The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 25 Keeping things hot.

Chapter 25 Keeping things hot.

For right now, Elizabeth was going to enjoy herself. Enjoy being with Brian. They had a few more weeks before heading home for a while. She was going to make the most of it before having to dwell on it. She felt so alive and happy with him. It was something, she hasn’t felt in a long time.

While driving to get to Washington, it’s late one evening. It’s dark outside. Brian and Elizabeth listening to the radio. Brian makes Elizabeth feel like a different person. She feels, she can do or say anything with him. He won’t judge. He won't think less of her or say mean things to her to hurt her feelings. Brian wasn't like that. He was open and loving towards her.

Elizabeth was very sheltered in life and in sex. Which now, things have changed. Brian and she try new things all the time. She was being free with him. Brian also has been around. He had a lot of partners. He showed Elizabeth a few things. Her being open to it. Brian never forced her with anything, Just suggested, making her willing to try. Sex with Brian has been hot, steamy and something to look forward to. It was always different. Making each of them want the other more.

While Brian is driving in the dark, Elizabeth thinks. I bet I can surprise him. She undoes her seatbelt, moving herself closer to Brian. Running her hand down to his thigh. Where she lightly touches his manhood. Brian just looks at her with delight. Giving out a light moan. When she unzips his pants and runs her hand up and down his shaft. Then she does something she hasn’t done before. She bends down and lightly licks the head of his shaft. Gaining a louder moan. Not to mention, a lot of surprise from Brian. Who is feeling incredible. She keeps licking and sucking on him, going up and down. The best she could, since its really a tight spot.

Brian does everything he can to contain himself. She makes him hot just with the lightest of touches. This was driving him insane. He desired her. Right there and then, He pulls off on an exit. Finding the nearest Gas station. He parks and stops the car, pulling up her to his lips. Kissing her passionately. He fixes the car seat so she can sit on top of him.

“God do you know how crazy you make me? Where ever that came from. I want more.” Brian says. Panting.

“I wanted to surprise you. I want to keep you always interested.” Elizabeth replies. Pushing her chest up against his.

He puts his hand in her hair bringing her mouth to his. Kissing her deeply. The urgency he feels right now, he has never felt before. Even more than when he had her sleeping near him before they made love. He was so hot, he couldn’t take it anymore. Elizabeth lifts her skirt and slides his hard large erection inside her. The tightness almost making him lose it right there. His hands grab her ass squeezing it tightly as he helps her go up and down. Her hands in his grey silver hair, as she kisses him deeply. Pounding him. Her body is not able to control itself. The want for him like nothing she has experienced before. She goes up and down hard and fast. He holds on to her for dear life as the thrusts increase. Building a fire inside his stomach and hers.

“Brian, I’m going to Cum.” She says. Screaming out his name.

“Me too.” He replies giving one more thrust deep inside her. Letting his warmth fill her.

She sits on top of him. Her arms around his neck. Her mouth still on his, As she gives him light kisses. His hands around her waist, holding her as close to him as he could.

“I don’t want this to end. I don’t want you to leave me.” Brian says.

She lays her head on his shoulder. Not answering.

She felt the same. Yet at the same time, wasn’t sure if this would last. In only two weeks they would go home to their real families. Was this just Sex? What did she really feel? She still was so confused. She did know she had feelings. She wanted him. She needed him. Was it only because he reminded her of Zach? She had a lot of thinking to do. More than she wanted. She didn’t want to hurt anyone. Yet, the decision she would make, would hurt someone, either way.

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