The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 22 Meeting Sean.

Chapter 22 Meeting Sean.

In a few days, they are in Vineland NJ. They already did their book signing there. They are done for the rest of the afternoon. Still never bringing up that kiss that happened days ago. Both of them keeping it in the back of their minds but not saying a word.

Things are a bit awkward from it still, not talking like they use to, or around each other as much. Both of them avoiding each other and their feelings. Not really sure how the other one felt or if this was the right thing to move forward with. Just both knowing they felt strongly about the other.

Brian can’t take it any longer he misses being that close to her. Talking to her and sharing things. He got used to it, As she did.

“Elizabeth, I would like to go to visit my brother and his girlfriend. Would you come with me? I would like for you to meet him.” Brian says.

“Are you sure? Would he mind if you take me?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, not at all. You are my friend. It’s not far from here. We can have dinner, stay a bit and then head back here. I haven’t seen him in a month and a half.“Brian says.

“Then I think we should go. I would love to meet him.”

They both get in the car, they are at his brother’s house in no time. It was a one floor, one garage house. It looks clean from the outside. Brian parked in the garage. Then they both got out and going to the white screen front door. Which was already open, Brian just walks in.

“Hey bro. What’s up?” Brian says to Sean.

“Hey, Nothing much. I was glad to hear you were in the area.” Sean says.

His girlfriend Martha walking into the room, saying hi to them both. She was a tall slender girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Sean was like his bother, just a tad bit shorter. With blonder hair and blue eyes. They made a nice couple.

“This is my boss Elizabeth,” Brian says.

“Hi, Thank you for giving my brother some work. He needed it.” Sean laughs.

“No problem. He is great for the job.” Elizabeth says with a bright smile.

“Dude, what is wrong with your hair? Did you age that much working for her?” Sean chuckles.

“Haha. No, They had me dye it this color. It’s for work I am playing the character, Zach, in her book.

” How is the book going?” Martha asks.

“Very good. It’s selling really well online. Every signing we go to, there are more and more people. It’s getting exciting.” Elizabeth says.

“That’s great. I guess my brother will have a job for a while then.” Sean answers.

“Yes, I hope so for a long while.” She replies.

They all sit down at the dining table, eating their dinner and talking. Everyone getting along great. Martha was down to earth, making Elizabeth fit right in. It was if they knew each other all their lives.

“So Elizabeth, what did you do before this?” Sean asks.

“I was a housewife. Nothing really exciting. To be honest, I think this is the most exciting thing I have ever done.” Elizabeth answers.

“I guess this is really a change? What does your husband think about it?” Martha asks.

“The last time, I talked to him, was before I left. A month and a half ago. He wasn’t very into any of it. He rather I stay home and be the housewife.” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Sean responds.

“Not your fault. It’s not a big deal really.“Elizabeth says.”

Do you have any children?” Martha asks.

“Yes, two. Sofia and Isabella. I talk to them every night. They are both very happy with everything that is going on. They do miss me though. Since I was always there for them. Its a bit different now.” Elizabeth replies.

“I bet. How old are they? Martha asks.

“They are eighteen and sixteen.“She replies.

“Oh, they are not babies. I am sure they can handle it.” Martha comments.

“Yes, they can, they are both good kids,” Elizabeth remarks.

“Oh, that reminds me. Your son, Tyler is coming over. I was sure you wanted to see him.” Sean says.

“Oh, that’s great thank you. It will be great to see him.” Brian answers.

They finish up dinner, then Brian and Sean go to sit in the living room, while Martha and Elizabeth clean up.

“Well, bro how do you really like this?” Sean asks.

“I like it a lot. It’s been a wonderful experience. There is just one small problem.” Brian says.

“What is that?” Sean asks.

“I am falling for her. I never felt this way before in my life. I want her so bad. I can’t see straight.” Brian admits.

“Oh come on bro, we all know you’re a man whore. You had tons of women. What makes this one any different?” Sean comments.

“I’m not a man whore. I was with Victoria for years. After we split, I wanted to test the waters. See what it was to be with someone else. She was my first and only for a long time.” Brian states.

“If you want to say so. You had a lot of testing, a lot more than most.” Sean chuckles.

“The ladies like me. What can I say? And yes this is different. We get along great. It’s not only sexual. I love talking and being with her. We can talk about anything. I feel at home with her. There is this amazing connection.” Brian states.

“She is married with kids. Obviously, a bit older than us. Does she want you also? And since when are things for you not sexual?” Sean asks.

“I believe so. She is good at curbing her control though, where I am losing mine. I know she isn’t happy with her husband. I don’t think that would be a problem. From some of the things she says, you can tell, it's over between them. It’s not just sexual, I can’t explain it to you to make you understand.” Brian says.

“You’re ready to break up a marriage? Are you sure this isn’t just because she is married and it makes it hot? The sneaking around, adding to the highness of it. Once you get what you want you will move on. You work for her. Your making money. Don’t blow this. Don’t fuck around, I don’t see this ending well, it’s not worth it.” Sean comments.

“I thought the same as you at first. But its more A lot more, I would marry her. I want to be here for the long haul. It is so worth it, if it goes the way it should.” Brian responds.

“Oh god. I never heard you say that before. Not even about Victoria. The M-word was a curse word for you.” Sean admits.

“How is she doing by the way? It’s not a curse word for me, I just didn’t find the person I wanted to do that with before. You just don’t marry anyone.” Brian asks.

“Same old same old. Complains about everything. Still pissed that you left. She is married to someone else, yet, she still cares what you do. I think she is obsessed with you.” Sean confesses.

“Whatever. I am moving on from that. I just want to see my son. I pay her support and that’s it. She needs to leave me alone.” Brian states.

Sean rolling his eyes at Brian. “You really think she is going to leave you alone?” He laughs.

A few minutes later, the door opening and Tyler walking in. A small boy Eleven years old. Blonde hair and brown eyes. He walks up to his father giving him a hug.

“Hey, how is my boy?” Brian says hugging him back.

“Good dad.” Tyler answers.

Martha and Elizabeth come out of the kitchen standing there watching Tyler and his dad.

“I would like you to meet my son Elizabeth. This is Tyler.” Brian says.

“Hi, I’m Elizabeth.”

“Nice to meet you,” Tyleranswers.

They spend some more time at Sean’s home. Brian giving his son a lot of attention. It was a calm and peaceful night. Elizabeth spent time with Martha giving Brian the time he needed with his son. She knew how it was, she missed her girls. It was the only bad thing about this so far, being away from them.

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