The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 245

Chapter 245

Brian sits there, and gives Sean a Call, wanting to tell him, what is going on also what he knew. He also wanted to see if Sean was still on board for this. He really needed for him to be, He just knew this was a touchy subject.

“Hey bro, what's up?” Sean asks.

“I heard from the detective, he said he found him. He will meet up with us. He doesn’t want a relationship but has to tell us something. So he is willing to meet with us, and answer our questions.” Brian says.

“Well, isn’t that special of him? Where does he want to meet?“Sean asks.

“It was for us to pick. What do you think?” Brian answers.

“First, I think he is a real ass. What does he want to say? That he hasn’t been in our life all these years because he is a jerk? We already know that. I understand that relationships don't work, but there was no need to leave us behind. He could have at least called once in a while. Ask how we were?” Sean replies.

“I know you dislike him, just as much as I do, but I think its good to hear him out. I thought like you, he will probably put all the blame on mom, like most too. But at least we will get the closure we seek. And I guess that is one question to ask him. Why he didn't at least call?” Brian responds.

“I don’t really seek anything from this man. The more I thought about it, the more I hated him. I know before, I didn’t seem to care, but it just burns me. ” Sean says opening up.

“I understand bro, I feel it too. Its why I wanted to do this together. I knew it would be hard. Whatever he says we got each other's back. We get to pick where, what is good for you?” Brian states.

“The little bar next to our house, He should remember where it is. The house he abandoned his family at. Are you going to let Elizabeth be there for this?” Sean asks.

“No, I will come myself, I think this is something just me and you need to do together. She will understand.” Brian says.

“I know she will, but will you need her for additional support? You know, she will be here for you.” Sean remarks.

“No, I will be fine. I will tell her everything when it's over. I can handle the hour drive its not really a big deal. He isn’t worth caring about. After we meet him we move on. No matter what he says. We don’t want a relationship with him either. Just make sure you ask him everything you need to now because, I do not think we will be getting another chance.” Brian admits.

“I just need to ask why?” Sean comments.

“I think you should know he is remarried and has three other children. So he could commit, just not to mom.” Brian confesses.

“Good for him, I don’t think their marriage was all that anyway. They were young when they got married maybe it just couldn’t work. I think of so many things and with being so young, I can’t remember anything to even back up what I think.” Sean replies.

“I know, same here. I don’t remember much. I think I did hear them fighting. Just like you said I was so young. Maybe that was for the best, some things you don’t want to remember.” Brian answers.

“How true, So when is this day?” Sean asks.

“This week Friday. I will text and let him know where. I will come to you and we can go together.” Brian states.

“Ok, I will be here. At least we can have a few beers afterward.” Sean responds.

“I am thinking we are going to need them,” Brian replies.

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