The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 225

Chapter 225

Later in the day, Elizabeth is getting dinner ready while baby Zach and her mother are napping. Elizabeth taking over the daily chores and doing everything on her own again. The way she liked it. While she is putting the chicken in the oven, she hears a knock at the door. She quickly goes and answers it, wondering who it could be.

When she gets to the door, she looks out the peephole to see Matt, her curiosity gets the better of her to see him here. Since he never visited them at home before.

“Matt is everything ok?” Elizabeth says opening the door.

“No, I need to talk to you please.” Matt answers.

Elizabeth taking note that he is a bit drunk.

“Sure, but are you ok? You seem a little intoxicated.” Elizabeth says.

“I may have drank a few bourbons on the way here, but it has nothing to do with what I need to say to you.” Matt answers.

“Ok, come in,” Elizabeth replies taking him to the dining room which is all done up for dinner. The table set for three adults.

“God, he has all this and he still isn’t satisfied. What the fuck does he really want? Just another asshole like our father.” Matt mumbles.

“What do you need to say, Matt? Brian should be home soon for dinner. What is the matter? Is Brian ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“ Of Course he ok, he is always ok. You do know that Victoria and Brian slept together? How she pins over your husband and that sooner or later he will probably give in because that is what he does, even though he states he doesn't want her.” Matt says.

“I know about what happened before he met me. That isn’t my concern. I am sorry she stepped out on you, but it was before my time. I have no worryments that Brian will do that while we are married. I trust him.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Really? Even after the situation in his office? With my wives hand down his pants? As I recall, you didn’t take too lightly to that. Don’t you fear it will happen again but it may be much more? That she will wiggle her ass at him, and he won't be able to resist?” Matt states.

“No, That was you're doing along with Victoria. How could you send your wife to seduce someone else, while you in the other room? I am no fan of Victoria, but that was very wrong of you. If you want her to show you some respect, why don’t you show her some? It works both ways. Your relationship is sick, and if you can't see that something is wrong with you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Don’t be navie, these two have a long past and even without my doing, they screwed each other. They have their own sickness.” Matt Says pushing Elizabeth against the wall. His hands-on her waist. “Don’t you want to get him back? Make him know how it feels? I am sure, just him knowing you were with me, would make him crumble.” Matt adds.

“No, Get your hands off of me,” Elizabeth says pushing him off of her.“I don't know what is going on with you and Victoria but you need to stop this. If you want it to work with her, then show it. Don’t just say it. Words are useless! I know your hurt, and to hear that didn’t make you feel any better. But to come here and to try to sleep with me, isn’t fixing anything or any better than what she did to you. To be honest, it's worse, you know how it feels and your willing to push that onto someone else.” Elizabeth replies.

“How can you love him so much? How can you defend him as you do? Don't you see what he really is?” Matt asks.

“I just do, you use to be best friends with him, you had to see something in him as well. You need to put Victoria on the side and remember what you liked so much about him. Maybe you two can work this out. Make things better. The way you two are going is crazy. You even work together, and one day own the business. WOuldn’t it be better if you got along? If we all could get along? I think your the one not seeing Brian for who he is. You're too blinded by your jealousy of the wrong things.” Elizabeth asks.

“I guess your right. I don’t know how you can stay so level headed. Didn’t that bother you? Didn't you want to get him back?” Matt says.

“Yes, in honestly it did bother me, but like I said it was before my time. I am no angel, I cheated on my ex-husband. We all have things in our closets, we are not proud of. Did Victoria tell you this to make trouble? Or just to be honest with you?” Elizabeth responds.

“To tell me, she wants to start fresh. So she says. Wanted to wipe the slate clean, it just bugs me to know she slept with him again.” Matt replies.

“Maybe you can wipe it clean? Give it a try? I don’t see Victoria as the type to tell you that if she didn’t mean it. Or want something.” Elizabeth comments.

“True. I will give it some thought. Thank you and sorry I put my hands on you. I had no right. I just wasn’t thinking which is something when it comes to Victoria I do. I respect you and I should have known better.” Matt remarks.

“Its all forgotten, I know how you feel. Let's just move on and never let it happen again.” Elizabeth states.

“Thank you. It won't. I will be going.” Matt answers walking towards the door to leave.

Elizabeth walks him out locking it behind her. She understands how upset he was. She felt the same when she learned of it. She was just trying to be on Brian’s side. Just if she thought about it, when Victoria sprung it on her, it killed her. Its why she didn’t hold any of it against Matt. She just learned that revenge wasn't the answer plus there was none to take. It wasn’t during their relationship or marriage.

She did know that when Victoria tried to seduce Brian while they were married that hurt her a lot. It almost broke them. She just wouldn't give Matt the satisfaction since he was the one to cause it. She stood tall and by her man and knew deep down he wouldn't cheat.

Elizabeth wanted Matt and Victoria to work it out, that way if she was into her own husband, maybe she would finally let go of Brian. Maybe things would become normal? Elizabeth not having to worry when he goes to work that Victora was going to throw herself at him. There has been so much thrown at them, it's been crazy. Maybe things finally had a chance to settle down.

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