The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 244

Chapter 244

Brian goes on with his day, doing his best to get everything done. Spending most of it in court on a case, not able to be at the office most of the day.

Once the case is over, he then heads back to the office, where it's later in the day. He takes a seat at his desk and finally has a breath of fresh air, while he checks his phone. He sees there is a message from the private investigator.

“Hey Brian, when you get this please call me,” he says.

Brian quickly dials the number to see what is new and going on.

“Hey man, I finally got your message, I’m sorry, it has been a really busy day, today,” Brian says.

“No problem, I just wanted to let you know, that we found him, and he is willing to talk to you and Sean. He did say, you might not like what he has to say, but he feels its good to see you,” he replies.

“He is probably going to blame my mother for everything. I already saw that coming so did Sean. Did he tell you when was a good time to meet him? ” Brian asks.

“Yea, later in the week would be fine with him, you just need to pick the place and he will be there,” he answers.

“I will talk to Sean, and get back to you, I will text you the details. I guess I can finally put this part of my life behind me. Thank you.” Brian says.

“No problem man. I am glad, I found him that at least he is willing to talk. I hope it helps you find closure. I don’t see him as the type that's going to want to play daddy though. He is remarried and has three other children.” He replies.

“Figures, he moved on and left mom to deal with everything. Then I did it to Victoria also. I guess it how it goes. It's not fair but its how things happen.” Brian states.

“Too many times to count. Talk to you later. Have a good day.” He replies.

“Thank You, you too.” Brian answers.

Brian sits there and just thinks about what his father was going to say? That it was their mother's fault? That he just didn’t want this life anymore? Brian knew how it went, he did the same thing. He wanted out, his freedom. At the time, he felt boxed in and needed space and to find himself. Maybe his father needed the same.

Just how could you walk out on your two small sons? Ones that needed you? This was something, Brian always asked himself and hated his father for. It was something, he just couldn’t get over. No matter how bad the relationship was between him and his mother, he should have still visited them.

He didn’t see his mother stopping him, or pushing him away. Then everyone sees their mother as a great person. It's different when she is a wife, Husbands see the different side in them, as the wifes see in them. He also knew he had to talk to Sean. Was he really ready for this? Brian hoped you, he didn’t want to go through this alone.

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