The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 246

Chapter 246

Brian sits there at his desk, after talking to his brother. He thinks about what his brother said and how much dislike, they both have towards a man they really never met. Neither of them, have many memories of him. They just know, he wasn’t there when they both needed or wanted him. All they had, was their mother, who didn’t go into much detail about him. Good or bad. Just that he got up and left one day.

She didn’t bad mouth him as some do, she just left it at that. No matter what Brian or Sean would ask when they were younger, they got nowhere fast. So both just let it be. This would be the chance to ask him anything they needed or wanted. To see his side of the story, Just Brian wasn’t sure, if he could believe what he would be saying or not? There wasn’t anyone else to back up his story or destroy it at the moment. The only family they had was each other.

Brian texts the investigator, the information about the bar close to Brian’s old house. Brian thought that was a good idea. He could always go to Sean’s afterward and discuss whatever this man wanted to say together. He just wasn’t sure if either of them were really up for whatever he had to say.

Brian packs his briefcase, and grabs his phone, heading out of the office for the day. For him, it was a long day, both in work and this always sitting on his mind. He couldn’t wait to go home to Elizabeth and tell her.

He drives home the hour, finally getting home, where he longed to be. He parks in the driveway and goes up to the door opening it with the key and walking in. Hearing everyone in the kitchen. Brian walks in seeing them all sit around the table, talking and Elizabeth helping Tylor with his school project.

“Hey, you guys,” Brian says kissing Elizabeth on the head.

“Hey, glad your home, we are building a volcano.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Hi Dad, what do you think?” Tylor asks.

Brian walks over and picks up baby Zach taking a look over at the Volcano.

“It looks great, nice job you two. It looks like you both spent a lot of time on it.” Brian answers.

“We have spent all afternoon on it, it was a half a day at school. So me and Elizabeth worked on it.” Tylor replies.

“It’s getting time for dinner. Tylor, you can wash your hands and take a break, we will work on it later.” Elizabeth responds.

“Ok, thank you for your help,” Tylor says

“No problem, I am just glad it came out good and works,” Elizabeth responds.

Tylor leaves and goes upstairs to freshen up and take a small break before dinner. Brian stays in the kitchen with Elizabeth and baby Zach.

“I want to thank you for helping my son with his school work and everything else. It makes me happy to see you two together. I know, he isn’t yours, but you still make a great effort towards him, and making him feel at home here.” Brian says.

“I love him, he is part of you. Plus he is just a child, I wouldn’t treat him any different then I would our son. I am just happy he took to me. I do try not to step on Victoria's toes even though sometimes, I have to say it's hard. My motherly instincts set in, I just have to remember, I’m not his mother.” Elizabeth answers.

“It baffles me how some can take other people's children and others can’t even take their own children,” Brian responds.

“What happened? Is everything ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea, the investigator called, he found my father. He will talk to me and Sean but already stated, he doesn’t want a relationship. He said there is just something he wants to tell us, its the only reason to talk to us.” Brian comments.

“I am so sorry, but at least you will be able to ask questions and maybe get some closure of the situation.” Elizabeth states.

“That's what we were thinking. It's not like we really wanted to be besties but I still think he has a lot of nerve. He is remarried and has three other kids. What makes them different?” Brian snaps.

“I am not sure, but every relationship is different. You showed me that. He got to raise these children from the start, which probably made him closer to them.” Elizabeth admits.

“Yea well he could have done that with my mother,” Brian replies.

“You don’t know the whole story yet, so give him a chance. Once you hear the story, then you can make your decision. I know it's hard and I am truly sorry.” Elizabeth answers walking up to him and giving him a hug.

“Yea it is. We meet him on Friday, I am going to Sean’s. There is a bar where we will meet up at and get this over with.” Brian states.

“Do you need me to come with you?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, I will be fine. I will chat with Sean after its over and then head home. I will text you. There is no need for you to go there and sit and wait. Go on with your day and do what you need to.” Brian responds.

“Are you sure? I think you might be taking this too lightly. I am here if you need me in any way. I want you to know that. ” Elizabeth says.

“I know babe, and I appreciate it. I will talk to you when I get home. I am going to go upstairs, get undressed and ready for dinner.” Brian says.

“Ok. I love you.” Elizabeth replies.

“Love ya too.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth just watches Brian head upstairs, while thoughts invade her mind, thinking he is taking it a bit lightly in some ways. It was a big deal, to meet his long lost father and no matter what he would say there would be an impact on Brian. Elizabeth just would go along with what Brian wanted, and she would be there when he needed her.

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