The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 226

Chapter 226

Brian pulls up into the driveway, seeing Matt’s car pull out and drive away. His first thought is what the hell is he doing at his home? What did he say or do to cause problems? At the moment, he was seeing him just as bad as he saw Victoria. He knew in some ways, she was rubbing off on Matt and they were not good ways.

Brian hurries up and parks the car, not able to wait to get inside to make sure Elizabeth was ok. He walks up to the door and opens it, going straight into the kitchen where Elizabeth is.

“Your home, I am so glad you got here early. Dinner will be done shortly.” Elizabeth says, going up to him, giving him a tender kiss on the lips.

“Babe, what was Matt doing here? What did he want? Did he hurt you or say shit he shouldn’t?” Brian asks.

Elizabeth just laughs. “He was here to tell me again about the time you slept with Victoria. She finally came clean with it, and he isn’t taking it too well.” Elizabeth states.

“I am sorry you had to hear that again. Adam came to my office today to tell me this, and give me another case. I should have texted you about it, I just thought, we would discuss it tonight. I never thought he would come here to tell you. What did he want to get out of that?” Brian asks.

“He wanted me to be mad at you, enough to cheat with him and get back at you.” Elizabeth grins.

“What? Did he touch you? You would never do that, what the hell is he thinking? Victoria has made him as crazy as she is. The Matt I know would never even thought that.” Brian snaps.

“He tired for a second but he backed off. He saw it wasn’t the right thing to do and apologized. I didn't tell you so you would hate him, or to make trouble. I told you because I didn't feel that I would ever want to do that to you. I trust you, I believe in you. I don’t want to be with anyone else but you.” Elizabeth answers.

Going up to Brian. “I am yours and only yours,” Elizabeth whispers.

Brian just grabs her and kisses her passionately on her lips, those words meaning so much to him. Remembering how last night was, how close they were. That Matt tried to ruin that but she didn’t let him. His words didn’t change how she felt.

Brian’s hands roam under Elizabeth's white floral sundress, as her hands unzip his pants.

“He wanted to ruin our marriage as she did theirs. You know that right?” Brian says out of breath from the kiss as he picks her up into his arms.

Elizabeth's legs wrapping around his waist and her hands going around his neck.

“Yes, but he can’t. No one can. I am never giving you up.” Elizabeth whispers in his ear.

Brian pins her to the kitchen wall as he kisses down her neck and her breast. Her body pushed up against his as he swiftly slides inside of her pushing her pink satin panty to the side. Kissing her lips to conceal the large grasp coming out of her mouth.

The feeling of passion, and urgency taking over both of their bodies. Brian feeling constricted by his clothes since he is still wearing his suit, yet he isn’t letting that stop him. He grabs at her ass holding her up into his arms and against the wall, as he slides in and out of her faster and harder. The passion building, Elizabeth’s hands pulling at his hair, as their lips collide with each other’s.

Brian goes faster and harder, Elizabeth wrapping herself tightly around his waist as she lets go. Brian doing the same shortly after, still holding her in his arms as her legs let go of his waist and drop down, still a bit wobbly to stand on her own.

“Well that didn’t seem to push us apart, just make it hotter,” Brian smirks.

“You're bad you know that?” Elizabeth grins.

“Yep, I still don’t like that he came here, or he touched you in any way. There need to be boundaries.” Brian admits.

“He needed to vent, and he came to me. It was nothing. I don’t want you to say or do anything about it. Promise me?” Elizabeth asks. Going over to the stove to take the oven off.

“I promise, I know they are going through a lot, just him throwing it at us isn’t fair,” Brian says. fixing his zipper.

“In a way, it is. You did sleep with his wife Brain. Your not all innocent in this. You didn't even like him coming here to talk to me, how would you like if it was more?” Elizabeth answers.

“I know. Your right, it was just a while ago and before us. I know that doesn’t make it any better for him. It’s never going to happen again, I made a wrong judgment call. I wasn't thinking.” Brian states Going up to Elizabeth and picking her up, over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?" Elizabeth giggles. " And it better never happen again. I can forgive it because it was before our time. We didn't know each other or feel this way about each other. Now is way different.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am taking my wife upstairs with me. I want more time with her. And I promise it won’t. I don't want her. I am very happy with you and our family. It means way too much for me to cheat with her or anyone. I don't think I ever could anyway, all I would be thinking about would be you.” Brian responds.

"Same here, I love you way too much." Elizabeth states.

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