The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 247

Chapter 247

The end of the week comes faster than Brian would like. Before he knew it, it was Friday, time for him to take off of work early, and go to his brother's house. Sean would we waiting for him to go to the bar together to meet their father for the first time.

Brian packs up his briefcase, grabbing his phone, heading out of the office, only telling his receptionist, that he will be going home. Nothing else. He didn’t want anyone at the office knowing what was really going on. He felt it was none of their business. This wasn't going to turn into anything anyways, there was no reason to make people know. There was nothing to know.

He gets into his car and drives the hour to his brother's house, parking then going inside. A bit nervous, even if he didn't want to admit it fully.

“Hey bro, you made it in record time. ” Sean laughs.

“Yea, I wanted to get here early so I could change into more comfortable clothes. I don’t want to go there in a suit and tie. I think its too formal.” Brian says.

“I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. It's really not a big deal. He isn’t a big deal. I would be surprised if it even lasts for more than five minutes. “Sean answers.

“I know, are you nervous at all?“Brian asks.

“I guess a bit nervous. I don’t know what to expect. Is he going to have a chip on his shoulder and be an ass to us? If so I am not going to sit there and put up with it. We never did a thing to him. Whatever happened was between him and mom. Not us!” Sean spats.

“I have been trying not to imagine, how it was going to go. So I don’t get my hopes up to fall or the other way around. I know I will be happy when its all over with.” Brian comments.

“How is Elizabeth dealing with it all? Between Victoria, Ethan, and now this, there sure is a lot on her plate.” Sean responds.

“She is dealing fine, she said She would be there for me either way. No matter what. I just feel this is something me and you need to do. This is our father, our problem. I know she has a lot on her plate, not even with what you said, she also has the finishing up of the book, which is almost done, and our infant son to deal with. Plus her mother is going home tomorrow, she extended it to the fullest but now its time.” Brian replies.

“Oh, I am sure she will miss her, she was the only family she had here for all these months. I am sure, she got used to her being around. Just as Joan must have gotten used to staying here.” Sean says.

“She has, She was supposed to leave earlier but then didn’t. It's like she wants to go home, then doesn't. She is torn. They are very close and this is very hard on her. I did take her away from everything she ever knew. I sometimes wonder if she will ever regret it and hate me for it.” Brian states.

“She would never hate you, she could have said for you to move there, she didn't want to. It was her way of getting away from Ethan for good.” Sean replies.

“True, but she also did it so I could be with Tylor. She was thinking about me again, what would be best. Also if I wanted to be a lawyer it was in New York, It would never work in Wisconsin. I know leaving her family was hard. I am also glad that Joan came and stayed with us. It was nice having her here. It also gave us a chance to be together on tour without her worrying.” Brian responds.

“Is all the tour over with now? You don’t need her to help with the baby anymore?” Sean asks.

“No, the tour is different we are doing online gigs. We don’t even have to leave our office. We did a few already and they went well. Monica made sure we didn’t have to travel a lot since Elizabeth was worried about the baby. She was a mess the first time in some ways, she was so filled with stress.” Brian remarks.

“I remember that. It wasn’t good. You two just seem to get over whatever is thrown at you though, so that is good. Not too many would still be together after everything you two did deal with. Your strong, never take that for granted.” Sean responds.

“I don’t. Ok, I am ready to leave for this bar, I need a drink anyway.” Brian says.

“Me, too. So lets go see dear old daddy dearest.” Sean replies.

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