The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 248

Chapter 248

Brian and Sean gather themselves into the car and head to the bar, which isn’t very far from their home. It takes only about fifteen minutes for them to get there. Brian parks the car and they both get out going into this old run-down bar on the corner of the street. When they walk in, they both look around to only see four people in the bar.

The bartender behind the bar, two ladies sitting at a small table, on the side and one male sitting at the bar. They just look at each other, both walking to the bar and taking a seat. Staring at the man already there. Not sure if he is Ron or not. If he is, he isn’t anything either of them expected him to be. He was shorter than both men, around 5"8 with black hair and brown eyes. Where both boys had Blonde hair and blue eyes. The older man is a bit on the chunky side also. Brian and Sean just stare at each other wondering if this is him or not?

The man turns towards them and takes a good look at them. Staring at them as they are him.

“I take it your Brian and Sean? I’m Ronald McGinnis.” He says.

“Yes, I’m Brian and that's my brother Sean. ” Brian answers Shaking the man's hand.

“It's nice to meet you both, let me buy you each a beer,” Ron says.

“Sure,” Sean responds.

“I know why you asked me here today, and why you wanted to find me. I take it that your mother never told you either about anything that had happened?” Ron asks.

“No, she just said you got tired and ran away. ” Sean snaps.

“Hmm, Ok. I guess that was an easy way out. I did get tired but not for the reasons that you both may think. Your mother and I had some rough patches.” Ron responds.

“Everyone does, you work through it, I have had many rough patches with my wife. We love each other and made it through every one of them.” Brian states.

“That's wonderful I am very glad for you. There are just some patches you can’t make it through. There are some things you can never change or forget. They leave scars on your soul, etched deeply inside.” Ron Replies.

Sean and Brian stare at each other again, both wondering what could take place that was that deep? Brian sure knew he went through enough, with Ethan that would be in his soul for a long time. The fact that Ethan was good enough to make him think his son wasn’t even his own, even after the Ultrasound proved otherwise would haunt him for the rest of his life.

“Then you need to explain to us what all took place and the truth. Don’t just go and make our mother look like the bad one to make yourself look good. She isn’t here to defend herself. So it's not fair.” Sean barks.

“I understand you want to protect your mother and her honor. I think that's wonderful of you both. I have no intention of lying about anything and what I say in the end you will be able to prove.” Ron comments.

“What was so wrong with us that you left us and had other kids with someone else? You stayed with them but not us?” Sean barks.

“The three children I have now with my second wife are adopted. I can not have children so we decided it would be best to just adopt.” Ron answers.

“Wait what? What are you talking about?” Brian asks.

“Let me start from the beginning and tell you everything. So that it will finally all be clear to you. I know it will be a lot for both of you to accept and take in, and if you want me to stop, I will and understand. I don’t mean any harm to either of you or your mother. Its been a very long time, in some ways it heals, just it doesn't forget.” Ron remarks.

“I want to know everything, there is no need to hide or lie. I think it's about time we know the truth. Its been over thirty years. Our mother did tell us it was hard to conceive us. You two had a hard time. That was never a secret but that is pretty much all we got. When it came to you, she never went into details. Not even about what you looked like. We were shocked to see what you did look like. Your nothing like we expected.” Brian answers.

“You mean you don’t look like me? Those blue piercing eyes you have that I don't? That blonde hair? No, it doesn’t come from any of my family members either. We are all dark hair and eyes.” Ron states.

“Well then maybe on mom’s side someone had it?” Sean asks.

“Heh, no. I am sorry to tell you both this, but I am not your father. Neither of you is my son. I can not have children and never could.” Ron replies.

Sean and Brian just look at each other, not understanding what the hell is going on. They knew he would say things about their mother but never this.

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