The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 224

Chapter 224

Elizabeth is home, with the baby and her mother. Back to her normal routine, which she is grateful for. She took today off from trying to write to spend more time with her son and mother. Since Joan will be leaving in a few days. Then things will be getting back to fully normal.

Elizabeth liked her mom being there with her, she was going to miss being able to talk to her whenever she could. She just knew deep down it was better if she went back to Wisconsin. Her daughters needed her. They needed someone there, they could trust and go to besides their father. They needed a woman to be able to confide in and they didn't have that with Ethan's mother Karen.

Since Elizabeth was here, and not there in person to be able to help like she used to, her mother would have the job. Which was another thing that bothered her. She just kept it hidden. Knowing she couldn’t have both. It was either the life here or life there.

The one here offered her so much more. It made her happy in every way. Where the one back home, didn’t. To be honest with herself, she never wanted to go back there again. She outgrew that life and moved on, it was just sad in the process she had to leave her daughters behind.

Neither of them was interested in really moving away. They had their own lives there and were happy. They didn’t mind to visit their mother but that was it. They didn’t see what Elizabeth saw here. They were happy in the small town they grew up in. Where Elizabeth was now open to a whole new world. Not only from being with Brian but also from the book tours. She was learning more and more every day. Opening herself up, to see what was really there. It was a great accomplishment for her. A small-town country girl from Wisconsin doing all this in such little time.

Her mother had mixed emotions about leaving as well, she loved where she lived but she also loved being with Elizabeth. Their relationship was very strong and always was. Joan was also finding it easier to get around here, more stores and more things to offer, than the small town the came from. In her older age, it would be easier to be here, then she thought the same about the girls. And figured it better to go home. Plus she didn’t really want to live with her son in law. Yes, they got along, and things were calm at the moment. But it was ok for a visit not forever. Everyone wanted there own space and Joan was used to living alone. She was a very independent woman.

Joan did feel that when she went home, she would have a discussion with the girls and see what they thought. Where Elizabeth didn’t want to bring it up, Joan wasn’t afraid. She would ask them what they thought, and if they felt it was a good idea. Then Joan would make her decision based on that. She just knew if she was to come here, she would be needing her own home. Just not too far away from Brian and Elizabeth. So that way, if she needed them they would be there and vice versa. Plus she would be able to see Zach grow up, just like she watched the girls.

Taking care of Zach in the last few months, she has gotten very attached to him, even more so than the girls. Since she was living in the same house as him, seeing every milestone herself. She adored him and was so happy that Brian and Elizabeth had him. She also got to see how much these two really cared about each other and also seeing all the obstacles in their way. Which made her very upset, she wanted these two to thrive and flourish. She felt if anyone could make it, it was these two.

This move was hard on a lot of people. Elizabeth just did her best not to give in to her feelings and go. Knowing it was the best thing for her. For the first time in her life, doing something for herself and not because someone else wanted her to. She knew if she asked Brian to go to Wisconsin and leave all this behind, he would for her. At the same time, she didn’t want to, and could never ask that of him. They had way too much here, and all of it was good.

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