The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 227 talk

Chapter 227 Talk.

Brian carries Elizabeth up to their bedroom, so he can get unchanged and talk to Elizabeth. He lightly puts her down on their bed kissing her. Then he goes to take off his suit jacket that was in his way earlier.

“After I took care of the extra case, I had today, thanks to Matt, which I nailed. I did get to call the investigator.” Brian says, taking off the rest of his clothes.

“Really? Great, what did he say?” Elizabeth asks sitting on the bed.

“Ron said it wouldn’t be a problem, he did warn me, that he might not want to be found or bothered. But I already knew that it wasn’t something, I didn’t think about before entering this. It's been in the back of my mind the whole time.” Brian states.

“Yes, we know there is a chance of that, I would hope he would at least talk to you and explain, even if nothing more comes out of it.” Elizabeth answers.

“I hope the same, but I guess we will see. He said he will call me when he gets any info. I know him for a while and he is very good at his job. So I am sure, he will find him in no time.” Brian replies.

“Are you sure about this? I mean will you be ready for anything?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, babe, you don’t have to worry about me. I will be fine with however this goes. Sometimes, I just wonder if I am even doing the right thing by opening this can of worms?” Brian responds.

“I hope so, I don't want to see you hurt. You mean the world to me, and when you hurt, I hurt. I know what you mean about the can of worms, then if we don't go through with it, you will always wonder. I guess it is just best to go through with it and see what happens. That way no looking back.” Elizabeth admits.

“I feel the same babe, things will be fine. I thank you for standing by me through this. I know you didn’t sign up for this.” Brian responds.

“I am your wife, I did sign up for it. I am here no matter what. I want you and Matt to try to be friends again. To stop this child’s play.” Elizabeth confesses.

“Babe really? You think after all this we can be friends again?” Brian comments.

“Yes, something has to give. The way things are going it's terrible. Your like two little boys fighting to see who can win Adam's attention more. When you are both two grown-ass men, who should know better.” Elizabeth says raising her eyebrow.

“He is the one that wants Adam’s attention.” Brian answers.

“You're no better, This craziness with Victoria needs to stop as well. If not even for me, but then for Tylor. He needs both parents and normal ones. Not these games. You think he doesn't overhear all the crap that has been going on?” Elizabeth states.

“I know that she is the one with the games, I just seem to get caught up in them, without even trying to. I will see how it goes when Matt comes back to work. I am sure he is now going to want to start even more after hearing, I slept with her. I don't know how Tylor is taking it, I guess I should talk to him about it, and make sure he is doing well. Maybe take him for a few extra days, till things calm down at home.” Brian says.

“Maybe you should call Matt, talk to him. Tell him it was a mistake and your sorry. Make things right? Then talk to Tylor and make sure he is ok as well. I think him, spending some time here is a good idea. It would give Victoria and Matt time alone to work on their problems.” Elizabeth requests.

“Say I’m sorry? I am not sure I am..... What for? I wasn’t the one that was married. I got drunk and it happened. ” Brian replies.

“Really?” Elizabeth asks.

“Maybe sorry it was with her because she causes so much trouble. Yea I know, to make it right, I will need to say sorry.........“Brian answers.

“I am going to get washed up before dinner. I think you should think about things with Matt and make it right. Be an adult...” Elizabeth comments.

“We will see, I am an adult. I am just tired of all this bullshit.” Brian responds.

Elizabeth just looks, at him like really? As she walks into the bathroom.

He knows that to make this work for his marriage, and even his job it would be a lot better for him and Matt to be friends than enemies. When they were friends, they had a great time together. Could they get it back? Even if they did, would Victoria let them? It was a bit awkward with him having a former relationship with her in the past. Would Matt forgive him for the affair? Or always think they were screwing around when they weren’t? Not to mention it wasn't an affair, it was more like a one night stand.

Everything was always complicated lately. In one way, or another, and it was all surrounding Victoria. It was the one thing he did regret, ever getting involved with her at all. If he knew then, what he knew now about her, he would have never asked her out. He would have just walked away and moved on. Then he wouldn’t have Tylor, he was one thing good that came out of this mess, and man, was it a mess.

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