, with Monica to see how things were going with book sales. After tonight they get to go home, which Brian was happy and sad about. He missed his home and son, and in another way, it would be leaving the vacation of him and Elizabeth alone. He had to admit, he was a bit worried about how things would play out. He knew it was back to work for him and for her, and also taking care of the baby. If Elizabeth’s mother would go home now, it also left them not a lot of time together. Brian didn’t want that. It just wasn’t any time to think about it.

They both drive to the signing still seeing a lot of people full the bookstore, waiting for signings and Elizabeth to read from the book. They all wanted pics and which made them feel very important and liked. It was something they shared together, something special and always would be. This book brought them together and made them be. It was something Brian would never forget.

The signing goes well and late, making them both tired and not able to wait to get to the hotel.

“I just want to say the both of you have done great.“Monica says.

“Thank you. Its been really fun. I enjoyed meeting all the people and hearing how they like the story. ” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad, the sales are doing wonderful. The reviews are in and they say the book is captivating and a wonderful read. They can’t wait for the next part.” Monica states.

“Yea, the next part. I have to finish it. I really need to just sit down and get it done. I have to say, I will be happy when it is done. This last one is taking a lot out of me.” Elizabeth responds.

“I am sorry to hear that, but you have written two already one after another, so I am sure you need a break. No to mention inspiration.” Monica replies.

“Yes, that I do. Just things haven’t been that easy at times, so it hasn’t helped. I hope things will be better now.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am sure it will be. Nothing is going to get in the way of you and Brian. I don’t see him ever letting you go. Not without a fight anyway.” Monica comments.

“I have no intention of letting him go,” Elizabeth replies.

“I didn’t think you did. I bet you can’t wait to go home?” Monica asks.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see baby Zach. I miss him so much. I know it's only been a week but still. I just want to hold him and spend time with him.” Elizabeth admits.

“Aww, How is Brian with the baby now that everything is squared away?” Monica asks.

“He is a great father. Once he knew he was really his, things went back to normal. He helps to take care of him when he can. He is really busy at work too. He has a lot of cases. That's one thing I will not miss going back to.” Elizabeth confesses.

“You just need to make time for each other. I see your a little less on edge as you were when the tour first started. I am so glad to see that. We were a bit worried about you.” Monica states.

“I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. I had so much on my mind. I am feeling a bit better about things. Plus the time away with Brian was nice.” Elizabeth responds.

“Good, the rest of the tour will be online for you two. So you don't have to worry about leaving your baby or your home.” Monica answers.

“Thank you so much for all that,” Elizabeth says.

The night comes to an end, Elizabeth and Brian going back to the hotel room. Elizabeth just gets washed and crawls into bed, kissing Brian good night. He knows she is tired and it was a long week. Some of it was quite interesting with their own little games. Which reminds him of the email, he sits there now having the time and reads it from start to finish. Not able to wait till he would play this out. He would read some and just look at her sleeping next to him, how sexy she was to him. How she turned him on. He was going to make this hot and everything she wanted. Making her not needing anyone but him.

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