The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 231

Chapter 231

The next day Matt gets up, feeling great about his life, things were looking up. Victoria was laying next to him, and a baby would be coming their way. He was willing to try to make this work. He knew deep down, he was no better than she was in some ways. To get his father's attention he would do anything, even throw his wife onto Brian. Which he knew was a terrible thing to do. He lays there and can't believe he stooped so low. He didn't want to be like his father, with the affairs and being so manipulative and he saw he was doing that in the past. It was time to be himself not what his father wanted him to be. He had to be true, something that would be very different.

There was no sense in this feud. Brian wasn’t into the money and fame as he was. If he really thought about it, all this was his fathers doing. Always putting them up against each other. Always wanting the son, he never raised more than the son he did raise. Making Matt feel like he was the lesser of them. He knew it had to stop, he had to grow up and become the father, he always wanted for his own child. Which was the total opposite of his own father.

He wants to be there for his child, and except him no matter what. Also treating Tylor as part of the family and never leaving him out. He might not have been his true father but he was his uncle, the child just didn't know that, but he knew that Tylor liked him as well and they got along just fine. He never let the fact that Brian was his father interfere with his feelings towards the boy. It was way before he ever had a relationship with Victoria, so there was no need to be.

He gets up kissing Victoria while she sleeps, and gets ready for work. He knew it must be piling up on his desk and that his cases needed him. His time for feeling sorry for himself was over. It was time to take charge again. Which now after making up with Victoria made him feel better in itself. He knew what she was, it wasn’t anything new. He always has known how she felt about Brian. He was the one to swoop in and try to take her away from him. Looking back, he also saw that wasn’t a good thing or a way to start a relationship. Not to mention, break one up with one of his best friends. There was a lot he had to make up for as well as Victoria.

He goes downstairs going straight to the bartender.

“Hey, do me a favor make sure my wife gets anything she needs. I left her a note so she knows I am going to work. ” Matt says.

“Anything she needs we will make sure she gets.” The bartender replies.

Matt nods and heads out getting into his car and driving to the office. Once there he goes straight to his own office, getting his messages and checking things out. Adam not far behind him rushing in and closing the door behind him.

“It's great to see you back? So you finally came back to the living?” Adam asks.

“Yea, me and Victoria worked things out. We are going to have a baby.” Matt replies.

“OH, I am so happy for you. That's wonderful news all the way around. I am so glad, you can put that little mess behind you. You're not going to let this interfere with working with Brian are you?” Adam says.

“No, it was just as much my fault as it was his. Plus your the one that likes to start shit, I am through with that. I don’t care who you favor anymore. I can't live my life the way you want. I am going to live it how I want.” Matt replies.

“Look, it's not what you think. I love you, you're my son. It’s just you had both your parents, you had everything I could offer you and more. He hasn’t. So it makes me try to give him what I couldn’t. It makes me want to make up for all I lost.” Adam admits.

“Without him knowing why? I know he is your son, but he doesn’t. Do you see something wrong with that? You let your image take over everything else. Even things that matter way more.” Matt responds.

“Yes, I didn’t want you to know it either. Just you couldn’t let things go and you found out. You even let Victoria know the truth, She needs to keep quiet as well. Let’s just keep things quiet and make things better between us all. Let’s have a congratulations party at the house, Invite Brian and his family.” Adam suggests.

“Do you think it's fair that mom has to entertain your bastard son? Victoria is the least of your problems. Plus I don't think she will say anything. She wants things to calm down.” Matt comments.

“She doesn’t know, it won’t hurt her. You don’t really know how hard this is for me. All these years of hiding, and not able to tell him the truth.” Adam confesses.

“That's your own doing, you like the life, more than you flesh in blood. If you want the party why not. ITs about time you celebrated something for me. If you want to invite him so be it. Like I said I am not going to fight with him because of you. The poor sap doesn’t even know the truth. He has no idea why I really disliked him. At this point neither do I.” Matt states.

“Thank you, You tell him about the party. IT will be a good way for you too to chat and make amends. I am really glad you and Victoria are working it out also. “Adam responds.

“You would, god help us if anyone knew how fucked up this family really is. I took her back because of the child. I do care about her, but I also know what she is. If she screws up again, she is out of here. I don’t care about anything else. It's bad enough she made me look like an ass once. She won’t do it again.” Matt comments.

“I am sure she has learned her lesson, plus if you and Brian are getting along, I doubt he would want to go behind your back. Not to mention, he has his own wife that he seems to care for very much. I don’t think he would want to hurt her like that.” Adam says.

“In the past I did it to him, going behind his back so I guess we are even now. I doubt he would do it to his wife either. That also makes things better, we have her to keep him in place. She is a good influence on him.” Matt replies.

“Good, I am glad to see this. I will let your mother know about the party, I am sure she will be very excited.” Adam answers.

“Me too. ” Matt says.

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