The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 219

Chapter 219

Elizabeth goes inside and sits on the sofa, talking to her mother, and holding the baby. She tells Joan everything that took place and how the book was doing so well. Joan is happy for her and glad things are going her way.

While they are chatting, Brian goes upstairs and puts the bags on the bed, unpacking his, then putting his things away, and other things in the pile for the wash. He just thinks about the conversation he had with Elizabeth about his father. He knows he needs to talk to Sean.

When he is done the unpacking, he sits on the bed, calling his brother up, just not sure how to bring any of this up.

“Hey Bro,” Brian says.

“Hey man your home?” Sean asks.

“Yea just got in about an hour ago, I thought I would let you know we are home safe,” Brian replies.

“Great and thank you. How did things go?” Sean asks.

“Pretty good, we got to spend some time together. We did some things we never did before, I took her to the club I use to work for.” Brian admits.

“Oh hell, how did that go? That doesn’t seem like a place for Elizabeth.” Sean answers.

“Actually she was at home there.” Brian laughs.

“At home?” Sean responds.

“Yea, everyone was very nice, Rick gave us some champagne it loosened her up some. We had a really good time there.” Brian states.

“Good, I am glad, I know you two needed some time alone together. She had a lot on her mind. So you feel better now that you two did whatever.” Sean laughs.

“Yea, I am just glad to be with her. I don’t want it to fall into a rut. For us to lose what we have. It's too nice to let go of.” Brian admits.

“I understand that just you also need to realize real-life steps in and you can’t always be all over each other,” Sean remarks.

“I know that, just when you have someone who always is, and then it stops it bothers you. You miss it. Anyway, I had something I wanted to bring to your attention.” Brian comments.

“Ok, what’s up? Sean asks.

“Remember when I was talking about our father? What do you think if we looked him up?” Brian says.

“I don't know, I never really thought about it. IT's been so long. Why do you want to? He never came to look for us.” Sean remarks.

“I know I thought that as well, but now I am wondering what he is all about. Why he left us. It takes a lot to just walk out on your two sons. What took place for him to do that?” Brian says.

“Whatever he tells us we won’t even know if it's true. Mom is dead it will just be his story.” Sean states.

“I know but still don’t you wonder?” Brian asks.

“I use to, then I just let go of it. If you want to do this fine. I mean it shouldn’t be that hard. We know his name, birthday, state, and all that crap. So why not?” Sean replies.

“Ok, I will get a private detective on it. When I find out anything, I will let you know. His name was Roger McGinnis right?” Brian asks.

“Yea, that's what mom said, and when she passed away, its what was on her marriage license. They got married three years before you were born.” Sean states.

“Ok, didn’t mom say they were having problems conceiving?“Brian asks.

“Yea, I remember something like that, they tried the whole three years and nothing, then you finally happened. then two years later me. She was so happy to get pregnant. So was he at the time, so I am not sure what took place. I guess this will be some things we need to ask him if he lets us.” Sean responds.

“Yes, I would like to know that. Thanks for being open to this bro. I know its hurting. I just think its time, we know what happened.” Brian replies.

“Yea, maybe you are right. Anyway, I am glad your back, I guess I will see you on Sunday when I drop off Tylor. Oh, just a heads up, Victoria and Matt are fighting, he stayed at the country club. I am not sure why but you know how rumors go.” Sean admits.

“Great, I hope she stays away from me, I really don’t give two shits why they are fighting. Sadly, I am sure I will find out.” Brian laughs.

“Yea, me too. I will talk to you Sunday.” Sean says.

“Ok, thank you bro,” Brian replies.

Brian was glad that his brother was open to this, it made him feel good, that he had another person on his side. One that would know exactly how he felt and what he was going through. Since he was going through the same thing.

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