The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 222

Chapter 222

The next morning, they wake up falling asleep just where they laid. Diagonally in their bed, wrapped in each other. Brian has to get up for work, at the same time he doesn't want to. He just knows he has to. He still can't get over just how close last night was, how afterward there was a sense of peace in both of them bringing them closer than ever. It was incredible and something he never thought possible.

He kisses her on her head and tries to wiggle his way out of her grip gently.

“Where do you think you're going?” Elizabeth says with a grin.

“I have to go to work babe,” Brian answers with a chuckle.

“I don’t want to let go, I can hold you like this forever,” Elizabeth says hugging him and kissing his chest.

“I know, I don't want to either. I just can’t take any more days off. I have important meetings today. I will come home for dinner, I promise. We will spend all evening together, you, me and Zach.” Brian answers.

“Ok, I am going to hold that to you. No work when you come home. Just family time.” She replies letting go slowly.

“I promise. You should get some rest before the baby gets up. I really enjoyed last night babe. More then you could ever imagine. ” Brian responds.

“Me too, I want more of it,” Elizabeth says.

“Same here, even though I can’t feel my left arm or leg and probably won't for most of the day.” Brian laughs.

“I wasn’t letting you go, I fell asleep and didn’t move at all during the night I was so comfy and felt so safe. I guess you're a good bed.” Elizabeth smiles.

“Yea I guess so. I am also pleased, I can make you feel that.” Brian grins. “I am off babe, I will see you later. I will text you throughout the day.” He adds.

“Ok. Be safe and I love you.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian gets into his car with his coffee and heads off to work. Feeling happy and alive. The feeling of love washing over him. It was a feeling that couldn’t be beaten. He had everything he ever wanted and more.

Once Brian gets to his office, He goes into his office as soon as he does, Adam isn’t far behind him. Pushing through the door after him.

“Hey, Son I need you to take another court case this morning. Matt hasn’t come in for a few days and I can’t seem to get a hold of him. I need you to do this, so I know it's done right.” Adam says.

“Ok, but I don't know much about the case. How am I supposed to do anything in an hour?” Brian says.

“I know you can do handle it. You're great at this. I will leave the file with you so you can go over it.” Adam says.

“What the hell is wrong with Matt anyway? This isn’t like him. He would never just hand over a case to me, or to anyone for that matter..” Brian responds.

“No he wouldn’t, but he and Victoria are having problems. She admitted to him that you and she slept together.” Adam admits.

“Wait. what? That was a while ago, before Elizabeth. Why is she telling him now? Why is she telling him at all? Is this just to stir up trouble?” Brian questions.

“She claims, she wants to start fresh with him, work on their marriage. It seemed to put a bigger dent into it, but to each's own.” Adam replies.

“I am sure it did. No man wants to hear his wife screwed someone else. Damn is she trying to make trouble for me and Elizabeth? I already told Elizabeth what happened, the first time she opened her big mouth. It made some rifts that I had to fix.” Brian comments.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with Elizabeth this time. It was about being honest. I am sure when Matt comes back he will talk to you. It is taking him time to work through this. They were getting along really well for a few days before she told him.” Adam confesses.

“Great, leave it to Victoria to mess up something good. I will get on the case and see what I can do. About the rest, I want no part of it. I only want peace and happiness for my family.” Brian says.

“Thank you. I understand that. How was your trip with your wife? Did everything go well?” Adam asks.

“Yes, very well thank you. It seems to have brought us closer. Which I am really glad about. I love her more than anything.” Brian admits.

“I am really glad you found that one person to make you this happy. I am also glad you know not to let go of it. It doesn't happen often. We only get the chance once if ever.” Adam says.

“I know that. She is my world, I never have been happier.” Brian comments.

“I am so glad for you. “Adam answers giving him a smile as he walks out the door.

At least one son was doing well and was happy with his life. Adam just hoped that the other would find the same. If it was with Victoria or not.

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