The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 221

Chapter 221

After dinner is over, Elizabeth cleans up the dishes as Brian spends time with the baby. Giving Joan a well-deserved break. Elizabeth knew that Brian was missing Zach just as much as she did. It was time to give them a little alone time since she hogged him all day. She just looks at them together and smiles with joy. So happy to have this family and be with someone she really loved. It was more than, she ever thought she would have. It was a new beginning. One she was extremely grateful for.

After she is done the dishes and cleaning up, she says goodnight to baby Zach. Giving him a hug and kisses. Then she goes upstairs to get washed and ready for bed. Leaving Brian to give Zach his bath, getting him ready for bed. Once her shower is done, she goes into her bedroom and into her luggage, doing what Brian got to do earlier. She was just too busy spending time with the baby. She takes a lot out and puts it away, and the other half she puts in the laundry Pile. Feeling she will take care of it tomorrow.

Brian comes in while she is doing her thing, and puts his arms around her. Holding her tightly to him. Her back on his lean firm chest. She just rests her back on him, taking a deep breath and putting her hands on his.

“Is the baby down?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, he is taken cared of. I took my shower with him so we are both done and ready for bed.” Brian answers.

“Mmmm, you smell nice,” Elizabeth says closing her eyes to take in his scent.

“So do you, I like the little pink nightie your wearing,” Brian says, kissing her head.

Elizabeth goes to turn around to kiss him, seeing the grey hair just like it is when he plays Zach, his firm bare chest only wearing his plaid blue PJs pants. She just stares at the man in front of her. Looking at him intently. She sees this Handsome man that she loves so much standing in front of her.

Brian saw the lust in her eyes, he knew this would work. Its why he did it. He was trying to keep the spark alive and not let it die. Trying to keep it as hot as it was, when they were away, not wanting things to fade and go back into a rut. He was going to do his best to keep things going.

Elizabeth goes for his lips, kissing him deeply and pushing her body up against him. He knows he got what he wanted. Her hand lightly goes up and down his chest as her lips kiss him gently but firmly. Brian pushes the suitcase to the floor, as he lays Elizabeth down onto the bed. He towers over her kissing her neck, and down between her breasts. He wants to turn her over and do the things she wanted in the email, trying to make her fantasy come to life. He just sees she has other plans as she pushes him to the side of her, kissing him passionately. Her hands roaming all over his chest and down into his pants. Her need to touch all of him, very well apparent.

“Brian I love you,” Elizabeth whispers.

He sees she isn’t roleplaying, she sees him for him. This isn't desire for anyone else but the real him. The man she married and has a family with. It makes him feel good and brings a grin to his face.

“I love you too babe.” He responds. Going for her pink nightie lifting it off her head.

His hands going down to her breasts caressing them and kissing her neck. Their bodies entwining themselves together. Laying side by side, their legs and arms wrapped around each other. Elizabeth’s head in his chest, which she kisses and lightly licks his nipples. Sending shivers down his spine as only she can.

Brian sees that everything is tender and slow. She isn’t rushing anything tonight. Brian slowly and gently slides his hard firm member into her hot wet cave. Their bodies becoming one, as they gently grind together. Elizabeth’s hands wrap around him holding onto his back, as her hands go up and down caressing him. Her lips not letting go of his. Their bodies rock together as they both come to their climax together keeping the rhyme as one.

Once done, neither let go, they lay there still wrapped in each other.

“That was incredible. I never felt so close to you before.” Brian says.

“I can lay like this forever. I feel closer to you too. I never want to lose this.” Elizabeth responds.

“I was going to play out your fantasy but it seems to take a different turn one I really enjoyed,” Brian laughs.

“I wanted you, no one else. You standing there like that was enough to drive me crazy. Just knowing your all mine and no one else's makes me happy. ” Elizabeth admits.

“I am glad I can do that. I am also glad I went with what happened. I want to be this close to you always. I never want to lose this either. I want to make you feel like this and that you can always trust me with anything and everything.” Brian says.

“We won’t. We just have to work on it, and not let anything get in the way.” Elizabeth answers.

“I have no intention of letting anything get in the way of us or our family. I never knew how much I wanted this, till now and I will not let anyone come between it.” Brian states.

They lay there wrapped in each other, Brian knowing that in the morning, he won’t be able to feel his arm or leg but to have her this close to him, and to feel like this. He will take it. The magic was back more now than before. Which Brian never even thought would be possible to feel this intimate with someone, so close. It was something new to him and he liked it. He always loved her and wanted her, just now it was even more.

This time it wasn’t rushed it was slow, gentle and loving. Just the need to be close to each other. To feel the other. It was something he would never forget. It wasn't sex, it was making love. The only woman he really ever did this with or had this with.

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