The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 249

Chapter 249 Telling It All.

“Your mother and I met when we were young, We fell in love and got married. Your mother wanted to have children right away, so we tried and nothing happened for a long time. We were married for a few years before having you, Brian.” Ron states.

“Well, if you couldn’t have children, how the hell was I created?” Brian asks.

“At the time, I didn’t really know, that I couldn’t have children. I thought you were mine. When your mother told me, I was very excited about having a child. We tried for so long and nothing. The doctor said that it happens a lot and thought nothing about it either. After you were born and came out with blonde peach fuzz and blue eyes, I wondered. You looked nothing like me or my family, your mother had brown eyes and hair also, so it made me wonder where the blue eyes and blonde hair was coming from. Then sometimes it can be from down the line and be nothing. So I shrugged it off, trying to enjoy the family that I always wanted until Sean was born and it happened it again. The only consistent thing was you two looked alike, just not nothing from me.” Ron answers.

“Yea maybe it was down the line or something. How do you really know we are not yours?” Sean asks.

“At the time, we were best friends with Adam and his wife. Not so much his wife as him. He was trying to work himself up in a firm and even got me a job. He spent a lot of time at our home, me and him going over cases and doing out best to build ourselves up. He was ruthless and knew exactly what he wanted. I just didn’t know besides the job, he wanted my wife.” Ron says.

“Adam? You can’t be serious. He has been in our lives our whole life. He never said a thing about being with our mother. Or the possibility of him being our father.” Brian comments.

“At the time he had a lot to lose, I would be working and come home to them sitting down eating together. I took notice of how they looked at each other, how he treated her. You could see clearly how in love with her he was, and he took an interest in you, Brian. He would come over and play with you and spend time with you. There were times it was as if they were the family and I was the one on the outside looking in. I realized where you both got the striking blue eyes, and after seeing a baby pic of Adam when he was little it was plain to see you were his.” Ron replies.

“You can’t really go by that, did you ever get a DNA Test?” Brian asks.

“I didn’t need one it was clear, I confronted your mother and she said it was true. She wanted to have children and I couldn’t give them to her so she went with him, just falling in love with him at the same time. They spent their lives together, even after I left. The only thing was he couldn’t marry her because he already was and couldn’t disturb his life. Your mother hurt me deeply, I left and never looked back there wasn’t any reason to. The marriage was over and neither of you is mine.” Ron responds.

“I know Adam is an asshole but really?” Brian says.

“That would explain why he was always around us growing up. He did carter more to you than me though.” Sean says.

“Adam always wondered about Sean he wasn’t sure if he was his or mine. As your hair wasn’t as blonde it was darker and grew darker as you aged. So that could be the reason. ” Ron Answers.

“That's a dumb ass reason. He never mistreated me, he just seemed to always want Brian’s attention.” Sean states.

“He did from the moment he was born. Which I felt was weird, he had his other son Matt born at the same time. He didn’t seem to care about him as much as Brian, it was a red flag for me.” Ron says.

“I bet it was. I am sorry this happened to you. We hated you all these years for nothing. It seems you were suffering just as much as we were. We thought you didn’t want us for other reasons. It was a lot to handle.” Brian admits.

“I am sorry about that as well, I just couldn’t play father to children that were not mine and conceived in that matter. I know she wanted children, she could have done it in a different way. After I left her, I went to the doctor to get fully checked, the doctor told me I can not have any children at all and never will. I have been with my wife for twenty years, she never got pregnant.” Ron claims.

“Thank you for coming here and telling us this. You didn’t have to.” Sean says.

“It was only fair that you two know the truth. Your mother should have told you before she passed, but she was protecting Adam. As she always did. She loved him greatly and I know he felt the same. Just as much as he did he wouldn’t give up his life, he wanted both. It just doesn't work that way.” Ron remarks.

“He never told us either, it makes a lot of sense now that I think about it.” Brian answers.

“I am sure the more you think about things the more clear they will become.” Ron states.

“I am sure also.” Sean answers.

“I have to get going, it was nice meeting you both. I wish you luck in your future.” Ron says.

“Thank you, Same to you.” Brian answers.

Sean just nods.

Both men just sit there taking a sip of their beers still taking in what Ron told them. Was this true? A way to get out of being their father? Neither of them was really sure, just a lot of it now did make sense.

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