The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 24 Realization

Chapter 24 Realization.

It’s been a few weeks, Now in Delaware. Elizabeth and Brian’s relationship has grown. They are very close. Doing everything together. Spending every moment together, enjoying the time they have. Making love every chance they get. Still as hot for each other as they were when they first met. Able to talk and share things even more freely than before. Anyone looking at them can see they are a couple.

Brian can’t help but touch her Even if it’s just rubbing her back, or holding her hand. At each book signing more and more people show up. Wanting pictures with both of them plus both of them signing the book. They both know they only have one state left. Then a break before going back to promoting. Neither not sure, what is to come from that break. Neither really wanted to talk about it either.

During one of there signings, Monica comes down from NY. Wanting to discuss, what will be happening next. When she goes in, the bookstore, she sees Brian and Elizabeth signing books. With huge smiles on their faces, Both full of glow. She knows right away. It’s written all over both of them.

“Hey, you two. A nice line here.” Monica states.

“Hi, It’s great to see you. And yes the lines are getting longer and longer. We love it.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am just going to stand here and watch. I will talk to you afterward.“Monica replies. Watching how they interact with each other.

Brian is kind and very gentle with her. Monica sees him touch her hand or arm while talking. She knows where this is heading. Which didn’t really surprise her. She saw it happening from the start. She just kept her mouth closed.

After the book signing, they all go out to dinner. Sitting in a booth at a local bar. Getting some beers and hot wings.

“I am glad to see you two get along so well. Your last stop for this promotion is Washington. After that, I am giving you guys the month of April off. You guys can go home to your families. Take a rest from the hotels and motels. Be yourselves. Then in May, we will start going around again. I think since you will already be in Wisconsin, we can do some promoting there. Then Chicago, Indiana, and Ohio. Then another break.before we take it from there. The book is doing extremely well. It’s selling out. We are making more daily so this is for sure taking off. Book two will be wanted. I would like to read what you already have.” Monica says.

“Sure. I have a lot so far. Brian and I work on it together at times.” Elizabeth answers.

” I bet,” Monica responds with a smirk.

They enjoy there time out. Monica just taking in more and more of these two. Which brings a smile to her face. She knew that Elizabeth before this didn’t have much. She knew she was dissatisfied with her life. It was now doing a 180. She wasn’t sure if she wanted this out in public or not though. Would this hurt the book? Or Bring more publicity to it? It really all depended on what Elizabeth wanted? She would need to talk to her about it.

When they go back to the hotel, Monica asks to talk to Elizabeth alone for a few minutes.

“What’s wrong?” Elizabeth asks.

“Nothing really. Just how long have you and Brian been boning?” Monica says bluntly.

“Geez, you don’t really way your words do you?” Elizabeth states.

“Look, Girl, I really don’t care. I saw it happening as soon as you choose him. The way you two looked at each other. It’s amazing you didn’t go at it on the conference table. It’s just how do you want this to play out?” Monica asks.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asks.

“Look we can spin this either way. It’s just up to you. You guys seem to be ok with not caring who sees you two together. You are not going to be just regular people anymore. With how the book is doing, people will take pics. Start rumors. Which if you want it out that your dating is fine. Unless you’re not wanting to leave your husband? If you don’t. I suggest you two cool it out in public.” Monica says.

“I never really thought about it.” Elizabeth states.

“Then you need to. When you do, you need to let me know. So know which way this is going.” Monica comments.

“Ok. I need time. I am not really sure.” Elizabeth states.

“Do you love him?” Monica asks.

“That’s what I am not sure of. Do I love him? or the thought of what I made him?” Elizabeth answers.

“Then you need to really think. He seems very happy with you. I think before you let me know. You need to tell him.” Monica remarks.

Elizabeth just nods. Knowing that she is right. Where was this going? Was it just an affair? Or true love?

Elizabeth goes to her room, finding Brian already in bed waiting for her. She loved being with him, In every way. It was a relationship you could only dream of. But did she love him for him? Or what she turned him into? She had a few more weeks to be with him. Then while they were away from each other. She would figure it out. Or at least she hoped to. She would just look at his beautiful face and melt. He made her feel like she never felt before, In every way. They took out the best in each other. That doesn’t happen often. She just wasn’t sure if this was real or not.

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