The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 228

Chapter 228

The next day comes, and Brian is at work sitting at his desk, thinking about his son. What a mess this was for this innocent child. How he never wished any of this was taking place. He wanted his son to come spend some time with him, and Elizabeth. He enjoyed him being their very much, he wished he was there more often than just on Wednesdays and weekends. He just had to deal with what was.

Before he was to call Tylor, he wanted to talk to Victoria, and see if she would even let him come over. He figured it would be better that way, so if she said no, the child wouldn’t be disappointed and Brian would know where he stood. No putting Tylor in the middle of their conflict.

As he sits at his desk, he grabs his cell phone and gives her a call.

“Yes?” Victoria says on the third ring.

“I just wanted to ask you, how you were? I know things are not going well for you and Matt. Is everything ok with our son?” Brian asks. Figuring being nice would work better, and being an adult as Elizabeth kept saying.

“Things are rocky, to say the least. Matt hasn’t been home in a while. I am not sure he is even going to come home. Our son is fine a little upset about Matt but taking it like a champ.” Victoria replies.

“I was thinking if it was ok with you, that I would take him for a little while? Maybe the week? Or even two? That way you and Matt can work things out, and I can spend time with Tylor.” Brian says.

“I think that is a good idea, it is more stable at your house then it is here at the moment. Plus he doesn't need to see what might take place. ” Victoria responds.

“Ok, Thank you. I will call him after and let him know. Are you ok Victoria, you seem down?” Brian comments, seeing a different side to her. One that you could talk to, and is at the moment reasonable.

“No, to be honest not at all. I wanted to really make this work, its the only reason, I told him. I wanted to start fresh which got me nowhere. He is only pissed at me. I need for this marriage to work.” Victoria states.

“Look, I know that Matt really cares about you. Its why he is taking it this way. He is very upset about it. He even came to talk to Elizabeth, to tell her what happened. Trying to get me in trouble. I think we all need to work this out for our relationships without each other to work. No more games, or cheating, or telling shit about the other. ” Brian admits.

“I told that to Matt before this, to make things right with you. I don’t want to keep going like this. I want to be normal and go back to the person I was before we broke up. I want to put the pettiness away. I just really cared about you Brian, I wanted us to work and to see you go get married and a new life hurt. It made me do a lot of things I shouldn’t. A lot I regret.” Victoria confesses.

“I was no better. I know I walked out on you and our son. I was always drinking and partying. I didn’t deal with my mother’s death very well and I took it out on you. I also shouldn’t have slept with you while you were married to Matt. I overstepped, I let the booze and past get in my way. So I am sorry also. We just need to make Matt see it's not going to ever happen again. That we can co-parent, and be somewhat friendly. I don’t want you to miss treat Elizabeth either. She doesn’t deserve it, she has nothing to do with us.” Brian remarks.

“I know she doesn’t and I have done things to hurt her and your relationship as well. Things just got out of hand. Brian, I need Matt to come home, there is something I need to tell him.“Victoria confides.

“Please if you slept with anyone else, keep it to yourself. Telling the truth isn’t going to get you the results you're hoping for. I know that's not starting fresh as you call it but it's not taking away or fixing anything either. Just making things worse. If you really want this to work, Start fresh, at being faithful and real from now. Show him how much you care.” Brian replies.

“I think your right, it's just I’m pregnant. I want to give this child a stable life. I don’t want to do what we did with Tylor. I want it to have a mother and a father.” Victoria responds.

“Wow, ok, I am sure he will be happy. He did want that before all this took place. I will take Tylor and you call him and see if you two can talk. Work your magic on him, or whatever it is you do to him.” Brian laughs.

“Yea I can try. Thank you for listening. I really needed someone to talk to you.” Victoria answers.

“No problem. Thank you for letting Tylor come over. I really do want to spend time with him. I want to talk to him and make sure he is ok.” Brian states.

“I think that's wonderful. If you want to take him for a few weeks that's fine. I need to figure out what is going on here, try to make it better, and if it's not I need to see where I go from here.” Vitoria says.

“Ok, sounds good,” Brian replies.

When Brian gets off the phone he isn’t sure what happened to Victoria, it was like the girl he used to know when they were young. She was normal, and not trying any games. She was real, he just hoped that she and Matt could work it out. It would make things easier for them all. Just if not he knew Victoria she would land on her feet, she always did.

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