The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 230

Chapter 230

Victoria sits in the living room, the spacious room filled with all gorgeous things, now lonely and quiet. The material items not meaning a thing.

She knew she had to fix this and fast. She gave Matt plenty of time to get over things, now was time to take action. She knew she would have to do as Adam and even Brian said. Shut up about what she did wrong and move on trying to make things right.

Telling the truth would only make things worse, and at the moment, she didn’t need that. She wanted this child to have a family and a home. She wanted Tylor to keep his lifestyle and for her also to keep it. Being married to the high tuned lawyer had its perks. She couldn’t deny that. So she would do her best to fix this mess that she made. Not really liking where things were headed, she didn't want this, she knew her choices were bad ones and she was acting irrationally. It was time to stop and move on.

She gathers herself up and makes her self presentable. Wearing a black v neck romper and black heels. She throws some makeup on and grabs her purse. She gets into the grey minivan and drives to the country club, knowing that Matt has spent the last few days there. She knew he loved it there and, it was his get away from home and from the office.

She gets there and goes straight to the bar asking, the bartender what room Matt is in.

“He isn’t in his room my lady, he is at the pool. He has been there for hours now.” The bartender says.

“Thank you,” Victoria answers walking outside to the pool. Seeing Matt sitting on the deck chair sipping his drink.

“Are you ever planning on coming home?” Victoria says taking a seat next to him.

“Like you care? What are you doing here?” Matt asks.

“I want to talk to you. I miss you, I miss us. We can't stay like this forever. Sooner or later we need to talk and figure this out. I have something very important to tell you.” Victoria answers.

“Don’t you always? How are you going to wiggle out of this one? Did you screw Brian on the way over here?” Matt says with a glare.

“No, and I have no intention of screwing him ever again. We talked and we want to make things right. ” Victoria says.

“But of course you would go talk to him. Cry on his shoulder, didn't you? Like you use to me? Did you slide into his pants while talking? Not that his wife would believe it if it was true. She is so damn in love with him, she would say it wasn't so. What does he have that both of you think he is so special?” Matt grunts.

“I know you're really upset with me, but I didn’t do any of those things. He called me to take Tylor for a few weeks, so, me, and you could work on things. I didn’t even see him in person. He picked Tylor up at school. You're going to have to let this go. You're acting childish. He isn't special, it just took a while for me to see things. He has his wife like you said she doesn't see him doing any harm.” Victoria states.

“Childish?” Matt snaps sitting up in the chair grabbing onto Victoria's arms. “Do you really not know how it makes me feel to know you were with him? Or anyone for that matter? You really don’t know how much I care about you? How I wanted this marriage to work, and how dumb I was to push you towards him. I see my flaws, I was so pissed off at you I wanted to sleep with Elizabeth.” Matt admits.

“Really? All of the people to cheat with, her? You knew that would make my blood boil! I just don’t see her going along with your little plan. And yes I finally do see how much you care. We both made mistakes, we just need to work on them.” Victoria answers trying to move closer to Matt.

“No, she wouldn’t and she was right. It doesn’t make anything better. I don’t know if I can trust you Victoria. Not around him anyway. He has this hold on you. I know I was no better, I do see that now, it's just going to take time for me to forgive and trust.” Matt confesses.

“He used to, not anymore. I am over him and I understand it will take time. Matt, I need to tell you something.” Victoria says.

“What? I don’t want to hear about any other twists you may have had. I can barely handle this one. I know your no angel in any way.” Matt states.

“No, Matt I’m Pregnant.” Victoira answers.

“You're what? Really?” Matt replies

“Yes, I want us to raise this baby together to be a family as you always wanted. I want for all of us to get along. I want things to change.” Victoria responds.

“We are going to have a baby? You really did mean it, when you were trying? ” Matt gleams.

“Yes, I know it was something you really wanted,” Victoria says, feeling emotional and upset but knowing she has to shut up and play along.

“I am willing to try for our baby. I am so happy. I really did want this, to grow our family. To have a child of my own.” Matt says grabbing her and holding her close.

“Let's go to your room and celebrate. Some dinner and talk more about this. ” Victoria remarks.

Matt and she get up and go upstairs to his room and spend the night together. Victoria trying to act as if everything was fine and Matt doing his best to forgive. Wanting this child more than anything. Just not knowing it's not his. Victoria knew she had to keep that secret until her dying day, otherwise, everything she ever worked for would be over.

Not only would Matt want to leave her and hate her, but Adam would stop payments and could be very vengeful and do something to hurt her. She knew she couldn't go against him. It was too dangerous in the long run. It would blow up his whole life and she knew it.

This way maybe things would go back to normal or even grow and be better. It was just better than the alternative.

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