The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 243 Office chat

Chapter 243 Office.

The weekend flys by fast, and its now Monday back to work and school. Brian gets up early kissing Elizabeth, and getting ready for his day, as she goes to feed the baby and get her day going as well.

She takes Zach downstairs, putting him in his high chair as she makes Tylor breakfast.

After taking his shower and getting dressed, he goes downstairs to grab his coffee, then takes his son to school. Brian was trying his best to spend as much time with Tylor as he could. Doing more and more for him. Becoming the family man, he never thought he even wanted to be, just finding that in the long run, it was something he truly loved.

He got lucky with the school not being too far out of his way, so he could drop him off and then head to where he needed to go. He didn’t want him to use the bus, even though it was easier, he wanted the extra quality time together. He also saw that Tylor enjoyed it as well. It was bonding time without Elizabeth or the baby. Just him and Tylor.

After he drops him off at school, he heads to work, an hour drive to the office. He drinks his coffee, hoping that there isn’t that much traffic in his way today. Working in New York had its pros and cons. Traffic was one of the Cons.

Once at the office, he goes to his desk checking his messages and seeing what the schedule for the day is. Seeing a lot of work ahead of him, he just takes a deep breath and gets himself ready for the day ahead.

While sitting there Matt comes strolling in, taking a seat in the plush brown leather chair in front of Brian’s desk.

“I stopped in to thank you for coming to my party. I hope you and your wife enjoyed it.” Matt says.

“Yes, it was a great time. We both enjoyed it all, I was even planning on taking her there on our own for dinner sometime soon.” Brian answers.

“Great, it is a wonderful place. Then I wouldn’t expect anything less from my mother.” Matt replies.

“I saw she was pretty quiet towards Victoria more so than usual.” Brian answers.

“My mother never really got over that I married her. She wanted better for me, she says. I told her you can’t help who you fall in love with. She said that part she understands, she fell for my father.” Matt laughs.

“As long as you two are happy now it's all the matters. I am really glad for the both of you. I think its something both of you deserves, I am just sorry it took her so long to see it.” Brian responds.

“I was no better there for a while, I fell into a hole. One I will not put myself back into. Either the old man respects me or he doesn't.” Matt comments.

“It looks like even he was trying the other night, I was shocked to see that. He made an effort.” Brian remarks.

“Yea, he has been trying, it's nice but I also know him and his ways. So it's like for how long?” Matt replies.

“Let’s hope even he learned his lesson, you know? You are his son, I am sure he loves you, just some have better ways to show it than others. He is the strong businessman trying to make everyone think he is untouchable.” Brian responds.

“With half the things in my father's closet, he is very touchable. He has done a lot of shitty things in the past, not only to me but to others. My mother to name one.” Matt states.

“I understand that marriage is hard,” Brian says.

“Yea, but things he has done, no one should do. Anyway, I have to get to work. I have a ton today. Thanks again. I think we are at a great start.” Matt comments.

“So do I and your welcome. I have a ton to deal with today as well.” Brian answers.

Matt walks out the door, leaving Brian alone sitting in his desk chair. He just thinks about what Matt said. How Adam had so many things in his past. Brian couldn’t say much about that, he had his own skeletons. Ones that always seem to come, and bite him in the ass now. He hoped for them all that things would calm down, and finally be what they all wanted.

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