The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 232

Chapter 232

Adam leaves Matt’s office, and goes to his, getting ready for his own caseload. Matt finishes up what he needs to do, and before he heads out to the courthouse, he stops by Brian’s office.

“Hey,” Matt says.

“Hey, it’s great to see your back, I was going to come to talk to you. So I am glad you're here, saves me the trip.” Brian answers.

“Really, What did you have to say?” Matt responds.

“I wanted to say that I am very sorry for everything that took place. I should have known better, and I didn’t mean to hurt you that way. I know I wouldn’t like it if it was done to me. I truly wasn't thinking.” Brian replies.

“It wasn’t only you, I had my part in this. So did Victoria. We are all to blame and need to stop, it’s why I came by. I want to start over.” Matt comments.

“I do also. I think that is a great idea all the way around. We use to be best friends and we let dumb things get in between us. I would like for us to try to get that back. We are no longer kids we are grown men with families. We both have come along way.” Brian states.

“I feel the same. My father is having a party for me and Victoria to celebrate our child to be. I would like it if you and your wife would join us. I know in the future, we will be around each other a lot. Due to work, and sooner or later owning the business together, so we should start getting along and making things work. We will need to if we want this firm to stay on top of things like it is now.” Matt says.

“I would love to join you and congratulations. You will love being a father. I also agree with everything else you said.” Brian answers.

“I can’t wait, finally Victoria gave in about having another child. I never really thought she would. I guess you never know. She is really wanting this to work, and so am I. I want to make my child’s life a stable one.” Matt admits.

“I understand that. I want the same for my sons. I know Zach will have one, I and Elizabeth get along very nicely and have a great family life. I just want the same for Tylor, I love spending time with him and him in my life. Just sometimes Victoria doesn't make that very easy.” Brian confesses.

“I know how she can be, maybe now that we are all working on things, it won’t be that way. I know that Tylor is staying with you for a while. I think that is a good thing. I never got in the way of him seeing you, I want you to know that.” Matt says.

“I know it was Victoria always trying to get back at me or play me. We have had a very rocky past. Just like you said, I had my own part in it. Last time I talked to her she really did seem like she was changing. We had a real conversation about our son, one I hope stays.” Brian replies.

“I guess, we will all see how far we get in this. I always did treat Tylor like my own. So does my father, and the rest of this family. ” Matt comments.

“I know and I am grateful for that. He always has family, he needs that. That was one thing that was good about all this. I heard your father is very good with him, and I know that Tylor cares very much about you. He was pretty upset when you left. He didn’t want you and his mother to break up. It's bad enough he had to watch as we fell apart, he is older now and understands more. I don't want him to go through that again.” Brian reveals.

“Tylor is a good kid, you can’t help but like him. My father has taken him on as his grandson. I guess there was one thing we did right in all this mess.” Matt states.

“It was an important thing that mattered. I am sure we can work on this, and make it right as well. You do not have anything to worry about. I do not want Victoria and will not make any moves. I am very happy with my own wife. I don’t want to do anything to hurt my marriage or my wife. ” Brian admits.

“I already knew that your wife won’t go against you either. You got a good one this time. She loves you and trusts you. Don’t blow it. It's very rare to have someone like her. Her first husband let a good thing go.” Matt responds.

“Yea, and he figured that out too late. I won’t be like him. I know we have our ups and downs, we just do our best to stick together and get through it. I am not saying it's easy because it's not. We have been through a lot of things regular couples never have to.” Brian admits.

“I know. Her ex wasn’t making things easy and Victoria and I haven't made things easy either. That will all stop from our end. I don’t know about your ex though.” Matt replies.

“Thank you that means a lot. He has been good lately. He does text her here and there and tries to be nice. To be honest, it burns me, and I wish, he would stay away. So I do know how you feel. I don’t trust him at all, I think he is just trying to get back with her in a different way now. Seeing his old ways didn’t work very well.” Brian confesses.

“Maybe, or he is trying to be normal and let things be calm. How much can you do or take? Its been a whirlwind for everyone lately. Its just time we all chill. Maybe he saw that as well.” Matt states.

“Maybe, I hope your right.” Brian answers.

“Me too, anyway I have to go to the courthouse. I will text you with more information about that party at my father's house. I look forward to seeing you there.” Matt comments.

“Great, we will be happy to join,” Brian replies.

Brian just watches as Matt leaves his office, feeling a great relief wash over him. It was nice to be able to have a normal conversation and he was relieved that Matt didn’t start a war over him sleeping with Victoria.

Things finally were looking up, he couldn’t wait to go home and tell Elizabeth.

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