The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 242

Chapter 242

Brian, Elizabeth, and Tylor get in their car for the drive home, which will be at least an hour. Brian is used to this drive, he does it every day to go to work and home. They all get into the car and Tylor falls asleep in the back seat. It is now pretty late and they are all tired. Not to mention stuffed to the brim.

“So what did you think about tonight?” Brian asks.

“I think it went smoothly.” Elizabeth answers.

“I saw Victoria next to you while I went to get our drinks. I have to say, I was a bit worried to hear what she was saying this time.” Brian admits.

“She was completely different than I thought she was going to be. She even said sorry about things she has done to us, that she wouldn’t be doing them again. I am not sure if she is going to keep her word or not but it sounded good. I did tell her I wasn't going to put up with it if she did try again.” Elizabeth states.

“And she was ok with this? She did seem like she was trying tonight, with us and even Matt. Matt looked happier then I have ever seen him. I guess he really did want a family with her.” Brian says.

“Yes, she was fine with it, we had an adult conversation. She said she really wanted to be with Matt and really try. I hope she is telling the truth for both of their sakes. I saw him happy as well, it was great to see. Even Adam looked happy about all this.” Elizabeth responds.

“Yea, he even toasted to them. Finally showing Matt some respect and love, that was great to see also. I did see that Margret was very quiet towards Victoria. I am sure she could shoot her with daggers, but even she stayed quiet.” Brian admits.

“It was a great occasion, I am glad it went well,” Elizabeth replies smiling at Brian.

“Did you see all that food? I didn’t know where to start, it just kept coming out. I will admit when Margret throws a party she sure knows how to. Everything was delicious, we have to go there ourselves for dinner.” Brian states.

“I loved it also, everything was so fresh and the ambiance was gorgeous. That would be very nice for just us to go together.” Elizabeth answers.

“I also couldn’t help looking at you all night, you are rocking that dress and smell incredible. You don’t know all the things I want to do to you.” Brian smirks.

“Aww, you were being a bad boy huh? I have to admit, I love that no matter where we are, you always think about me even when I am right there beside you. I like your touches and the closeness.” Elizabeth says putting her hand on Brian’s Thigh.

“I can’t help it, the way I feel about you, I never felt about anyone before. Even though we have been together for a while, you still make me feel like a schoolboy at his first dance. ” Brian admits.

Elizabeth just smiles at him, feeling the same way. This was the love of her life, nothing could ever change that, and she didn’t want it to.

The ride home flys by fast since Brian and Elizabeth talk the whole ride home. Once there, they wake Tylor up so he can go inside to his bed.

Brian opens the door with the key, letting everyone inside. Tylor goes straight up to his bed, with Elizabeth and Brian heading up right behind him. Elizabeth goes straight to check on baby Zach, seeing him sound asleep in his crib. She kisses his head and then goes straight to her bedroom. Where Brain is waiting for her already.

Brian is standing there taking off his, suit jacket and tie, as Elizabeth walks into the room. His eyes go straight for her, as he places his jacket on the side chair in their room.

Elizabeth walks up to the bed taking off her shoes, Brian steps behind her putting his arms around her, holding her tight. His lips go for her neck, as he kisses her ear down her neck, gaining himself a few moans.

Brian remembers the email that Elizabeth sent him on what she wanted Zach to do to her. Tonight was a great opportunely to do so. Before she walked in, he made sure to put his hair just like Zach, to give her what she wanted. Which she saw as soon as she walked in the bedroom door.

"I see that you're in Character?" Elizabeth smirks.

"I am Zach, the man you ordered here to do everything you want and more," Brian whispers in her ear.

Elizabeth just gasps at just the thought, as Brian continues to kiss her shoulder and unzip her black short dress, dropping it to the floor. He lightly lays Elizabeth down on the king-size, letting her lay on her belly. Elizabeth lays there with only wearing her black lace panties and nothing else. Brian removes his shirt and pants, so he is left in his blue underwear.

Once that is done, he moves himself ontop of Elizabeth, kissing the back of her neck, he moves her hair to the side so it's not in the way. Elizabeth just lays there, letting him do whatever he wants. Trusting him fully with her body, and heart.

Brian kisses down her spine, to her waist, his hands moving around and down to her ass. Feeling each firm cheek with his hands. Brian then slides off of her, sliding her body lightly down so her bottom half is hanging off the bed and her top half is nice and comfy on the bed.

He rubs his hands on her back and down again, sliding her black panties off of her form. He just looks down at the sweet sight in front of him, wanting her even more. He spreads her ass cheeks with his hands, looking in between at his prize. He slides a finger over her glistening lips, which gains him a moan. Her body pushes into his finger and he sees she wants more.

He slides in and out of her core, seeing its nice and wet. He bends down, kneeling in front of this gorgeous sight in front of him, and he licks her core, spreading her cheeks and using his tongue to make her even wetter. Her body moves as she needs more and the feelings take over her. His fingers move around her body, so it can work her clit as his tongue works on other parts.

Elizabeth grabs at the sheets not able to control herself or her movements. She just shudders from his doings, and let's go. Brian sees he gave her, the first orgasm for the night, but he isn't done just yet.

He stands up, now rubbing his hand over her core and nub, both extremely sensitive now. He rubs his hard manhood in between her ass cheeks, then slides it between her bottom lips, teasing her. Making the passion build again as he kisses and licks at her lower back and up to her neck again, where he takes a long passionate kiss.

Still rubbing himself on the outside of her making her burn with want and desire, she pushes herself back onto him, feeling his strong chest on her back as his sexy body lay on top of her gently. He rubs again as he slides his oozing head inside of her, staying still, feeling her warmth wrap around him. He pushes himself up on his hands as he slides all the way in and then back out again, going in slow easy glides. He keeps going, this way for a while before he speeds up, pushing in faster and a bit harder. He keeps up the pace as Elizabeth grabs at the sheets again, moaning loudly. Until he goes even faster and she lets go, wrapping around him tightly, Brian goes in once more filling her to the hilt and letting himself go.

He kisses her back and rolls over onto the bed, panting heavily. Elizabeth rolls close to him, kissing him on his mouth and cuddling up close to his sweaty body.

"Did I give you what you wanted?" Brian asks.

"You always do, I love you." Elizabeth answers.

"I love you too," Brian responds grabbing the bed sheet and covering them both.

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