The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 220

Chapter 220

The rest of the day, Brian does a little work in his office, trying to get ready to go back tomorrow. Also knowing that Elizabeth wanted to spend a lot of time with their son. He couldn’t blame her.

When it's around dinner time, Elizabeth goes to Brian’s office to get him.

“Hey sweety, Dinner is done. Are you hungry?” Elizabeth asks holding the baby.

“Yes, you're still holding him I see?” Brian says with a chuckle.

“I am, I think he does need a little daddy time too. Sorry for hogging him all day. I just couldn't help it. I missed him so much.” Elizabeth replies handing him to Brian.

“It’s ok, I understand. I know you really missed him. Come here little man, I missed you too.” Brian replies, taking the baby into his arms.

“I talked to Sean, he is ok with finding our father,” Brian adds.

“I am glad, that way you both can do this together. I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Elizabeth says.

“I will be fine, I have you and Sean on my side. I will call a private detective tomorrow at work and figure things out. I am not going to tell anyone anything either. Only you and Sean know what is going on. That way its less drama for everyone.” Brian answers.

“I think that's a good thing. We don’t need anyone else involved. It's really none of their business.“Elizabeth says.

“I feel the same way. If we don’t find him, or he doesn’t want to talk to us, we just move on. It's no big deal. I just don’t understand, how he could just get up and leave his sons. I can’t imagine leaving him or Tylor. I would think about them all the time, it would drive me crazy.” Brian responds.

“I guess not everyone feels that way. I know it was hard for me to leave my girls, but they are adults now, not that it made it easy.” Elizabeth replies.

“Have you talked to the girls? You didn't leave them, you moved. There is a difference babe.” Brian asks.

“Yes, We texted all week and I called them when we got back. They are doing well. They miss me and my mom. They can’t wait till she goes home. They said at least when I was gone they had her, now they don’t have either of us.” Elizabeth admits.

“How are you going to like your mother leaving?” Brian asks.

“I’m not, but there isn’t much I can do. It was nice of her to stay this long and help with the baby. I didn’t want to leave him with anyone else.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know you didn’t. Maybe she would move here?” Brian asks.

“Maybe, I am not sure. And then maybe the girls are right, its good for them to at least have her there. Since I can’t be there. It’s what made it so easy for me to leave in the first place. I knew they had her there.” Elizabeth confesses.

“True, I am sure things will be fine. At least we know we don’t have to travel for a bit. So we can be home with him ourselves. I know you don’t want to leave him.” Brian answers.

“No,I don’t. Its nice to be home and back to normal.” Elizabeth says smiling at Brian holding their son.

“Yes it is. Lets go get some dinner.” Brian replies

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