The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 240

Chapter 240

As they are all standing there, Adam purpose a toast. Walking in front of his quests with a glass of champagne in his hand, wearing his grey suit, white dress shirt, and grey tie. He brings his wife Margret to his side. She stands there, dressed in a grey beaded tight dress and nude heels. Looking better than ever.

“I want to thank all of you for coming here tonight to celebrate the news, of a new baby being born into our family. I stand here with great happiness and pride for my son. I am so glad, he will now know what it is to have a family of his own. I hope this brings our family closer than ever. There is nothing like the job of a child.“Adam states.

Margret doesn't say anything at all, she just stands next to him, trying to keep her true thoughts to herself. She wants this to go smoothly for her son, even though she hates the thought of him even being with Victoria. She just stares at her, standing next to her son, acting like she is such a great wife, where Margret knew better.

As they all take their seats, the waiters come out with cocktail glasses filled with extra-large shrimp and cocktail sauce, placing each one in front of each guest. It was the starter of this dinner, but far from the end. Next Lobster bisque soup, with hearty garlic, begets. Which is served to all the guests.

When that is finished, the waiters return to clear the table, which is one long wooden table with a white table cover, candles in fancy glass holders and white roses at the centerpiece. The table fits the whole eight of them comfortably.

After the waiters clear the table, they bring out the main courses, In large oval plates, each guest could serve themselves any of the food. Having an abundance sit before them. A large dish of Linguine, filled with clams, mussels, scallops, and calamari. The next large plate is a whole baked swordfish, surrounded by lemon slices. Another large plate of Salmon stuffed with crab meat, and smaller plates around those, of fried calamari, clams casino and calms on the half shell.

Brian and Elizabeth fill up on the food, enjoying themselves and the company. Everyone so ingrossed in eating there was no time for fighting. Brian sits close to Elizabeth, smiling at her as he talks to her, Giving her most of his attention.

Victoria just watches, not able to help herself, she was trying her best, but the sight of them hurt her. She just wondered, why Brian couldn’t be that way with her? Why their relationship fell apart, then she just turns and looks at Matt. Who is finally happy talking to his parents and fitting in. She knew she was doing the right thing and had to behave. There wasn’t anything else to do, she put herself in a really bad situation, with limited ways out.

She also sat there and thought about what Brian said to her, that he wanted to have Tylor for two more weeks. She wondered if he was up to something, feeling that now he had the life he wanted, he even wanted to take her son away. She would never let that happen. She wasn’t going to let, them take advantage of her. If she saw something she didn’t as she would state it.

As she is thinking and eating the waiters roll out a table filled with desserts. Tiramisu, Cheesecake plain and filled with strawberries, Spumoni, and large cannoli's. The waiters clear the table again bringing out large hot pots of Esspessio, and regular coffee.

“My goodness Margret I am so full, I don't even know where to put desert. “Brian says.

“I am sure you can fit a little more. Everything here is the best, I wouldn’t have it any other way for my son. I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves.” Marget states.

As the waiters yet again come out one last time with a huge three-layer cake with a baby in a stroller on the top decked out in the color mint.

Everyone just looks and takes pictures of Victoria and Matt standing next to it. Matt kisses Victoria's head and is the happiest he ever has been.

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