The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 229

Chapter 229

After Brian gets off the phone, he sits and thinks, he should call his son and let him know what's up. The sooner he got him out of that house the better. Brian knew that Matt wasn’t very stable at the moment, and he could be bound to do anything. Victoria and Matt had some things to work out, Tylor would only be in the way.

“Hey, Dad, What's up?” Tylor says.

“Hey son, I am coming to pick you up from school and take you to my house for a few weeks. I want to spend some time with you. I hope that's ok?” Brian asks.

“Yea, that would be great. Things at home seem to be awkward. Mom and Matt are having some problems. He hasn’t even come home for a while, and it's not because of work. They had some sort of fight.” Tylor answers

“I know, I am sorry you have to deal with this. Sometimes grownup relationships have problems.” Brian replies.

“Yea, I know. Are they going to separate as you and mom did? And is this because Grandpa Adam comes over often? I know Matt isn't very fond of him.” Tylor asks.

“I don’t know what is going to happen, son. I hope whatever is going on they get through. Adam comes to the house often? To see Matt?” Brain says baffled.

“No, he comes over to see mom. Matt is never home when he comes to visit. Mom and Grandpa Adam go in a private room together and talk. He comes at least once a week.” Tylor responds.

“Maybe its about work or something. I am sure its nothing to do with Adam.” Brian answers not wanting to say anything to Tylor.

“I don’t know, am I going to pick up some of my things at the house before we go to yours? How long will I be staying?” Tylor asks.

“No, anything you need, that you don't have we can get you. You have things at our house anyway, just make sure you have the things you need for school. You can borrow my laptop for school work if you need it. I believe a few weeks, until Matt and your mom works things out.” Brian replies.

“Ok, How far away are you?” Tylor asks.

“Not far, I should be at your school in five minutes.” Brian answers.

Brian goes to pick up Tylor, so glad to be spending time with him. He didn’t want to go anywhere near Victoria or the house. He didn’t want to get involved. It was bad enough, he had to call her, that went well, but who knew what she would do in person. He still didn’t trust her. And he for sure didn't need to start anything more.

This way he just picked him up from school, making no scene or problems. The way he wanted it. Now for a few weeks, he would have his whole family with him. He was looking forward to it. He had Elizabeth and his two sons. They meant everything to him, he just wished it could be like this all the time. He just knew if he fought for it, it would be a lot of legal issues. It would get dragged out and cause more problems with Victoria. Plus at the moment, even he didn't want to add more stress to her life or his own.

He also wondered if Elizabeth would mind taking him full time, or even if Tylor would want that. He also knew no matter what she was, Victoria was his mother and he needed her. He just hopes with everything going on, he can get more time with him, if he plays nice and she stays like she was today. Maybe it might work in his favor.

Brian gets home, with Tylor around four in the afternoon. Brian took time off work to get him and be able to spend time with his family.

He walks into his house, the smells of food hitting him at the door. He knew Elizabeth was cooking and even baking. How things were so different from his other life. He loved it. This was everything he ever wanted.

“Babe, what is all this?” Brian asks.

“I wanted to have a home-cooked meal and I thought, I would make some cookies for dessert. Would you like to help Tylor?” Elizabeth asks.

“Sure, that would be great,” Tylor replies.

“Wash your hands, and you can help put them on the pan and get them ready for the oven,” Elizabeth responds.

Tylor goes and does what he is told, he enjoys spending time here as well. Elizabeth always treats him kindly.

“Babe I have to talk to you,” Brian says.

“Ok, what is it?” Elizabeth asks.

Brian takes her by the arm and takes her in the yard closing the sliding door behind him.

“OK, you're scaring me, what is it?” Elizabeth asks.

“Nothing about us, when I was talking to Tylor earlier, he said that Adam goes to their house a lot to talk to Victoria. They go into a private room together while Matt isn’t home.” Brian says.

“Why would Adam want to talk to Victoria?” Elizabeth asks.

“I don't think they are talking. I think that is who she is having the affair with and pinned the shit on me.” Brian responds.

“Oh come on, even she isn’t that low. Her own father in law? That's just gross...” Elizabeth answers.

“It fits, it wasn’t only Adam paying Victoria's way, that she had to listen to him he was also doing her. It makes sense. It's why he had so much control over her.” Brian replies.

“I don't know, I think that's going too far. Wouldn’t Matt know? Isn’t going to his house a little bit pushing it? Adam wouldn’t do that to his son, he is a lot of things but that's wow.” Elizabeth comments.

“Matt and Adam never got along. Adam sees him as weak, so I can see him doing this. Plus Victoria told me she is pregnant.” Brian remarks.

“Told you? When did you talk to her? ” Elizabeth asks.

“Today, I called her to ask her if I could take Tylor. I figured that would go off better than telling Tylor first and springing it on her. She was normal for a change and told me about the baby. That she wants it to work. That she regrets a lot of what she has done.” Brian states.

“I hope it works out for her and Matt. I also hope, what your saying isn’t true. It’s between them even if it is. Keep your thoughts to yourself. This can cause a lot of problems if it's true.” Elizabeth says.

“I know but I couldn't wait to tell you,” Brian replies. Giving her a hug.

“I am glad your home early. Let's make this evening a nice one for us and Tylor. Their problems are not ours, we need to focus on our own family, that is what's most important.” Elizabeth responds.

“That sounds good, and you are so right,” Brian says with a smile.

They head back into the kitchen, where Tylor helps Elizabeth with dinner and dessert. Brian just watches his family together and happy. He stares at Elizabeth who plates their food for them and takes care of them. How he wished he would have found her so much sooner. That Tylor would be theirs, and Victoria never happened.

He also sits there and wonders about Adam, even though Elizabeth didn't think that would take place Brian knew better. Victoria was capable of anything lately, the young girl he met changed in a lot of ways. Becoming someone he never saw before. Just if this was true, it took a lot from both of them. Going behind Matt like this. Elizabeth was right, Adam would do that to his own son? He was glad he wasn't his father. He was also going to do what his wife said. Keep his thoughts and suspicions to himself.

It wouldn't do any of them any good by coming forth with it. Adam would hate him, Victoria would use Tylor against him and Matt wouldn't believe him. So the web they spun, they would get lost in themselves. It was their lives if this is what they wanted so be it. He wanted no part of it. He just kept seeing how nice his life would be if he never met any of them.

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