The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 23 Passion

Chapter 23 Passion awakes.

After a while, they head back to the hotel, getting into the car. Brian still needing some answers to the questions running through his mind.

“I know, I don’t pry about your marriage, but you haven’t talked to your husband much at all on this trip, if at all?” Brian asks.

“No, He isn’t very happy with me leaving. He tells the girls, I am making a fool out of him. So I don’t talk to him. I just call and text the girls. They tell him what is going on I’m sure.” Elizabeth says.

“Doesn’t he know how well the book is doing?” Brian asks.

“I tell the girls. I am sure they tell him. He did tell them, he would be glad when this was all over. He misses the old me, the stay at home me.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am sorry. I would have thought, he would have been happy. Proud of you. It’s taking off. Monica keeps bugging you for part two.” Brian states.

“I didn’t even say anything about part two yet. There really wasn’t any point.” Elizabeth comments.

“Doesn’t he see you for the strong, intelligent, beautiful, woman you are?” Brian admits.

“No, he sees me as the dumb, quiet, housewife. That knows nothing else but that. Taking care of him and his children, I’m not there to warm his food and fold his shorts. That’s what he cares about. That is what he misses.” Elizabeth confesses.

“You are so much more that.” Brian states.

“I am glad you know so. That you see more than that.” She smiles.

They get back to the hotel parking the car, then walking into the hotel, to the elevator. Thoughts of what happened days ago take over Brian’s thoughts. He wants her. He needs her. He knew her marriage was over. It was in everything she said. Her husband didn’t see her for what she was. He needed to show her how he really felt about her. He just hoped she felt the same. The need in him was taking over and there wasn’t much he could do to hide it any longer.

He just stares at her, standing there on the side of him, her long blonde hair flowing down her back, her big dark brown eyes glistening, her smooth sensual lips, that he just wants to kiss.

He looks at her, not holding back any longer, he pulls her close to him, placing his hand on her cheek. Both looking up into each others eyes. Their mouths tracing the others with their lips. Lightly touching, as the passion and lust build in them both. Elizabeth’s fingers grip his black wool coat, squeezing it tightly. He licks her lips and he starts kissing her passionately. His hands roaming her back, both pressed into each other. They have both dreamt about this moment for a long time, never really sure if it would ever take place or not.

The elevator stops but their kiss doesn’t. He picks her up not breaking the kiss, not wanting to let her soft silky lips go. He takes her to their room, only letting go, when he gets to the door to take a deep breath. The lust and emotions building in both of them. He knows he has to place her lightly down, to open the door. It takes everything he has to let go.

They both rush into the room, grabbing for the other. This kiss even more passionate than the last. Elizabeth’s hands on each side of his face, pulling him closer and deeper into her.

They throw their coats off, So they can feel more of each other's warm bodies. Brian picks her up again, carrying her into her room, lightly placing her onto the bed. Still kissing, his hands roaming everywhere. Making sure he doesn’t miss a piece of her soft warm body.

He then Goes for her boots, then her black leggings. Sliding them off of her slender form. Then taking off her cream sweater. He is so excited just to see more of her sexy body that he had fantasied about all this time. He starts kissing her down her neck, which earns him light moans of pleasure.

Elizabeth goes for his shirt, which she removes, then unbuttons his pants. Making them slide down his legs. She looks at him in his underwear.

Thinking to herself “God he is so hot.”

His tone, well shaped body. Her mind goes in overdrive, knowing that she is going to see every single part of him. Not to mention get to touch him just the way she always dreamed of. Just that thought makes her even hotter. No more dreaming, this was for real.

She kisses him back wanting him more than she ever wanted anything before in her life. Her hands running up and down his chest. Feeling his abs under her fingertips. When a panic inside hits her.

“Wait,” Elizabeth says out of breath.

“What’s wrong? Everything OK?”Brian says panting. Trying to get his breath and his lustful mind together.

“Yes, It’s great more than great, to be honest. Just I’m not that experienced in this. I have only been with one man. I .......Don’t.. want to disappoint you.” Elizabeth says scared in a way.

Brian chuckles. “Are you kidding? You don’t really know? How you make me feel? Do you? Your kiss sets me on fire. You don’t even need to do anything. Just be there for me to go crazy. Stop worrying you can never disappoint me.” Brian states with a smile gleaming.

The thought of her only being with one other person made him even crazier. He wanted to show her, how she made him feel and how he could make her feel like no other. How his heart beats faster when she is near. How hot and turned on she makes him, just from him looking at her.

He grabs her and pulls her closer to him. Kissing down her neck again, lightly rubbing her breasts. Which he takes each nipple into his mouth licking and sucking on. His hands slide down her slender stomach. Making her moan in delight. Closing her eyes to enjoy his touches even more. He kisses his way down her stomach then he removes her pink cotton panties. Sliding them down her legs, throwing them across the room without a care. Then he moves his way back up, removing her white bra. Kissing and rubbing her breasts again, caressing them lightly with his hands, taking his time, on every inch of her body.

His hard large erection now poking at her entrance. Making her want him even more. Her hands in his long silver-gray, hair as she kisses him deeply. He slides in slowly making her feel every inch of him. Her body can’t stay still as she pushes her hips up against him. Wrapping her legs around his waist, letting him slide in deeper. His thrusts gets faster and harder with each other. Their bodies sweaty, the feeling of each other incredible. The sparks still flying with each touch, with each thrust. Going faster and faster, until they both explode. Elizabeth scratching her fingers down Brian’s back, as she screams out his name, losing all her control.

He lightly falls on top of her very sweaty body. Kissing her chest, holding her close. The sex they just had better than he had ever had before.

“That was incredible, So that is what sex is supposed to feel like?” Elizabeth says out of breath.

“That sure was. God your body is gorgeous. Yes, haven’t you ever felt that before?” He responds, kissing her again.

“No, I never had an orgasm with my husband. I never felt like that with him. Or wanted him like that. The feeling is incredible. You make my body tremble with desire.” Elizabeth responds.

“I feel the same. I am glad I can do that for you.” He replies.

Thinking to himself he gave her, her first Orgasm. That made him feel better than ever. He made her hot. He saw that throughout the whole thing. This just made him want her more.

They lay in each others arms, falling asleep. When Elizabeth wakes up, she just looks at this naked sexy man in her bed. How the sex was ten times better than she ever dreamed. She wanted more, more of him, more of the feelings that he lets run through her.

Just the thought of him made her hot and wet. She slides onto him, kissing his lips and down his neck, and chest. Rubbing her self on his manhood. Which takes no time to react. He opens his eyes, to her on top of him. He just pulls her close kissing her passionately. As he wastes no time sliding deeply into her. She lets out a loud moan from the pleasure he is giving her, from the feel of his hard warm member sitting inside of her. It makes her body want to move and feel even more. She pushes her self up and down on top of him. Her hands on his chest. He helps push her up and down, with his hands grabbing on to her ass. The passion builds and with no time at all. They both climax. This time she falls on top of him.

“We aren’t going to get much work done. If we keep this up.” Brian laughs.

“It was worth it. You laying here. You are just so sexy. I had to have you. I can actually touch you now, and I want to take advantage of it.” Elizabeth admits.

“I am glad you feel that way. I do too, but I want you to know its more than sex. I really enjoy being with you.” Brian comments.

“I am glad to hear that because I feel the same.” She responds.

They both lay there in each other's arms, feeling safe, warm and satisfied, falling back to sleep.

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