The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 234

Chapter 234

Brian drives home, getting a text from Adam saying the party will be on Saturday night. Brian feels its a good thing and hopefully will let things calm down and be normal for everyone. He is willing to try. He also hopes that the party goes well, and doesn’t turn into a disaster. He knows with Victoria it could go either way. Plus Elizabeth would be there, would Victoria be able to get along with her and be normal? This was something to see. He just hoped for the best. Not to mention that Elizabeth wasn't too fond of Victoria either. It was possible that either one of them blew their tops.

Brian just drives home, not able to wait until he gets there. He wants to spend time with Elizabeth and his sons. He was making the best out of the family time, even more so now that Tylor was there with them. He enjoyed this fully.

He gets to the driveway and parks, getting out of the car, walking to the front door and walking in. He hears talking coming from the kitchen. When he walks in, he sees Elizabeth cooking, Tylor sitting at the kitchen table, working on his homework which Elizabeth is helping with. Zach sitting in his high chair and Joan sitting at the kitchen table shucking the corn cobs. He sees his whole family there, happy and getting along. His two sons together, and the wife he loves more than anything. This was more than he ever dreamed of. Not even knowing this was something he truly wanted until right now.

He goes up behind Elizabeth, who is frying the hamburgers and wraps his arms around her giving her a kiss on her neck.

“Hey sweety, I am so glad your home,” Elizabeth says.

“Me too, I missed you. It’s nice seeing you all together. I see you’re helping Tylor with his homework?” Brian asks.

“Yes, just like I use to help my girls with theirs. That way after dinner, he can have some free time to do whatever he wants to do.” Elizabeth answers.

“That sounds great. I am going to go upstairs and get changed for dinner. I will be done shortly.” Brian replies.

“Dinner will be done soon,” Elizabeth responds kissing his cheek.

Brian takes another look before heading upstairs to get changed. He sees that raising children with her is great. He wishes more now than ever, Tylor was theirs and would be able to stay here. He sees how the environment is a great one. Everything is stable, and Elizabeth is a loving mom, devoted to her children. Not after chasing men, or money. He just doesn’t know how to make this happen. He doesn’t even know if it would be possible.

Brian gets changed and heads back downstairs, sitting at the dining room table that he sees Tylor is placing down the plates and silverware. Elizabeth treats him like one of her children, making him fit in and be part of the family. He also sees that Tylor likes it and her. Which makes him glad. He also sees that Joan does the same, accepting each other, the way it should be. To Joan, he is another grandchild, not a stranger.

They all sit down and eat their dinner, Elizabeth asking everyone how their day was. They each go around the table and say how it was and what they did. She makes Tylor go first everyone listening to his day. Brian wishes that Tylor always had this, from when he was a small child. Instead of the mess, he had, with him leaving and Victoria running to Matt, and now the rest that is following.

He still wondered about Adam and Victoria knowing something was really fishy about them both. Just trying to keep that to himself like Elizabeth asked him to. He knew if Matt found out that, it would be over. It would be something that would take them all down in some way. It wasn’t worth looking into and even if it was true it wasn’t any of his business. He just didn’t want it around his son and hoped if his suspensions were right, it never came to light. He felt sorry for Matt in a way, that was going way too far if it was true. Then this was Victoria and Adam in a lot of ways was no better.

After dinner, Joan heads upstairs to her room to get ready for bed. Tylor also heads to his room for some time to do his own thing before bed. As Elizabeth heads to the kitchen to clean up. Brian takes baby Zach with him to spend some time with him, taking him upstairs to get him ready for bed. He loved this time of night when he got to spend some alone time with him. He was growing up fast, he was now five months old. A chunky little boy with squeezable cheeks. He gives the little boy his bath and gets him ready for bed.

Elizabeth comes upstairs, bringing the baby his night time bottle of formula handing it to Brian who takes a seat in the rocking chair to feed him. Elizabeth gives them both a kiss and heads to their bedroom to take her own shower and have a little bit of alone time herself.

Brian just sits in the rocking chair, feeding his son. This is what life is all about, being with the people you love and cherish. Nothing could beat it, he knew more now that ever, he wouldn't let anything come in between him and his family. His father may have left him and his brother, but it wasn't something he would do. He did it once but not this time. His life was right where he wanted it, and he would make sure it stayed that way.

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