The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 239 Chatting with V.

Chapter 239 Chatting With V.

Brian goes to get him and Elizabeth some drinks, while Elizabeth is standing next to the deck, looking over it at the river, Victoria comes up to her.

“Hello, thank you for coming to my dinner,” Victoria says.

Elizabeth turns to look at her, not sure this is the same woman she talked to in the past.

“Your welcome. Congratulations on the baby.” Elizabeth answers.

“Thank you, I know in the past, I wasn’t very nice to you. I did my best to hurt you, you just had something I always thought I would. I see now that, I have to work on what I do have, and let go of the past. So I am sorry.” Victoria replies.

Elizabeth stands there in shock, not believing what she just heard. Just taking everything in, and staying as calm as she could. Trying not to rehash the past, and all the hurt caused by Victoria's thoughtless actions.

“We are all here tonight to let go of the past. As long as you don't throw yourself at my husband again, I think we should be fine. I am sorry for what happened between you two. I know relationships and breakups are hard. You have a great husband now, I am glad you're working on it.”

“Thank you, I have no intention of coming on to Brian, it never really got me anywhere anyway. I have learned a lot, in these last few months. I think I was holding onto a dream not reality.” Victoria replies.

" I can understand that. It's hard to let go of something you wanted for so long.” Elizabeth answers.

“So we can start over?” Victoria asks.

“Sure, why not. I am willing to give a second chance.” Elizabeth comments.

“Thank you, you won’t regret it. I do see how much he loves you. I will admit, I never have seen him like this before. He is happy. ” Victoria states.

“I will say, don’t let me regret it, I am willing to forgive and try to let go. I will not stand for what you have done in the past again. So don’t take my niceness as a weakness. I am happy with him as well, and I will do anything I have to protect that.” Elizabeth admits.

“Wow I like this side of you, I think we will get along just fine. You have nothing to worry about Loverboy is all yours.” Victoria smirks.

“Then we should get along just fine,” Elizabeth responds.

Brian walks back seeing these two together and gets a panic inside of himself. Just thinking of god knows what Victoria said now to Elizabeth. He just finds it weird that they are standing there smiling and even laughing with each other. He isn’t sure what is going on.

“Elizabeth is everything ok?” Brian asks handing her, the ginger ale he got at the bar.

“Yes everything is great, I was just telling Victoria congratulations on her pregnancy,” Elizabeth remarks.

“Yes, Congrats Victoria, I am glad you and Matt are working things out,” Brian says still a little confused.

“Yes, the news of the baby brought us closer together. We both realize that we want this to work, and how important things are.” Victoria says.

“That's great, I know we are here for a celebration, but since you are here, I was wondering if it would be ok to be able to keep Tylor for a few more weeks? That way you guys have a little more alone time, and I get to spend time with him. I want to make up for the time, I wasn't around.” Brian says trying to up it gently.

“You mean for the whole month? ” Victoria asks.

“Yes, I know that is awhile. I just enjoy spending time with him and I wanted to give him some attention. I don’t want to make him feel left out with baby Zach.” Brian answers.

“I guess two more weeks won’t hurt. I don’t mind you spending time with him Brian, I just don't think, I want this to be often. I do miss him also. Maybe we can add another day during the week for you to see him? I want to get time with him as well, and I sure hope you're not planning on separating me from him?” Victoria snaps.

“No, not all. You are his mother he needs you, he also needs me. Another day during the week would be great. Or maybe once a month I take him for a week? So that it doesn't disturb things too much? I am sure we can work it out where we both get equal time.” Brian replies.

“Ok, I am sure we can too. I think one week out of the month would be better, plus the regular weekends. He is at an age where he can also be apart of this. He is twelve now, he understands and is more mature than most.” Victoria says.

“Yes that is very true and thank you, this means a lot to me.” Brian answers.

“I know you love him and want to be with him. I just want you to know so do I.” Victoria states.

“I know and understand that,” Brian responds.

Elizabeth and Brian step away as Victoria goes back to stand next to Matt. Neither of them can’t understand how she just acted. Brian saw a maturity in her. She was really trying to keep herself calm. Trying not to fight even though she made it clear she wanted her son.

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