The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 250

Chapter 250

Sean and Brian stay at the bar for another 30 minutes, not even saying a word about what took place, just drinking and being together. Not talking in public for anyone to overhear, they just sit there and take in everything that Ron has just told them.

After the 30 minutes, they both head into the car and drive back to Sean's home both taking a seat in the back yard in front of the fire pit.

“What do you think about all this?” Brian asks.

“It’s a lot to take in, to be honest, but it seems to fit the puzzle pieces. Why Adam wants you to take over the firm. Why he always wanted to be around us. Why he paid for mom's funeral and took care of everything. I just don’t get why he didn’t tell us or at least you.” Sean answers.

“I understand why he didn’t tell us, it would cause a scene. He would lose everything it would be a scandal. He doesn’t want that, and at the moment neither do I. I have a family, I am working on my career. I don't want or need the heat either. I do want to know if all this is true though, without going to him. I want to get his DNA and also Matt’s without their knowledge and test them before we do anything.” Brian suggests.

“And how are you going to do that?” Sean asks.

“I can get their coffee cups from work and have the lab test them, plus me and you. Let's see if any of us are really related.” Brian admits.

“Shit, I don't want to know if I am not related to you. Your my brother no matter what.” Sean says.

“It wouldn’t matter, we would have the same mother just different fathers, but I doubt that. If mom was so in love with Adam, your his also. If you are his, I want you to come to the firm and work. I want us to take over, I may not want to come out in the open but I am still going to get everything that belongs to us. One way or another.” Brian comments.

“I am no lawyer like you and Matt, even if we share the same genes. That's, not my thing.” Sean responds.

“I know but you are a good accountant, and I will get you a job there. This is our future, we are going to get it. Of course, work for it, but since Adam is a big wig we can use that to our advantage.” Brian answers.

“You don’t seem to care that he is our father, that mom lied to us all those years? Our father was right there in front of us this whole time, and we had no feaking clue.” Sean replies.

“Dwelling on the past isn’t going to fix or make anything better, we learned that already. So let's get this moving and work it to our advantage. He wants to give us everything then he is. He has the big house and all that money and wants to keep it that way, then he is going to have to share. Which he wanted to do anyway so shouldn’t be a problem.” Brian responds.

“Since when is this what you want? I thought you were happy with the small house and family? Don’t make this change you into him Bro. I know you have come a long way and I am very proud of you, just don’t let him take you down.” Sean says.

“He won’t. Elizabeth is happy with the small house, and everything we have. She knew I didn’t have much money and was happy with anything I could give her to be with me. I want to give her more and my sons. Do you realize how rich we are if we are his sons? Everything we can inherit? Not only money but the business? The connections?” Brian replies.

“Yea I guess, I just know he is an asshole that doesn’t change. I don’t want to be like him in any way. He hurts people even people he claims to love.” Sean responds.

“I know what you're saying, I think he hurt Matt even more then he did us. I want to talk to Matt once the test results are in. Before then let's keep this a secret. ” Brian suggests.

“Do you think we can trust Matt? He is just as bad as Adam.” Sean states.

“Not really, he has just been hurt by him the most and always is trying to get his attention. If this is true we are all as bad as Adam he is in our DNA, which should help us beat him. I need to go home and talk to Elizabeth too.” Brian comments.

“I bet this will surprise her. None of us saw this coming.” Sean says.

“No we didn’t and I am sure she will be. She will keep it quiet though.” Brian answers.

Brian gets into his car and drives home, still in disbelief in a way that this is all true. He just knew he was going to work this that Sean and himself would be taken cared of for life, and if Matt was willing he would help him as well.

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