The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 238

Chapter 238

They all get into the car and drive into New York, that is where the boathouse row restaurant was. Elizabeth was excited, she loved seafood and she never was there before. Brian just smiles at her as he drives, knowing he is going to walk in with her by his side this makes him happy.

“Babe, whatever Victoria says tonight Please just let it go,” Brian says.

“I have every intention of it, I just hate that she thinks, she can get away with some of the things, she does and says. I am just hoping that now that she is trying with Matt, she will be more civil. Maybe we can at least be around each other without any turmoil.” Elizabeth states.

“I am hoping the same. That last time I talked to her, she was her old normal self. she could be reasoned with and wanted to try. I am hoping that’s the same now, I just know how she is. Her mother and father should be at this thing as well.” Brian replies.

“I wonder how many are going to be here? Did she make it a huge affair or just family?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am not sure, To be honest, I am thinking just family. As I said she isn’t too fond of her.” Brian answers.

“Oh, ok, either way, is fine. I think it would be best if it was just family. It’s more intimate.” Elizabeth responds.

“True,” Brian says.

Brian drives the hour to get to the restaurant when they pull up to where they need to be, the site is breathtaking. The boathouse is literally on the water, overlooking the river. A live band is playing at the bar, and the place is lit up with white lights on the deck with outdoor seating. Tables are all done up in fine china and glassware, all tables have a white table cover and white bouquet of roses in the center with candles. The lightening from the candles makes a romantic and cozy feel to the place.

Brian, Elizabeth, and Tylor just walk in taking a look all around. The hostess brings them to the deck with the outdoor seating that overlooks the water, the deck is filled with flowers and white lights which makes it even more enchanted.

They get to the deck they see, Margaret, Adam, Matt, Victoria, Barbara, and Rob. Victoria’s mother and father. No one else seems to be here. It was small and intimate. Which if Brian thought about it wasn’t really Margart's normal thing. When she did things it was big. He just saw that none of her social friends were invited and to be honest, if they were inviting family only, what was he doing here? He was just a business associate.

“My Boy, I am so glad to see you here. I am glad you and the family came.” Adam says patting Brian on the back.

“As we talked about, we want peace and things to run smoothly. The place looks wonderful.” Brian answers.

“Oh its the best around, My wife wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t have to introduce you to Victoria’s parents you already know them very well.” Adam states.

“Yea, a little too well,” Brian answers Taking a look at them both standing up near the gate looking at the river.

Barbara was a tall, chubby brown hair and eyes woman, and Rob was short, with blonde hair and blue eyes. They were the total opposite of each other. Then opposites attracted Brian thought.

Barbara turns around and sees Brian standing there with Elizabeth and goes over to them both.

“Well, this must be your wife, I have to say, I never thought you would ever settle down with anyone,” Barbara says.

“Yes, this is my wonderful wife Elizabeth,” Brian answers ignoring the rest.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Same here, Its something to meet the woman who can make him settle down. He was quite something when he left my daughter.” Barbara admits.

“I heard that many times, it’s now becoming a broken record. I don’t care what he has done before me, its what he does with me that matters. And he is all I ever wanted and more.” Elizabeth answers.

“That’s a great way of looking at things. They both moved on to better things. I am glad in a way, they just were not good for each other. I hope you two do better.” Barbara states.

“I am sure we will be fine,” Elizabeth replies.

Tired of hearing about how he used to be, it was like people were always trying to throw that at her. It didn’t matter to her, she loved him dearly that’s what counted.

Brian just looks at her and smiles giving her a light kiss on her cheek. Barbara walks away going over to her husband.

“Thank you, babe, that means a lot that you defend me,” Brian says.

“There is nothing to thank me for. It's like they all want to use that against you for some reason. It gets tiring.” Elizabeth comments.

“I wasn’t a saint babe, but you already know that. I tried to always be honest and upfront. You shoved it to her and she went to go sit down near her husband. She is just like her daughter trying to start shit.” Brian chuckles.

“Not tonight, I am going to take the high road and not let any of them get to me. We stand here united.” Elizabeth responds kissing him on his lips.

“I love you,” Brian says.

“And I, you.” She replies.

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