The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 237

Chapter 237

Saturday night comes fast, Elizabeth and Brian are getting ready to go to the dinner party. Elizabeth’s mother is still here, so she can take care of the baby. Joan decided to stay the month of September and then head off back to Wisconsin. In one way, she wasn't in any hurry to run home. She loved it here with her daughter, grandson and even Brian.

Joan saw how their relationship was so different than the one she had with Ethan. She was so happy about that. This is what she wished her daughter had the whole time. She was just glad she got it now then never. It was something special and she hoped it would last. For the first time, she saw what real love was, it was refreshing to see these two fight for what matters most.

Brian and Elizabeth are in their bedroom getting ready for the dinner party. Elizabeth went out and buy a new dress. From what Brian told her, she knew they would be dressed up nice and expensive tonight and she wanted to fit in. Brian had no problem with that, he wanted her to have everything they did and more. He was proud to have her on his arm. She was beautiful and his. It made him beam from ear to ear.

Elizabeth puts on her sleeveless black fur-trimmed tight short dress. It hugs every curve of her body like it was made for her. The puffy black fur around her bodice makes the dress look elegant and fancy. She Accessorizes with a bejeweled clutch, extravagant earrings, and her favorite black cutout stilettos for a memorable million dollar look.

Brian just stares at her, as he adds his black tie trying to tie it but losing his train of thought just staring at his wife. He sits on the bed and just watches her get dressed, still in awe of this woman standing in front of him.

“Are you ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, You are gorgeous, you know that right?” Brian says.

Elizabeth just blushes. “Trying to get me in the mood? You know you in a suit and tie already does that to me.” Elizabeth replies with a smile.

“I was just stating a fact. You are amazing and I am so lucky to have you. Sometimes I still can’t believe your mine. That any of this is real.” Brian says.

Elizabeth walks over to the bed, standing in between Brian’s legs giving him a tender kiss on his lips.

“I will always be yours. I feel the same about you, you're my everything.” Elizabeth responds.

“I am glad, that I am. I hope your not too disappointed, that we are not going to Adam’s house tonight. I know you were looking forward to seeing it.” Brian replies.

“It's ok, maybe it's better at the restaurant. I did think she was going to want to have it at her home. I guess she changed her mind.” Elizabeth says.

“I guess so, she isn’t too fond of Victoria so she probably figured this was better. I am sure, it's going to be a big deal though. She always does up her parties, she has to outdo everyone around her. That is just how Margret always was. I guess that is why Adam and she stayed together all these years. They are both good at making things look perfect.” Brian comments.

“Nothing is ever perfect sweety. Everyone has problems. Did you ever find out how many she is inviting?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, Adam and Matt didn’t know much about it. She was in full control of it all. Which neither man cared about. Adam was just doing it to show off and also try to make nice with Matt. Matt just did it to show Adam I’m having a baby. It's always something like that. It makes me sick. They were the same way when we were in college. ” Brian states.

“I guess tonight should be fun? Is Tylor ok with all this?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, he is happy to see his mother and Matt together and also spend time with Adam. He seems close to him. For some reason, they bonded. I guess that is a good thing since I only have Sean as family beside you and our son. If offers Tylor more.” Brian replies.

“I just think it's weird for Adam to want to be this close to you and your family. I don’t understand why. He doesn’t seem like a very nice man, that would give himself if there wasn’t something in it for himself. He is a lot like VIctoira, maybe worse if my suspicions are right.” Elizabeth remarks.

“He is ok, at least I have a good job and all this. Without his help, I wouldn’t.” Brian replies.

They both finish getting dressed going downstairs to see Tylor waiting for them. They head into the car and drive off to the boathouse. All wondering how the night was going to turn out. Elizabeth ready for anything, she planned on being as nice as she could be, but if Victoria said something or did something she was ready. She wasn’t going to put up with her shit anymore and she didn’t care who was there. This was her husband, her family and Victoria needed to know that and back off. She had her own, work on it.

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