The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 241

Chapter 241

After dessert, Victoria's parents say their goodbyes. They were happy that Victoria was really trying to make it work with Matt. They couldn’t ask for anything more. They wanted her settled and finally happy in her life. They knew that she has been unstable for a while since She and Brian have parted. They never saw a healthy relationship between them. Victoria just wouldn’t let go and became obsessed in away. They were also hoping, she was letting go of it now. Not really knowing how far their daughter has gone in the last few months. Then no one would really ever expect what was really going on.

After there departure, Elizabeth and Brian also head out, saying their goodbyes and wishing them all the luck with their new child to be. They all tried to contain themselves, and be civil for tonight. It was a huge success, With the eight people in this room tonight anything was possible of happening. Anyone of them could have come out blazing with some hatred towards one or all in the room, yet everyone kept their true feelings to themselves. They all wanted this evening to go smoothly for one reason or another.

After they leave Adam’s wife and Matt's head to the bar to have a drink, leaving Adam and Vitoria looking over the deck into the moonlit shining on the river. The light of the tiny white Christmas lights wrapped around the deck giving off a lite glow in the water.

“I am glad you came to your senses,” Adam says.

“Like I had a choice? It was this or nothing. He can’t handle the truth, then I guess it would be too much for anyone to take in. What we did was wrong on so many levels.” Victoria states.

“And now your thinking about it? You weren’t when you were in my office or collecting my checks.” Adam replies.

“I didn’t expect this to happen, It went way too far. It won’t happen again. I am really going to try this time with Matt. I just hope he never finds out the truth.“Victoria responds.

“He won’t as long as you shut up. I know I will never tell, I have even more to lose then you do. He is my son, I want to build the relationship as well. It's about time we are a real family.” Adam admits.

“What about Brian, he is your son too. How long are you going to keep that hidden? I know it tears you up inside, I know you want him to know the truth.” Victoria answers.

“I do, but its not a good idea now. Things are just calming down from you, we don’t need any more heat at the moment. Plus when he finds out, I am not sure how he is going to take this. It's a lot to take in, plus my wife, and the firm. Margret will have a fit, I just don’t need that right now.” Adam comments.

“She may have a fit but she isn’t leaving you or the lifestyle, it just might cost you a new car or house, but I am sure you will be ok. With Brian that may be a different story. He thinks his father left his mother, him and his brother. He has resentment towards him for a long time. He will have many questions to ask you, and your reputation isn’t going to make a good reason.” Victoria states.

“I know, at the same time, he should understand now. He is trying to build his own family, his career. He sees how his wrong choices in the past come back to haunt him. How he slept around and people judged. I see he doesn’t like his new wife that he cares so much for knowing this either.” Adam answers.

“That is all true, just one difference. He never hid his wrong choices, he was always honest with them to her. Where you have hidden everything real about yourself from the start. People always tried to use how he was a player against him, but his wife knew about and stood by him. I tried myself to use that against her and him, it got me nowhere fast.” Victoria confides.

“Margret isn’t Elizabeth, our relationship also isn’t like theirs. They love, respect, and honor each other. Margret and I have respect, we built this together, we have a lot of history with each other. A lot of good and a lot of bad. The love we do have is from all we have put up with from each other. Not the madly in love kind.” Adam says.

“Sometimes what you have is enough, even though you both did wrong in the past if your willing to try to make it right now maybe it will help?” Victoria replies.

“I don’t know. I am also not sure what is up with you? Since when do you talk like this? Love? Trying? Making things work? I guess an old dog can learn new tricks.” Adam smirks.

“This old dog can learn many things, and it's not over till it is.” Victoria answers.

Margret walks back onto the deck, bringing Adam a new drink. She sees Victoria and him talking closely. She just watches, Margret wasn’t a dumb woman, she knew how her husband was and that he was the type to sleep with anything that moved. She also knew that Victoria was an awful woman, there was nothing that would ever change Margret’s mind on that. She just looks as she walks up to Adam and gives him his drink. Keeping her conclusions to herself.

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