The Fantasy Affair

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Chapters 235

Chapter 235

After Brian puts the baby to bed, he goes and knocks on Tylor’s door to say goodnight.

“Hey,” Brian says.

“Hey dad, wanna play the new game with me?” Tylor asks.

“Sure, I wanted to ask how you liked it here?” Brian says taking a seat on one of the plush chairs in the bedroom picking up a PlayStation 4 controller.

“I like it, dad, it's nice and calm. Elizabeth is always doing something too. I like her help with things. She is always very nice to me. I see why you like her so much.” Tylor admits.

“I am so glad you feel that way. Would you like to stay here longer? Maybe I can ask your mother if she would allow you to stay a bit longer?” Brian asks.

“That would be nice, dad, I like it there as well though. It’s just different here. You and Elizabeth get along, there is family time and family things. Where at home, Matt was never there and mom was always doing her own thing. We would eat just me and her. Maybe things will be different now that they are working things out.” Tylor says.

“I hope so, I want you to know you can always come to me no matter what and tell me anything. If you don’t like it there you just let me know.” Brian answers.

“I know dad, I am fine really. I am glad that Matt is coming home. I didn’t want to have to change our life around again. Plus I really do like him and grandpa Adam.” Tylor responds.

“I know you do and they feel the same about you.” Brian states.

Brian stays for about an hour, playing the game with his son. Tonight was a success to him getting to spend time with both his boys. Now it was time to spend some time with his wife. Brian walks to his bedroom finding Elizabeth sitting in bed, signing some books for the tour.

“I got to spend some time with Tylor tonight.“Brian says walking over to the bed and getting in.

“I am glad, he is a great kid. I enjoy him spending time here.” Elizabeth says.

“Would you mind him staying a little longer? If I can get Victoria to agree?” Brian asks.

“Not at all, just be careful with her, you don’t want to blow it or set her off. You know how she gets. Don’t let her feel threatened that you want to take her son away Brian. Think of her side, as a mother.” Elizabeth replies.

“I don’t want to take him away, I just want to spend time with him. I think he has a better life here with us. All she offers is drama.” Brian responds.

“I know how you feel about her, I understand she isn't my fave person either but she is his mother. I know how it feels, its why I stayed in a loveless marriage. I didn’t want him to take my children. I didn't want them to deal with all the bullshit so I dealt with it. ” Elizabeth Admits.

“I know, I will ask as gently as I can. I also wanted to let you know that on Saturday there is a small dinner party for her and Matt at Adam’s house. To celebrate the baby and we are invited.“Brian says.

“I know we are trying to make things right, but do you think going there is the right thing to do? Will Matt be ok with this? Elizabeth asks.

“He is the one who invited me, we talked this afternoon at work and we both want to make things better. I think its worth a shot. I know the party will be done up and fancy so I want you to go out and buy something gorgeous to wear.” Brian smiles.

“I am glad you two are doing better. I wasn’t sure how he was going to act after hearing you slept with her. I am glad, he is being a man about it and not after revenge. Which in a way, I couldn’t hate him if he was. That was a nasty thing to do.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know, I told him that and I that I was sorry. We have all done things we are not proud of. We just grow from it.” Brian comments.

“So true. A fancy dress huh? I guess I finally get to see Adam's house and how rich he really is.” Elizabeth says.

“Yes, their house is gorgeous and huge. They have everything, hmm making you see their house I may get into trouble.” Brian chuckles.

“Why you say that?” Elizabeth asks.

“Because you may want one as well.” Brian states.

“I don’t think we can afford that, at the moment. I am fine with what we have. ” Elizabeth remarks.

“After I make partner and get my bonus, we will be able to afford it. This house is nice and it works and I know we talked about adding on, but we really could use a bigger one. Not as expensive as franklin lakes but maybe in between.” Brian suggests.

“I don’t know, I have become used to this house. Our firsts are here, our son was born here. I still think we should just add to it. We can make it what we want. We have plenty of grounds. ” Elizabeth answers.

“Ok, just think about it, either way, works for me. But I am telling you once you see Adam’s you may want a bigger home and a lot of other things.” Brian laughs.

“I have what I want. You and our family. I am very happy with it. ” Elizabeth says giving Brian a kiss.

“So am I, I just want to have the rest too. I don't mind providing for my family and giving you guys everything. It makes it all worth it. Like coming home tonight seeing you and my sons together. It was perfect.” Brian admits.

“I love you,” Elizabeth says.

“I Love you too. Always.” Brian answers giving her a tender kiss on the lips.

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