The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 251

Chapter 251

Brian texts Elizabeth on his way home, letting her know that he is on his way. Elizabeth has been worried all day, wondering what the outcome of this will be. She knew that Brian was nervous to meet his father, and wasn’t sure what was going to take place. When Ron said, he didn't want a life with them, she knew that had to hurt both of them. She didn’t like the idea of it, she didn’t want to see either of them hurt. Yet, she just knew, either way, they would be from this, which hurt her in return.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure if this was really a good idea or not but tried her best to stand by Brian. He always stood by her and put up with a lot of things, he didn’t have to. So she wanted to stand by him when he needed her most. In some ways, she thought the past was better left in the past. Then she figured, if she didn’t know who her father was, she probably would want to know, no matter what also. She had mixed feelings about it.

It’s late, and she puts Baby Zach to bed and waits up for Brian, knowing it will take him a good hour to return home. She doesn’t text him as she knows he is driving and doesn’t want to get in the way or get him hurt. She just wonders how he is feeling and hopes he is ok. Never really knowing or expecting what really took place tonight.

Brian drives home, parking in the driveway, walking up to the door and going into his home. Everything quiet and peaceful, he just takes a look around, knowing this is the true place he wants to be.

Elizabeth hears the door from the kitchen and runs out to Brian giving him a long hug.

“Are you ok? Was everything good?” Elizabeth asks.

Brian hugging her tightly, so glad she is there for him, he needed her more now than ever. No matter how strong he was trying to be, it was a long day. He never expected this.

“It was interesting, to say the least,” Brian says walking into their living room and taking a seat on their sofa.

“What happened?” Elizabeth asks taking a seat next to him.

“We met him at the bar, he just told us some things that we are wondering if they are true or not,” Brian admits.

“What did he say?” Elizabeth asks.

“He said that he can’t have children, never could. That my mother had an affair with Adam, that Sean and I are his.” Brian says, telling it short and sweet.

“What???” Elizabeth replies.

“Yea that's what we said. It does make sense though, at the same time, we are not sure why he couldn’t just tell us.” Brian admits.

“You know why. Now I know why he wants to be close to Tylor and Zach. They are his grandsons. ITs why he spends so much time with Tylor. It’s why he wants to give you half of his firm. It's not to a stranger, it's to his son!” Elizabeth states things clicking in her mind.

“Exactly, I am still not totally sure about it. So I am going to get his DNA and Matt’s then have it tested against me and Sean’s. I am not telling dear daddy anything yet. I want to make sure, I have proof before I do anything.” Brian responds.

“Just like a true lawyer. What happens afterward?” Elizabeth asks.

“I want to talk to Matt afterward, I think we can both get him and everything that is ours. The way I see it, he has screwed over all his sons and its time we get him back.” Brian admits.

“Please be careful, he isn’t one to play with,” Elizabeth says.

“Neither are we, we learned from the best,” Brian replies.

“I know, but I don't see you as ruthless as he is. I don’t want to see you hurt or taken advantage of.” Elizabeth Comments.

“I am as ruthless babe, you don’t see it because you love me so, but you also know what I have done to Ethan in the past when he pissed me off. I have it in me, I just don’t use it all the time like daddy dearest. I can play just as hard as he can. You have nothing to worry about.” Brian confides.

“I hope not. You can just let it go and act like you know nothing. Go back to our normal life, we don’t really need any extra problems.” Elizabeth remarks.

“No we don’t but I can’t also let him get away with everything. I need to do this, we will be fine. I promise you.” Brian says hugging Elizabeth.

She doesn’t answer, just holds him close, hoping what he says is true. She knew Adam was a monster, she saw it clearly. She also knew he could take down Brian, Sean, and Matt in a heartbeat if he wanted to. They were going after his fortune, after all, he worked so hard for. She didn’t see this going over well, or him just handing things over. Then this was his sons he was going up against, normal people would care, then he wasn’t normal.

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